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1 Alluding to the philosopher's ftone, which, by its touch, converts base metal into gold. The alchemills call the mauer, whatever it be, by which they perform transmutation, a me hicine. 2 Armgaunt perhaps means, a horic so flcader that a man might clasp him, and theretore torined for exped.uon. In Chaucer's dctcription of a King of Thrace in the Knight's Tale, urmgrete is used to fig. nity as big as the arm; arm-gunt therefore may mean as slender as the arm. We full lay, in vulgar compartion, as long as my aru, as ihruk as my leg, &c. . e. put to filence by him. - The meaning is, Those were my tallad days, when I was green in judgement; but your blood is as cold as my judgement, if you have the lame opinion of things now as I had then. 5 By sending out mela Icugers. • The meaning is, While we are praying, the thing for which we pray is lefing its velat.

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Ii. e. if report quadrates with her, or suits with her merits. 2 Mr. Tollet thinks berdr or when is the faria word, and means in this place the leveral companies of Nereds that waued on kevar. while Mr. Ma'onc apprchends, their wenis rciers to Cleopatra's eyes, and not to her genue worte € Rer attendais, in order to learn their mifrels's wall, watched the moments of her eye thing the on "m vennents of which added row fuitre to her beauty." 3 Ring aan ancient word meaning a Arumpet.

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