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[f. 34.]




100 pr.

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To improove Pray when it falles.
Rate of the Miller for my grist or the same in kynd.
The renuing my Lease of the Medows from Wendy.
Looking into my brothers Sales.

The surviv" of my sister Br. portion and the rest as to the land.
The comyng in of my La. Pag. Joynture. .


Oct. 24, 1609. deb. unde usura no currit.

To Sr Jh. Cunst 6001 sin. die [*]

To my L of Salsb.. 3001 sin. die [*]
[100.] To Mr Grymestone 2001 Mic. next [*]
To Sidly


[*] [20.] To Hayman

[*] To Colthirst.

80 To Mr Jerves


[Mynett.] To Besling

To ye draper [bradshae]
Goddard uph.
Wryte merc.

qu. d Axtelput deb".
Tychb. lyn. drap.
Jenyngs uphol.

To Hanbury

Sum tot. 1566.

Deb. und, us. currit.

To Sr Mich. Hickes 200
[57.] To Murtoft
To Wolly .

200 qu. [* 150]
To Bolls
[To Vickars
To Sr Jh Crofts .

250–300 Dams 16.

To Rynall up. Orells le. 100
Bradshae pa 16.
Harigo drap 56.

To Booth Shillito . 100
To Gannet 7. ]

[Tychbourn lynė drap 55] Br. Bridget, his wife's youngest sister. Pag. My Lady Pagington (Packington), his wife's mother.

Oct. 24, 1609. The words and crosses within brackets are added in ink of another colour and I think by another hand. The rest represent the page as originally written. Of the names which follow, and the figures which stand first, several are crossed, out; viz. in f. 34, the names Grymestone, Jerves, Hanbury, Cotchm., Guillaume, Skynner, Glasier, Godheard, Write: and the figures, 200 (1. 6), 100 (1. 9 and 10), 129 (1. 18), 200 (1. 20), 250 (1. 22). In f. 34, b, the figures, 80 qu. (1. 1), 190.50 140 (i. 2), 92 qu. 20 p. (1. 4), 80-66 (1. 5), 300 50 po (1. 7), 280 (1. 8), 50 (1. 9), 14 (1. 13), and Mayor 50' (1. 15).

per bill.



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129 qu.

x 108


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140 p

160 qu.


[blocks in formation]

f. 31, b.]

[To my bro.


To Woodcock

80 qu. 30 To Hooker

190 50 140 [100] To Harys

345 To Gomersall

92 qu. 20 p. [40] To Winkens.

80--66. To Kemp

200. To Crosseby

300 50 pd [250] To Sr Ja. Mar.

280 [125] To Sr Ed. Hu.

50 To Bracy

60 To Lean

40 To Acton.

100 Sum. total . . 2925 MCheny.

40 Trott

100 dem.
Numan hath another band

to Trott in his handes.
Churchill. 100
[Cage 54]

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[To a silkmā 14!.]

To Mayor 50


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[f. 35.) To consyder fully wr the ass. be strong tow. Gorhamb. res. the

poynt of the teste of ye rec. and fine. qu for Pembertons

The weakness of Axtels ass. and so my cov. in danger.
The weak. of Sidn, ass, and so my cov. in danger.
The compat. of my pls.
The limitac. to my lower chambers of Graies Inne.


ass. Assurance.
“Recovery," I suppose.

Teste" (says Cowell) “18 a word commonly used for the last part of any writ; so called because the very conclusion of any writ, wherein the date is contained, beginneth with these words (teste meipso, etc.).

purch. Purchase.

Compat. of my pls. Compatibility of my places, i.e. Solicitor-General and Clerk of the Starchamber. See p. 48, n. 1.

My Duch. Pat, not inrotul.
My So. pat. wthout surrend.
Band to one Brown about a Sute qu by M. Jones.
Band by Stat. to D. Smith 20 years since satisfied.

[f. 35, b.]

Alderman Some.
Ald. Spenser.
Serjt. Heal.
Fissher and Cauffeeld.
Simson Goldsmith.
Wi. Jhonson of Graies Inne.
S' G. Rynall.
All reckonynges about my uncle Cooke's will.
Mott of Colchester.
Spenser my brother Ant. Man.
Moorer Apothec.
Preskott. Goldsmith.
Sr Baptist Hicks.
Sr He. Nevell.
Sr Wal. Cope.
Buck Steward of Gr. Inne.
Gedny vintner.
Wynne draper.
Sr Th. Challoner and Salter.

Feb. 15, 1607. The K. assembled his Judges not all but certen [f. 36.]

of them before their Circuts and fownd fault with multitudes of prohibicions ; ye particular wch gave the occasion, was the complaints of ye 2 Præsidts of Wales and North; ye K. was vehem and said that more had been graunted in 4 year of his Rayn then in 40 of former tyme; said that no kingdome had more honorable Cowrts of Justice but agayne none was

So. pat. Solicitor's patent.

Feb. 15, 1607. This begins a new page, still with the heading Transportat. Jul. 29, 1608, being apparently a note originally made on the 15th of February, 1607-8, and now transferred to the new note-book.

Upon the subject of the first two paragraphs, see Mr. Heath's preface to the legal argument on the Jurisdiction of the Marches. Lit, and Prof. Works, ii.

p. 569.

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more Cursed wth confusion and contention of prohibicions;
seamed to apprehend the distribucion of justice after ye
French manner was better for ye people and fitter for his
greatnesse, sayeng y this course to drawe all thinges to
Westminster was to make him K. as it were of ye Ile of
Fraunce and not other provinces, so of a p'cinct about Lon-
don and Westminster; noted matter of profite was the cause
. why ye Judges imbraced so much ; warned a surceance of
graunting prohibicions for the vacacion folowing with a dis-
like they should be graunted but in Cowrt, and shewd a
purpose at some tyme to hear himself the matter and to
define of it, though he spent many daies about it : He sayd
they putt the subject to Tantalus payne that when he thought

to take the frute of his sute it fledde from him. [f. 36, b.] The judges were in effect silt: but note it had been easy to awn

swere without offense that the increas mought be as his
M. sayd, but that the quæstion would be whether it grew
bicause the Cowrts above imbraced more or yt the lower
Cowrts p'sumed more then in former tyme through the in-
clinacion of ye tymes to popularity, and so gave the occasion,
a thing easely discerned by exam. not onely the prohibicions
above but chiefly the dealing in new inatter in the inferior

A second matter ye proceeding with ye Papists; wherein his Ms

direction was the oth of alleagance to be generally ministred,
but shewd a mild inclinacion towards as- were not Aposta-
tans since his tyme nor practisers; and comended to favor

such Preests as would take ye oth of Alleagance. Qu. how the K. hears of the reform of depopulacion this progress

into Northamtonshyre. The K. sayd the revenue of Alehouses was a fitt revenue for my

towards as. So in MS. Such' appears to have been omitted. Northamptonshyre. This appears to be a fresh query. “ The progress,” says Chamberlaine, writing on the 7th of July, 1608, “holds on towards Northamptonshire.” In the spring of 1607 there had been serious riots in that county, “under pretence of laying open enclosed grounds of late years taken in." (See Book of Proclamations,' p. 139.) And Bacon, who, as we have seen, did not quite like the part assigned him in that service, watches to see what impression a visit to the place will make upon the King. These “commotions about unlawful inclosures ” had begun in May, 1607, spread through many counties, and “it was not till the midst of June before all this stir was quieted.” In July commissioners had been sent to inquire into the offences and the grievances, some suflicient gentlemen in the several counties, such as were least interested in the business of enclosures,” being appointed to join with them. Seo Abstract of Registers of P. C., May, 11, 29, and July 23.

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L. Beauch. yf he were K; But yet yf Vespas. ex lotio, a

K. may ex potu.
The Counsell assembled the Judges and explained more fully ye [f. 37.)

Ks direction touching recusants and religion matters ut seq.
No preest to be executed yt would take the oth of Allegance.
No preest to be exec. that would conferre or shewd not arro-

gancy and violence, even of them sparingly. The Ks woord
was, No torrent of blowd : poena ad

paucos. It was inquyred wt prests were in gayle in every Circute, and

reported skarse half a dozen in all; wch sheweth no watch or

search. For recusants, the new Oth the refusall whereof bringeth p’munire

not to be tendred but to Apostatans and practizers : this was

generally spoken by ye K. The new oth limited to be tendred to 3 persons the Indited

recus, the Non Comunicant, the vagarant person. And quæstion came incidently, w' the oth should be tendred to ye Non Comunicant. And it was probably inferred that yf some of the Indited by ye Ks speach were to be spared, a fortiore

those wch are no recusants. But note yt it is a strange Monster, A no Comunicant yt will [f. 37, b.]

come to Church and not take the oth of Alleagance, For it sheweth him more poysened in his loyalty then in his re

ligion. My L. of Sals. at yt tyme opyned that this violent proceeding

of y® pope in condemning ye oth of Alleagance was to drawe the K. to blowd, and so the people to greater despaire and alienacion, and forenors to malice and quarell, ye better to

expose this realm to a pray. To this ye Archb. replied yt by yt reason wth ye more fury Room

proceeded y® more remisse we should be--quod Nota. Thear was a sute by Roshborow and Cary for monyes levyed

upon Townes eased of 15tecnths since 34 Eliz. quæstion was in case the governors of Townes had levied it, under color,

Beauch. I do not know who this should be but Edward Lord Beauchamp, who was to be created Earl of Hertford on the death of the then Earl. See above, p. 79, n. 1. It appears from a letter of his to Salisbury (S. P. Dom. James I.) 8 May, 1611, that some complaint had been made of him to his father ; and when he died in July, 1612, we learn from Chamberlain that his father “took his death more grievously than was expected.” It may be that he was a drunkard, which would sufficiently explain the King's allusion. With regard to sian ex lotio," seo Apophthegms, No. 174. (Lit. and Prof. Works, ii. p. 149.)

But note. Here follow three pages headed Transportat. Jul. 28, 16(8 ; I suppose by mistake.


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