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A B C mediation in Mexico, 225. | Aguascalientes, convention at,
Aberdeen, Lord, proposal as to 225-226.

Venezuelan boundary, 246, 247. Aix-la-Chapelle, Congress of, 238.
Adams, Charles Francis, minister Alabama, the Confederate cruis-

to England, 287; arbitrator at er, story of escape, 50, 52.
Geneva, 316.

Alabama claims, arbitration, 315-
Adams, John, voyages to Europe, 318; payment, 49-51.

16; negotiations in the Neth- Alaska, cession, 148, 352; seal
erlands, 24, 27; peace com- question, 148; boundary, joint
missioner, 27–29, 33; demands commission, 319-320, 325.
as to fisheries, 28, 29, 136-138; Alexander I. of Russia, ukase of
attitude toward France, 29, 1821, 148, 244.
30; advocates payment of Algiers, regency of, 104, 105;
debts, 29; upholds policy of treaty of 1795, 108; capture of
non - intervention, 198, 199;

American vessels, 106, 107;
minister to England, 34; com- war with United States, ul.
missioned to treat with Bar- Aliens, removal of disabilities of,
bary powers, 104; seeks to 33.
negotiate with France, 57-59; Allegiance, indelible, 113, 273,
declaration as to honest deal- 280, 288, 292, 293. See Ex-
ing, 426.

Adams, John Quincy, Secretary Allianca, American steamer, fired
of State, xiii; outlines Monroe

on, 120, 121.
Doctrine, 242-246; position as Alliance, with France, 12, 13, 14,
to Cuba, 361; recognition of 340; Anglo-Japanese, 192-195.
South American independence, Alverstone, Lord, decision on
368; Panama Congress, 370, Alaska boundary, 320.
375-376; acquisition of Flori- | Amazon River, free navigation,
das, 348; attempts to acquire 131.
Texas, 349; on policy of reci- Ambassadors, appointment of,
procity, 161; opposes com- 434-436.
mercial restrictions, 167, 168, American diplomacy, beginnings,
172; maintains claims as to I, 5, 9, 14; * Committee of
the fisheries, 139; supports

Secret Correspondence,' 5;
policy of non-intervention, 2017 department of foreign af-
opposes claim of visit and

fairs, 5 n.; "Secretary of
search, 116, 117; advocates Foreign Affairs," 5 n.; plan of
exemption of private property treaty with France, 6; first
at sea from capture, 61.

diplomatic communication, 10,


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