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Friends of Pompeya Æmilius Lepidus,


SILIUS, an Officer in Ventidius's Army. DOMITIUS ENOBARBUS,

TAURUS, Lieutenant-General to Cæfar. VENTIDIUS,



Servants 10 Cleopatra,


Friends of Antony.


A Soorbsayer : A Clown.

CLEOPATRA, Queen of Ægypi.

Octavia, Sijler to Cefar, and Wife to Antony.


Friends of Cæjar.

Ambassadors from Antony to Cæjar, Captains, Soldiers, Messengers, and orber Attendants.

The SCENE is dispersed in several parts of the Roman Empire.

} Attendants on Cleopatra.

A C T I.



Ant. Then must thou needs find out new heaCleopatra's Palace at Alexandria.

ven, new earth.

Enter a Melenger.
Enter Demetrius, and Pbilo.

Mef. New's, my good lord, from Rome.
Pbil. TAY, but this dotage of our general's

Ant. Grates me :-The rum 5.
O'erflows the measure : those his good-

Cleo. Nay, hear them, Antony :
ly eyes,
That o'er the files and musters of the war (turn, If the scarce-bearded Cæsar have not sent

Fulvia, perchance, is angry; or, who knows Have glow'd like plated Mars, now bend, now His powerful mandate to you, “ Do this, or this 3 The office and devotion of their view

" Take in that kingdom, and enfranchise that ; Upon a tawny front : his captain's heart,

" Perform 't, or else we damn thee. Which in the scufiles of great fights hath burst

Ant. How, my love! The buckles on his breast, reneges ? all temper;

Cleo. Perchance,-nay, and most like, And is become the bellows and the fan,

You must not stay here longer, your dismission To cool a 2 sypły's luft.-Look, where they come ! Is come from Cæsar; therefore hear it, Antony.-lourish. Enter Antony and Cleopatra, cviib sbeir Where's Fulvia's procels : Cæfar's, I would lay :trains; Eunuchs fanning her.

Both :Take but good note, and you shall see in him Call in the mefsengers.-As I am Ægypt's queen, The triple 3 pillar of the world transform'd Thou blushest, Antony ; and that blood of thine Into a strumpet's fool : behold and see.

Is C.zsar's homager : else so thy cheek pays shame, Cleo. If it be love indeed, tell me how inuch. When thrill-tongu'd Fulvia scolds. The merAnt. There's beggary in the love that can be


[arch reckon'd.

Ant. Let Rome in Tyber melt! and the wide Cleo. I'll set a bourn 4 how far to be belov'd. Of the rang'd empire fall! Here is my space ;

ii.e. renounces. 2 Gypsy is here used both in the original meaning for an Egyptian, and in its accidental sense for a bad woman. 3 Triple is here used improperly for third, or one of three. One of the triumvirs, one of the three masters of the world. 41. c bound or limit. sj. e. be brief, Jum thy busincfs in a few words.



Kingdoms are clay : our dungy earth alike A little I can read.
Feeds beast as man : the nobleness of life

Alex. Shew him your hand.
Is, to do thus ; when such a mutual pair,

Enter Enob.zróus.

[Embracing. Eno. Bring in the banquet quickly; wine enouch, And such a twain can do 't; in which, I bind, Cleopatra's health to drink. On pain of punishment, the world to weet', Cbar. Good fir, give me good fortune. We tand up peerleis.

S996. I make not, but foresee. Clo. Excellent fulihood!

Ciar. Pray then, foresee me one. Why did he mirry Fulvia, and not love her: Sooth. You thall be yet far fairer than you are. I'll feein the fool I am not; Antony

Cbar. He means, in feth. Will be himicii.

L'as. No, you ihail paint when you are oli. int. Bat? ttrr'd by Cicopatia.-

Chr. Wrinkles forbid ! Now, for the love of love, and his foft hours, Alex. Vex not his prescience ; be attentive. Let's not confound the time with conference harsh : Cbar. Hluth ! There's not a minute of our lives thould stretch Sootb. You shall be more beloving, than belir'd. Without tone pleasure nou": What sport to-night ? Char. I had rather heat my liver with drinkings. Clo. 1122r the embatiadors.

-4/ex. Nw, hear him. 411. Fye, wrangling queen!

Char. Good now, some excellent fortune! Let Whom every thing becomes, to chide, to laugh, me be married to three kings in a forencn, ani Io weep; whose every portion fully 1trives widow them all! let me have a child ar fifty, to To make itielt, in thce, fair and admira! whom Herod of Jewry may do humage"! No meilenger, but thinc ;--- And all alone, me to marry with Octavius Cæsar, and compania To-night, we'll wander through the Atreets, and me witla my mistress!

Soosh. You shall out-live the lady whom 502 The qualities of people. Come, my queen ; serve. Last night you did de re it :- Speak not to us. Char. O excellent ! I love long life better than

[Extant due and Cicape with their train figs 7, Drow. I Cæfar with Antonius priz'd so night?

Scoth. You have seen and prov'd a furer former Ibil. Sir, sometimes, when he is not Antony,

Than that which is to approach,

(fortune He comes too thort of that grert property

Char. Then, belike, my children thall have no Which still should go with Autony.

names : : Pr'ythee, how many boys and wenches

muit I have Dim. I am huil fury, That he approves the common lizr}, who

Sooth. If every of your wishes had a womh, Thus speaks of him at Rome : But I will hope

And foretel every with, a million %. Of better deeds to-morrow. Reft you happy!

Char. Out, fool! I forgive thee for a witch. [Exeunt.

<?**. You think, none but your theets are prily

to your wishes.

Char. Nay, come, tell Iras hers.
Arother Part of the Palace.

silex, We'll know all our fortunes.

Ero. Mine, and most of our fortunes, to-night, Enter Charman, Iras, Alex'izs, and a Southfuger. Mall be---drunk to bed.

Char. Lord Alexas, sweet Alexas, most any Tras. There's a palm presages chaftity, if now thing Alexas, almott most absolute Alexas, where's thing else. the foothayer that you prais d 10 to the queen : Cbar. Even as the o'erfowing Nilus prefageth O! that I knew this husband, which, you lay, famine. mult change + his horns with garlands.

Iras. Go, you wild bedfellow, you cannot footh. Ahx. Soothsayer.

say. Socih. Your will?

(know things Cbar. Nay, if an oily palm be not a fruitful Cbar. Is this the man --le you, fir, that prognostication, I cannot scratch mine ear.Sooth. In nature's infinite book or secrecy, Pr'ythee, tell her but a wurky-day fortune,

I To know. 2 But here signifies unless. 3 Meaning, that he proves the common lyar, fame, in his caíe to be a truc reporter. 4 Dr. Johnson doubts, whether change in this place may not lis. nity merely to dress, or to dress uith changes of garlands ; certain it is, that change of clothes in the tinic of Shakipeare signified rariety of them. 5 A heated liver is supposed to make a pimpled face. Heiod was always one of the personages in the mysteries of our early flage, on which he was constantly reprefented as a fierce, laughty, blustering iyrant, so that Jeroá aj jewry liecame a common proverb, cxpreffive of turbulence and rage. Thus Ilamlet says of a ranung player, that lie e out-herods kierod." The meaning thenis, Charmian wishes for a son, who may arrive to such power and domion, that the prondest and fierceit monarchs of the earth may be brought under his yoke, 7. A proverbial exprction. & A fairer fortune may mean, a more reputable one. Her answer then impliesi ihal belike all he children will be baltards, who have no right to the name of their father's famię iy. 9 Tie meaning is, Il vou had as many wombs as you will have wishes, and I jould foretel all ihole wishes, I should foretel a million of children. It is an ellipsis very frequent in cons criation ;-I thould same you, ard tell all; that is, and if I should tell all. sirdis for and if; which was anciently, and is itill provincially used for if.

Sooth. Your fortunes are alike.

Hath, with his Parthian force, extended I Afia,
Iras. But how, but how? give me particulars. From Euphrates his conquering banner thook,
Spotb. I have said.

From Syria, to Lydia, and to lonia;
Iras. Am I not an inch of fortune better than Whilft-
The ?

Ant. Antony, thou wouldst say,
Char. Well, if you were but an inch of fortune Mej. O my lord!

[tongue; better than I, where would you choose it?

Ani. Speak to me home, mince not the general Iras. Not in my husband's nose.

Name Cleopatra as she's call'd in Rome : Char. Our worfer thoughts heavens mend ! - Rail thou in Fulvia's phrase; and taunt my faults Alex as,-come, his fortune, his fortune.- let With such full licence, as both cruth and malice him marry a woman that cannot go, sweet Isis, I Have power to utter. O, then we bring forth beseech thee! And let her die too, and give him

weeds, a worse ! and let worse follow worse, 'till the When our quick winds lie ftill?; and our ills told us, worst of all follow him laughing to his grave, fifty- Is as our earing. Fare thee well a while. fold a cuckold ! Good líis, hear me this prayer, Mef. At your noble pleasure.

[Exit. though thou deny me a matter of more weight; Ant. From Sicyon how the news? Speak there. good Isis, I beseech thee !

i Ati. The man from Sicyon.--Is there such an Iras. Amen. Dear goddess, hear that prayer of 2 Ant. He stays upon your will. [one? the people! for, as it is a heart-breaking to see a

Ant. Let him appear.
handsome man loose-wiv'd, fo it is a deadly for- These strong Ægyptian fetters I must break,
row to behold a foul knave uncuckolded ; There-

Enter a second Mellenger.
fore, dear Isis, keep decorum, and fortune him or lose myself in dotage.--What are you?

2 Mes. Fulvia thy wife is dead.
Char, Amen.

ont. Where died the? Alex. Lo, now! if it lay in their hands to make 2 Mif. In Sicyon : me a cuckold, they would make themselves whores, Her length of sickness, with what else more serious but they'd do't.

Importeth thee to know, this bears. [Gives a letter. Eno. Huh! here comes Antony.

Ant. Forbear me.

[Exit Mefinger. Cbar. Not he, the queen.

There's a great spirit gone! Thus did I defire it :
Enter Cleopatra.

What our contempts do often hurl from us,
Cleo. Saw you my lord ?

We wish it ours again ; the prelent pleasure,
Ero. No, lady.

By revolution 3 lowering, does become
Cleo. Was he not here?

The opposite of itself: The's good, being gone ; (on.
Cbar. No, madam.

The hand could 4 pluck her back, that thor'd her Cleo. He was dispos’d to mirth ; but on the sud- 1 must from this enchanting queen break off; den

[hus, Ten thousand harms, more than the ills I know, A Roman thought hath struck him. -Enobar- My idlenieis doth hatch.---How now! Enobarbus ! Eno, Madam.


Erter Enobarius.
Cleo. Seek him, and bring him hither. Where's Eno. What's your pleasure, ar?
Alex.Here, at your service.—My lord approaches.

Ant. I must with hafte from hence.
Enter Antony, with a Mellenger, and Attendants. Ero. Why, then we kill all our women: We
Cleo. We will not look upon him : Go with us. see how mortal an unkindness is to them; if they

[Exeunt. luffer our departure, death's the word.
Mes. Fulvia thy wife first came into the field. Ant. I must be gone.
Ant. Against my brother Lucius?

Eno. Under a compelling occasion, let women
Mef. Ay:

die: It were pity to cast them away for nothing ; But foon that war had end, and the time's state though, between them and a great cause, they Made frienus of them, jointing their force 'gainn mhould be efteem'd nothing. Cleopatra, catching Cæsar;

but the least noite of this, dies instantly ; I have Whose hetter illue in the war, from Italy,

tecn her die twenty times upon far poorer moUpon the filt encounter, drave them.

ments; I do think, there is title in death, Ant. Well, what worst :

which commits fome loving act upon her, the Mil. The nature of bad news infects the teller. hath such a celerity in dying. Int. When it concerns the fool, or coward.- ini. She is cunning patt man's thought.

[thus ; Eno. Alack, fir, no; her paiiions are made of Things tliat are past, are done, with me.-- 'Tis nothing but the finest part of pure love: We canWho tells me true, though, in his tale lie death, not call her winds and waters, fighs and tear> ; I hear him as he flatter'd.

they are greater storms and tempeits chan almaMes. Labienus (this is stiff news)

nacks can report : Eliis cannot be cunning in her;

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lje, seized.

2. The sense is, that man, not agitated by censure, like foii not ventilied by quick winds, produces more evil than good. 31. 6. by change of circuiffances,

4 Could for would. Could, would, and should, are very olien indiscriminately wed in the vidi plays. 51. e. for les realon; upon mcaner mutives, D dd


if it be, the makes a shower of rain as well as Say, I am dancing: if in mirth, report Jove.

That I am sudden fick : Quick, and return. Ant. 'Would I had never seen her!

[Exif dire En. (, fir, you had theu left unteen a won Cbar. Madam, methinks, if you did love to derful piece of work; which not to have been

dearly, bleft withal, would have difcredited your travel. You do not hold the method to enforce Ant. Fulvia is dead.

The like from him. Ero. Sir?

Cto. What should I do, I do not ? Ant. Fulvia is dead.

Char. In each thing give him way, cross him in Eno. Fulvia?

nothing, Ant. Dead.

Cleo. Thou teacheft like a fool : the way to late Eno. Why, sir, give the gods á thankful facri Char. Tempt him not so too far: I wish, forbear; fice. When it pleareth their deities to take the In time we hate that which we often fear. wife of a man from him, it thews to man the tai

Enter Antony. lors of the earth; comforting therein, that when But here comes Antony. old robes are worn out, there are members to Cleo. I am sick, and sullen. make new !. If there were no more women but Ant. I am sorry to give breathing to my purpose Fulvia, then had you indeed a cut, and the case to Cleo. Help me away, dear Charmian, I shall fail; be lamented: this grief is crown'd with confola- It cannot be thus long, the sides of nature tion ; your old smock brings forth a new petticoat: Will not sustain it. -ind, indeed, the tears live in an onio!), that Ant. Now, my dearest queen,Thould water this forrow.

Cleo. Pray you, stand fartber from me. Ant. The business The hath broach'd in the state, Ant. What's the matter?

(nente Cannot endure my absence.

Cleo. I know, by that same eye, there's fime good Eno. And the business you have broach'd here What says the marry'd woman ? You may go: cannot be without you ; especially thüt of Cleo-'Would, the had never given you leave io come! patra's, which wholly depends on your abode. Let her not say, 'tis I that keep you here,

Ant. No more light aufwers. Let our officers I have no power upon you ; bers you are.
Have notice what we purpose: I shall break Ant. The gods best know,
The cause of our expedience 2 to the queen, Cleo. O, never was there queen
And get her love to part. For not alone So mightily betray'd! Yet, at the first,
The death of Fulvia, with more urgent touches 3, I saw the treasons planted.
Do ftrongly speak to us ; but the letters too Ant, Cleopatra,-
Of many our contriving friends in Rome

Cleo. Why thould I think, you can be mine, and Petition 4 us at home : Sextus Pompeius Though you in swearing thake the throned goals, Hath given the dare to Cæsar, and commands Who have been false to Fulvia ? Riotou madness The empire of the sea : our flippery people To be entangled with those mouth-male vows, (Whose love is never link'd to the deterver, Which break themielves in swearing! ”Till his deserts are paft) begin to throw

Ant. Mott sweet queen, Pompey the great, and all his dignities

Cico. Nay, pray you, seek no mour for Upon his fon; who, high in name and power, But bid farewel, and go : when you tu ditan, Higher than both in blood and life, stands up Then was the time for words : No gong then For the main soldier : whose quality, going on, Eternity was in our lips, and eyes; The sides o' the world may danger: much is breeding, Blifs in our brows' bent? ; none our parts fo poco Which, like the courser's hairs, hath yet but life, But was a race of heaven : They are to stay And not a serpent's poison. Say, our pleasure, Or thou, the greatest soldier of the world, To such whole place is under us, requires Are turn'd the greatest lur. Our quick remove from tience.

Ant. How now, lady! Eno. I shall do't.

[Exewni. Ciec. I woulu, I had thy inches; thou het SCENE

There were a heart in Ægype

Ant. Hear me, queen :
Enser Clcopatra, Charmian, Iras, and Alexas.

The strong necetlity of time commande C!co. Where is he?

Our services a while; but my full beat Cbar. I did not fce him fioce. [does : Remains in use with you. Our kaly

Cleo. See where he is, who's with him, what he shines o'er with civil fwords : Sextus Pommes I did not send you“;-If you find hiin tud, Makes his approaches to the port of Rome :

1 The meaning is this : “ As the gods have been pleased to take away your wife Fulvia, la origine have provided you with a new one in Cleopatra ; in like manner as the tailors of the earth, when the old garments are worn out, accommodate you with new ones." : Erbedende for expedie 3 i. c. things that touch me more fenfibly. 4 1. c. with us at home. s Alluding to ans : notu, thai the hair of a hosle dropped into corrupted warer, will turn to an sr msl

. ou it go as if you came without my order or knowledge. 7i.e. in the areb of our eye-bry Si. s. liad = imack or flavour of heaven. The rule of wine is the taste of the icil.


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