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1. A five is a flice. 2 To square is to quarrel. 3 i.e. by nature. 4 i.e. remove all impediments from our defigns by advice. The allusion is to the operation of the file. Hhh 3


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And climb the highest promontory top.

| Here comes a parcel of our hopeful booty, Tit. And I have horse will follow where the Which dreads not yet their lives' deftruétion. game

Tam. Ah, my sweet Moor, sweeter to me than Makes way, and run like swallows o'er the plain. Dem. Chiron, we hunt not, we, with horse nor Aar. No more, great empress, Baffianus comes: hound,

| Be cross with him ; and I'll go fetch thy fons But hope to pluck a dainty doe to ground. [Exeunt. To back thy quarrels, whatsoe'er they be. [Exit. • SCENE III.

Enter Basianus, and Lavinia.

Baf. Whom have we bere ? Rome's royal en A Desert Part of the Forest.

perels, Enter Aaron alone.

Unfurnith'd of her well-beseeming troop? Aur. He, that had wit, would think, that I Or is it Djan, habited like her; had none,

Who hath abandoned her holy groves, To bury so much gold under a tree,

To see the general hunting in this foreft: And never after to inherit it.

Tam. Saucy controller of our private steps! Let him, that thinks of me fo abjectly,

Had I the power that, some say, Dian had, Know, that this gold must coin a stratagem; Thy temples Thould be planted presently Which, cunningly effected, will beget

With horns, as was Acteon's ; and the hounds A very excellent piece of villainy:

Should drive 2 upon thy new-transformed limbs, And so repose, sweet gold, for their unrest, Unmannerly intruder as thou art! That have their alms out of the emprefs' chest. Lav. Under your patience, gentle emperels, Enter Tamora.

'Tis thought you have a goodly gift in horning; Tam. My lovely Aaron, wherefore look'st thou And to be doubted, that your Moor and you fad,

Are singled forth to try experiments : When every thing doth make a gleeful boast ? Jove Thield your husband from his bourds to-day ! The birds chaunt melody on every bush ;

'Tis pity they thould take him for a stag. The snake lies rolled in the chearful fun;

Baj. Believe me, queen, your 3 swarth CimmeThe green leaves quiver with the cooling wind,

rian And make a chequer'd shadow on the ground: Doth make your honour of his body's hue, Under their sweet shade, Aaron, let us fit, Spotted, detested, and abominable. And-whilft the babling echo mocks the hounds, Why are you fequefter'd from all your train ? Replying thrilly to the well-tun'd horns,

Dismounted from your snow-white goodly steed, As if a double hunt were heard at once,

And wander'd hither to an obscure plot, Let us fit down, and mark their yelling noise : Accompanied with a barbarous Moor, And after conflict, such as was suppos'd

If foul desire had not conducted you? The wand'ring prince and Dido once enjoy'd, Lav. And, being intercepted in your sport, When with a happy storm they were surprizid, Great reason that my noble lord be rated And curtain'd with a counsel-keeping cave, For faucinels. I pray you let us hence, We may, each wreathed in the other's arms, | And let her 'joy her raven-colour'd love; Our pastimes done, pofsess a golden flumber; This valley fits the purpose palling well. [this. Whilft hounds, and horns, and sweet melodious birds, Baf. The king, my brother, ihall have note of Be unto us, as is a nurse's song

Lav. Ay, for these flips have made him noted Of lullaby, to bring her babe asleep.

long : Aar. Madam, though Venus govern your desires, Good king! to be fo mightily abus'd ! Saturn is dominator over mine :

Tam, Why, have I patience to endure all this? What fignifies my deadly-standing eye,

Enter Chiron, and Demetriuso My silence, and my cloudy melancholy?

Dem. How now, dear sovereign, and our gr2My Aleece of woolly hair, that now uncurls,

cious mother, Even as an adder, when the doth unroll

Why does your highness look so pale and wan: To do some fatal execution ?

Tam. Have I not reason, think you, to look pale?
No, madam, these are no venereal signs ; These two have 'tic'd me hither to this place,
Vengeance is in my heart, death in my hand, | A barren and detested vale, you fee, it is :
Blood and revenge are hammering in my head. | The trees, though summer, yet forlorn and lean,
Hark, Tamora,--the empress of my soul, O'ercome with mors, and baleful mifletoe.
Which never hopes more heaven than rests in thee, Here never shines the fun ; here nothing breeds,
This is the day of doom for Baflianus;

Unless the nightly owl, or fatal raven.
His Philomel must lose her tongue tu-day ; And when they shewd me this abhorred pit,
Thy fons make pillage of her chastity,

They told me, here, at dead time of the nighi, And wash their hands in Ballianus' blood. | A thousand fiends, a thousand hiling snakes, Seeft thou this letter? take it up, I pray thee, Ten thousand swelling toads, as many urchins, And give the king this fatal plotted scroll:-- Would make such fearful and confused cries, Now question me no more, we are espied, lAs any mortal body, hearing it,

1 Unrel, for disquiet. ? i. e. flic with impetuosity at him. is called Cimmerian, from the atmoity of blacknessto darkneis. '

3 Swarth is ilack.

The Mcor


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Should straight fall mad, a ešte de

No sooner had they told this bes t
But straight they told me, the FLO TE
Onto the body of a dismayer;
And leave me to this miserable data
And then they call'd me, fod aubere
Lascivious Goch, and all the buttsuit TIES
That ever ear did hear to foc fect
And, had you not br wondroos Desi
This vengeance on me had the ELETTE:
Revenge it, as you love your mon ifto
Or be ye not from beooe orth Ca Cho

Dem. This is a w.toeis that

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Cbi. And this for me, ftrack bones am strength.

264 Es 2 Lav. Ay come, Serrans, -2,

For no name fits thy nature be this can'
Tam. Give me try poca; ja L Co. 5.


my boys, Your mother's haod fra 15TIJ , ZEIS S Dem. Stay, madarn, bere .

g .

am First, thresh the corn, the 1.2 *** *9 .

This minion stood uon ha
Upon her nuptial vow, ber kyky,
And with that painted bopebe trans

mightinels :
And shall the carry this into her gizre?
Cobi. An if the do, I would I were as em

S Drag hence her husband to fume Secret betong And make his dead trunk pulsow to Our It T ICLESE S Sul

Tum. But when you have the ice -Let not this wasp out- ive, us bus stag

Tee te from the Cbi. I warrant you, madam; we said

that sure
Come, mistress, now perforce we will do
That nice-preserved honefty of you.

Lav. O Tamora' thou bear'ft a wonzo's face in a w h was there
Tam. I will not hear her speak; any wabte:.'
Lav. Sweet lords, intreat ber bear me botas.

Dem. Liften, fair madan: Let us be you Dry,
To see her tears; but be your heart to there,

Ena kame sa posadas As unrelenting flint to drops of rain.

A: ET. Lav. When did the tyger's young coes e Sum m er

* O, do not teach her wrath; The taught I turt: V

e t L e d The milk, thou fuck'st from ber, dj turn to taste; 9 . Sis I I Ses

** Even at thy teat thou hadit thy tyranny.-- ! . A

. A

. , Yet every mother breeds not fous alke; Do thou intreat her new a woman. ty. To Cherovie DAI K

. Chi. What would'st thou have the prove my.

felf a bastard ? Lav. 'Tis true the raven doth not hatch a bik:

Yet have I heard, (O could I find sow

desser payer
The lion, mov'd with pity, did endure
To have his princely paws par'd ail 2*zy.
Some say, that ravens fofter forlorn cheures
The whilst their own birds famish in the selts: Spac

n g O, be to me, though thy hard heart faz no,

Mar. 60 perse diaan Nothing to kind, but something pitiful!

Tue 5*, .
Tam. I know not what it means; away with her. A yw >> 1 ta
Lav. O, let me teach thee: for my father's lake,

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