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No, 20.] Thursday, May 26, 1709. . But for fear of being over-heard, and her

| quality known, she usually sings it in Italian. Though the theatre is now breaking, it is allowed still to sell animals there; there

Naqui al Regno, naqui al Trono

Et per sono fore, if any lady or gentleman have occa

Inventurata Pastorella sion for a tame elephant, let them inquire of Mr. Pinkethman, who has one to dispose Since I have touched upon this subject, I of at a reasonable rate. The downfall of shall communicate to my reader part of a May-Fair has quite sunk the price of this letter I have received from a friend at Amnoble creature, as well as of many other cu- sterdam, where there is a very noble theariosities of nature, A tiger will sell almost tre; though the manner of furnishing it with as cheap as an ox: and I am credibly inform- actors is something peculiar to that place ed, a man may purchase a cat with three legs and gives us occasion to admire both the for very near the value of one with four. I politeness and frugality of the people. hear likewise, that there is a great desola- | “My friends have kept me here a week tion among the gentlemen and ladies who longer than ordinary, to see one of their were the ornaments of the town, and used to plays, which was performed last night with shine in plumes and diadems; the heroes great applause. The actors are all of them being most of them pressed, and the queens tradesmen, who, after their day's work is beating hemp. Mrs. Sarabrand, so famous over, earn about a guilder a night by perfor her ingenious Puppet-show, has set up a sonating kings' and generals. The hero of shop in the Exchange, where she sells her the tragedy I saw, was a journeyman tailittle troop, under the term of Jointed Ba- lor, and his first minister of state a coffeebies. I could not but be solicitous to know man, The empress made me think of Parof her, how she had disposed of that rake- thenope in the Rehearsal; for her mother hell Punch, whose lewd life and conversa- keeps an ale-house in the suburbs of Amtion had given so much scandal, and did not sterdam. When the tragedy was over, they a little contribute to the ruin of the fair. entertained us with a short farce, in which She told me, with a sigh, that, despairing of the cobbler did his part to a miracle; but, ever reclaiming him, she would not offer to upon inquiry, I found he had really been place him in a civil family, but got him in a working at his own trade, and representing post upon a stall in Wapping, where he may

on the stage what he acted every day in his be seen from sun-rising to sun-setting, with

shop. The profits of the theatre maintain a glass in one hand, and a pipe in the other, an hospital : For as here they do not think as sentry to a brandy-shop. The great the profession of an actor the only trade that revolutions of this nature, bring to my mind

a man ought to exercise, so they will not the distresses of the unfortunate Camilla, allow any body to grow rich on a profession who has had the ill luck to break before her that in their opinion so little conduces to the voice, and to disappear at a time when her good of the commonwealth. If I am not beauty was at the height of its bloom. This

mistaken, your playhouses in England have lady entered so thoroughly into the great

done the same thing; for, unless I am mischaracters she acted, that when she had informed, the hospital at Dulledge was finished her part, she could not think of re- erected and endowed by Mr. Allen, a player: trenching her equipage, but would appear

and it is also said, a famous she-tragedian in her own lodgings with the same magnifi

has settled her estate, after her death, for the cence that she did upon the stage. This maintenance of decayed wits, who are to be greatness of soul has reduced that unhappy

taken in as soon as they grow dull, at whatprincess to an involuntary retirement, where ever time of their life that shall happen." she now passes her time among the woods and forests, thinking on the crowns and sceptres she has lost, and often humming

No. 42.] Saturday, July 16, 1709. over in her solitude,

- Celebrare Domestica Facta. I was born of royal race,

This is to give notice, that a magnificenVet must wander in disgrace,

palace, with great variety of gardens, stat


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