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SHEPPERTON CHURCH was a very which a collector of small rents, difdifferent- looking building five-and- ferentiated by the force of circumtwenty years ago. To be sure, its stances into an organist, will accomsubstantial stone tower looks at you pany the alacrity of your departure through its intelligent eye, the clock, after the blessing, by a sacred minuet with the friendly expression of for- or an easy “ Gloria." mer days; but in everything else Immense improvement! says the what changes! Now, there is a wide well-regulated mind, which uninterspan of slated roof flanking the old mittingly rejoices in the New Police, steeple; the windows are tall and the Tithe Commutation Act, the symmetrical; the outer doors are penny-post, and all guarantees of resplendent with oak-graining, the human advancement, and has no inner doors reverentially noiseless moments when conservative-reformwith a garment of red baize; and ing intellect takes a nap, while imagthe walls, you are convinced, no ination does a little Toryism by the lichen will ever again effect a settle- sly, revelling in regret that dear, old, ment on they are smooth and in- brown, crumbling, picturesque ineffinutrient as the summit of the Rev. ciency is everywhere giving place to Amos Barton's head, after ten years spick-and-span new-painted, newof baldness and supererogatory soap. varnished efficiency, which will yield Pass through the baize doors and endless diagrams, plans, elevations, you will see the nave filled with well- and sections, but alas! no picture. shaped benches, understood to be Mine, I fear, is not a well-regulated free seats; while in certain eligible mind : it has an occasional tepdercorners, less directly under the fire of ness for old abuses; it lingers with a the clergyman's eye, there are pews certain fondness over the days of reserved for the Shepperton genti- nasal clerks and topbooted parsons, lity. Ample galleries are support- and has a sigh for the departed ed on iron pillars, and in one of shades of vulgar errors. So it is not them stands the crowning glory, the surprising that I recall with a fond very clasp or aigrette of Shepperton sadness Shepperton church as it was church - adornment-namely, an or- in the old days, with its outer coat gan, not very much out of repair, on of rough stucco, its red-tiled roof, its


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