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Essays on Government, Monopoly, and
Education, Written during a Period

of Readjustment


George W. Wickersham

Sometime Attorney-General of the United States

G. P. Putnam's Sons
New York and London
Tbe knickerbocker Press

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THESE essays are bi-products of the writer's

work as head of the United States Department of Justice during the four years from March 5, 1909, to March 5, 1913. That period was instinct with great problems. New conceptions of the relation of government to industrial organization were asserting themselves; new theories of government finding expression. The old order was changing. The epochal litigation between the government and great industrial combinations culminated in a series of decisions rendered in cases argued during that period in the Federal Supreme Court. By these decisions, the supremacy of law and government over monopoly was established. During the same period, the laws regulating common carriers in interstate commerce were radically amended, and these laws, and great questions arising out of them, also were brought to the Supreme Court for construction and exposition. The admission of the territories of New Mexico and Arizona into the Union gave rise to the discussion at the National Capitol of profound modifications in constitutional government as it had been theretofore understood and practised. These changes were being embodied in new constitutions of some of the western States. Their

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