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SATURNINUS, som to the late Emperor of Rome, SEMPRONIUS.

and afterwards declared Emperor bimself. ALARBUS, 2 BASSIANUS, Brother to Saturninus, in love with CHIRON, Sons :: Tamara. Lacinia.

DEMETRIUS, ) Titus ANDROXICUS, a noble Roman, General AAROS, a Moor, belov'd by Tamora. against the G-tbs.

Captain, from Tita's Camp. MARCES ASDRONICUS, Tribune of tbe People, and ÆMILIUS, a Mellinger. Brober to Thus,

Gobs, and Romant.

QUINTUS, Sons to Titus Andronicus.

TAMORA, Queen of the Gotos, and afterwards MUTIUS,

married 19 Suurninus. Young Lrcits, a Boy, Son to Lucius.

'LAVINIA, Daugbter to Titus Andronicus. PUBLIUS, Son to Marius ibe Tribune, and Nephew Nurse, with a Black-a-msar Cbild, to Titus Ande micu...

Senators, Judges, Officers, Soldiers, and ot ber Attendants.

SCE N E, Rome; and the Country near is.

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S CE NE 1.

If ever Baffianus, Cæsar's son,
Before the Capitol in Rome.

Were gracious in the eyes of royal Rome,

Keep then this patrage to the Capitol; Enter the Tribunes and Senators aloft, as in tbe Se- And fuffer not Jitbonoor to approach

nate. Then enter Saturninui and bis fuiloters, The imperial seat, to virtue consecrate, ai one door ; and Bafianus and bis foilowers at To justice, continence, and nobility : the ofbur ; with drum and colours.

But let defert in pure election shine ; Sat. N OBLE patricians, patrons of my right, And, Romans, fight for freedom in your choice. W Defend the justice of my cause with Enter Marcus Andronicus al 1, with the Crown. arms;

Mar. Princes, that itrive by factions, and by And, countrymen, my loving followers,

friends, Plead my fucceffive title with your words : Ambitio fly for rule and empery! I am his finit-born fon, that was the latt

Know, that the people of Rome, for whom we That ware the impcrial diadem of Rome;

stand, Then let my father's honours live in me, A special party, have, by common voice, Nor wrong mine age with this indignity.

In election for the Roman empty, Baj, Romans,—-friends, followers, favourers of Chosen Andronicus, furnamed Pius my right,

For many good and great deserts to Rome;

I Mr. Theobald says, This is one of those plays which he always thought, with the better iudzes, ought not to be acknowledged in the list of Shakspeare's genuine pieces. Dr. Johnton observes,

That all the editors and critics agree with Mr. Theobald in fuppong this play spurious, and that he fees no reason for differing from them; for the colour of the itile is wholy different from that of the other plays, and there is an attempt at regular versification, and artificial closes, not always inelegant, yet seldom plealing. The barbarity of the spectacles, and the general mallacre, which are here exhibited, can scarcely be conceived tolerable to any andience; yet we are cod by Tonfon, that they were not only borne, bul prailed." Mr. Farmer a!: Mr. Scevens are allo uf ihe fame opinion with Dr. Johnson.

A nobler

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