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The History of our Lord JESUS CHRIST,

As recorded by the Four EvANGELISTS,
Disposed in the ORDER of an HARMONY.

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Sint Scripturæ tuæ Deliciæ meæ! Nec decipiar in eis, nec decipiam ex eis !


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Printed and Sold by J. Waugh, at the Turk' s-bead in Gracechurch-street.



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roky HE Publication of this Second Volume of the Family AV Expositor hath been delayed so long, beyond my own Ex

p ectation, and that of my friends, that it may perhaps 14 feem necessary to introduce it with an Apology for that

Delay. But it would be tedious to enumerate ă Variety of Circumstances, which have concurred to occasion it.

It is generally known, that the unusual Severity of the late Winter laid a Kind of Embargo on the Press; and they that are at all acquainted with the Business of Printing, will easily apprehend, that, under the most faithful and careful Direction, a Work of considerable Bulk is liable to many other Interruptions, even where the Manuscript is entirely finished before the Impression is begun. But after all, the chief Reason, why this hath been published no sooner, is (what I hope my Subfcribers will eaply excuse, the large Addition I have made to what was at first prepared and promised : Instead of an Hundred Sheets, they bere presented with an Hundred and Fifty-eight; so that all beyond the Page of this Second Volume is more than what I was by the Proposals obliged to deliver.

On the Mention of this, I think myself obliged to renew my Thanks to those, wbo, by bonouring me with their Names and Encouragement on this Öccasion, have put it into my power to publish the Work with such Improvements; and small think my/elf happy, if those Improvements, however laborious and expenhve to the Author, may render it more acceptable and use-. ful to them.

The Tables prefixed to the First Volume are concluded in this, and represent the Dispoñtion of the Harmony in so clear a View, that by compare ing them together it would not be difficult to find any particular Text. But a Deference to the Request of some of the Subscribers, engaged me to a 2


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