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1 i. e. fo near to speech. The Italians call a portrait, when the likeness is remarkable, a speaking puture. 2 The meaning is this : The foulfior was as nature, but as nature dumb; he gave every ching that nature gives, but breath and motion. In breath is included speech. i. c. she tokeo ; the vigble proof


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At utterance means to keep at the extremity of defiance. 2j. e. I am well informed. 3 Tor. in a town is to conduct it. * A feodary is one who holds his citate under the tenure of suit and for vice to a superior lord. Sie. I am unpracticd in the arts of murder. 6 That is, arick for in fence kecps love in health and vigour. 7 The meaning is, that the bees are not blcét by the man

to forfeiting a bond is sent to prison, as they are by the lover for whom they perform the more plcasing office of lealing letters.


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ii. e. Thus meanly brought up. Yet in this very cave, which is so low that they must bow or bend in entering it, yet are their thoughts fu exaltes, &c. 2 This is another allusion to Itaiian poifons. 3 Serpeats and dragons by the id writers were called WATERS. 4 Perions of luzh it rank. That is some jay of Italy, made by art the creature, not of nature, but of painting. la this sense paintin may be not impropery termed her mother.

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