The invisible enemy; or, The mines of Wielitska, a Polish legendary romance


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Página 279 - He was just going to give up all farther attempts in despair, when he happened to see a horse feeding before him, and, going up to him, saw, by the light of the moon, which just then began to shine a little, that it was the very same he had fed in the morning.— * Perhaps,' said the little Boy, * this creature, as I have been so good to him, will let me get upon his back, and he may bring me out of the wood, as he is accustomed to feed in this neighbourhood.'— The little Boy then went up to...
Página 17 - They then lighted a fire, rubbed her legs with oil, lard, and other penetrating substances, and held them close to the fire till but I will torture your feelings no more.
Página 120 - I have given you time to recover your sunk spirits; now I am going to enter into an explanation with you, and to give you an answer to your letter: but what I have to say to you is So important, that I am constrained to remove from you, for a little time, your husband and daughter.
Página 234 - Giovanno the history of his scandalous life, was thunderstruck at beholding the tarnished body of a man with whom he had once lived on terms of strict intimacy.
Página 280 - Tojnaso concealed themselves behind one of the craggy rocks, which terminated the road on either hand,, till he came close to them, when they instantly seized him, and presenting their pistols on each side, menaced him with death if he did not instantly comply with their demands; the first of which was to conduct them safety out of the defile. The man, who suspected them to belong to some of those gangs of banditti with which the Carpathian mountains were, at ,that time, infested, begged them to...
Página 15 - Profound silence reigned in the midst of this horrid preparation : the gloomy lights, the fatal instruments, the terror of the hapless victim, the pitiless looks of the Inquisitors, and the furious demeanour of the executioners,, almost deprived me of my senses; and I was scarcely in a better situation than the poor wretch whose anguish they were going to enjoy. ' When they had stripped her, so far...
Página 134 - ... had no longer a husband. Lanfranco caused his emissaries to raise up Rhodiska, and convey her back to the matted hall, whence they had brought her. The old woman was ordered to remain near her, and never to quit her till she was out of all danger. During.more than six hours, Rhodiska...
Página 15 - ... so far as decency would allow, the executioners bound her hands behind her back and passing the end of the cord through a pulley, fastened to the ceiling, they drew her up to it. Having kept her then suspended some time, they suddenly let go the cord; she fell to the ground and dislocated several of her joints. The cords which bound her arms cut her flesh and nerves to the bone and made her utter the most heartrending cries. After a few minutes relaxation the same horrible torture recommenced;...
Página 126 - Well, then, if, in exchange for the liberty of your husband and daughter, and c 3 ia in recompehce of your own deliverance, I should ask you fora trifling sacrifice, which would cost you nothing, which is not of a nature to injure your husband, and which Would remain for ever a secret to all the world, would you consent to grant it ?" " I understand you, wretch ; you moke me tremble.
Página 346 - ... a little way into the ftory, we found ourfelves, however, rather agreeably difappointed. This ftory. is wrought up with a confiderable degree of...

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