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Mor. O hell! what have we here?

Bassanio told him, he would make some speed
A cation death, within whose empty eye Of his return; he answer'd, -Do not jo,
There is a written fcroll . I'll read the writing. 2 Slubber 4105 business for my jake, Bujanio,
All obat gliflers is not gold;

But jiay the very riping of obe time;
Ofion bave you beard ibat told:

And for ebe few's bond, which be burb of me,
Many a man bis life bath jold,

Let it not enter in your mind of love 3:
But my Cutside to bebold:

merry ;

and employ your cbiefijt i boughts
Gildcá tombs do worms infold.

To court;hip, and juch fair oients of love
Had you been as wije as bold,

4shall conveniently become yra

bere: Young in limbi, in judgement old,

And even there, his eye being big with tears,
Tour answer hud not been infcroil'd: Turning his face, he put his hand behind him,
Fare well; your fat is cold.

And with atfection wondrous sensible
Mor. Cold, indeed; and labour loft: He wrung Batfanio's hand, and so they parted.

Then, farewell, heat; and welcome, fruit. -- Sala. I think, he only loves the world for him
Portia, adieu! I have too griev'd a heart I pray thee, let us go, and find him out,
To make a tedious leave: thus losers part. [Exit. And quicken his embraced heavinels
Por. A gentle riddance :--Draw the curtains, With fome delight or other.

Sal. Do we fo.

[Exeunt. Let all of his complexion chuse me so. [Exeunt.



Enter Nerisa, with a Servant.
Enter Saluring and Salanio.

Ner. Quick, quick, I pray thee, draw the curtain Szi. Why, man, I law Batlanio under fail; The prince of Arragon hath ta'en his oath, [1traight; With him is Gratiano gone along ;

And comes to bis election prelently. And in their thip, I am sure, Lorenzo is not. Enter Arragon, bis train; Portia, with hers. FlouSala. The villain Jew withouteries rais dthe duke;

rit of cornis. Whe went with himn to search Ballanio's thip. Por. Behold, there stand the caskets, noble prince: Sat. He came too late, the ship was under fail:

If you chuse that wherein I ain contain'd, But there the duke was given to underttand, Straight ihall our nuptial-rites be solemniz'd; That in a gondola were seen together

But it you fail, without more speech, my lord, Lienzo and his amurous Jellica:

You must be gone frorn hence iminediately. Betices, Anthonio certify'd the duke,

Ar. lam enjoin'u by oath to observe three things: I!.cy sere not with Ballanio in his thip.

Firit, never to unfold to any one
Suli. I never heard.partion so confus , Which caiker 'tua I choic; next, if I fail
Svitrage, outrageous, and so variable,

Of the right calket, never in my life
Aste dug Jew ad utter in the streets:

To woo a inaid in way of marriage; laitly, ty duughter-O

'Ony daughter!

It I do fail in fortune of my choice,
the web a ChrifiianiO my Cbrifiiun ducts! Immediately to leave you, and be gone. ,

de! tbe lacu! my duwures, and mix drughter! Por. To theie injunétions every one doth sweat, anted borg, two jealid bags of ducabin That comes to hazard for my worthless self. Of wable ducais, fiuian from me by my daughter!

Ar. And io lave I addrett 4 me: Fortune now stre jewels; biva stones, two rich and precious jione:, To n.y heart's hope !--Gold, lil: er, and base lead. Stil'n by my daughter! Juice! find ibe giri Wbuch.fer! m2, mu't give and hazard all bi baib: She buil ils fonts upon bei, und be dueats! You Thall look fairer, ere I give, or hazard.

Sal. Why, all the boys in Venice follow him, What says the golden chelt? ha! let me fee :--Crying, is itones, his daughter, and lus Jucals. Il bo obujith 18?, jhall gain what many men defire.

Sala. Let goud Anthonio look he heep his day, What many men defire,.---Thiat many inay be meant Or he mall pay for this.

Of the fool multitude, that chute by Thow, Sul. Marry, well remember'd:

Not learning more than the fond eye doth teach; I realon'd' with a Frenchiman yesterday ; Which pries not to the interior, but, like the martiei, Who told me, in the narrow leas, that part Builds in the weather, on the outward wall, The French and Englith, there miicarried Even in the force ; and road of calualty. A vellel of our country, richly fraught:

I will not chufe what many men Jetire, I thought upon Anthonio, when he told me; Because I will not jump with common spirits, And with it in silence, that it were not his. And rank me with the barbarous multitudes.

Suda. You were best to tell Anthonio what you hear: Wlay, then to thee, thou filver treasure-icoule; Yet do not luduenly, for it may grieve him. Tell me once more what title thou doit bear:

Sal. A kinder gentleman freads not the earth. Who chuseth me, jhall get as much as he deferves; I saw Bailanio and Anthonio part:

And well said too: For who thall go about


[ That is, conversed. purhaps, your loving mind.

2 To jubler is to do any thing carelesly, or imperfectly.

4 1. c. prepared me. si e. the power.

3 Meaning,


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To cozen fortune, and be honourable

Take what wife you will to beds
Without the stamp of merit? Let none presume

I will ever be your bead:
To wear an undeserved dignity.

So be gone, fir, you are sped.
O, that estates, tlegrees, and offices,

Ar. Still more fool I thall appear
Were not deriv'd corruptly! and that clear honour By the time I linger here:
Were purchas'd by the merit of the wearer! With one fool's head I came to woo,
How many then thould cover, that stand bare?

But I go away with two.-
How many be commanded, that command:

Sweet, adieu! I'll keep my oath,
How much low peasantry would then be gleaned Patiently to bear my wroth 2.
From the true feed of honour? and how much Po«. Thus hath the candle fing'd the moth.

O these deliberate fools, when they do chule,
Pick'd from the chaff and ruin of the times, They have the wisdom by their wit to lose.
To be new varnih'd? Weil, but to my choice: Nr. The ancient saying is no heresy;
W bo chuseth me, shall get as much as be deserves: Hanging and wiving goes by destiny.
I will allume defert;-Give me a key for this, Por. Come, draw the curtain, Nerita.
And instantly unlock my fortunes here. [there.

Enter a Servant.
Por. Too long-a pause for that which you find Serv. Where is my lady?

Ar. What's here? the portrait of a blinking idiot, Por. Here; what would my lord ?
Presenting me a schedule? I will read it.

Serv. Madam, there is alighted at your gate,
How much unlike art thou to Portia!

A young Venetian, one that comes before
How much unlike my hopes, and my deservings! To signify the approaching of his lord:
W' bo chuseth me, shall have as much as be diferves: From whom he bringeth sensible regreets 3 ;
Did I deserve no more than a fool's head? To wit, besides commends, and counteons breath,
Is that my prize? are my deserts no better? Gifts of rich value; yet I have not seen

Por. To offend, and judge, are diftinét offices, So likely an emballador of love:
And of opposed natures.

A day in April never came 10 (weet,
Ar. What is here?

To show how costly summer was at hand,
The fire seven times tried this;

As this fore-ipurrer comes before his lord.
Seven times try'd tbat judgment is,

Por. No more, I pray thee; I am half afeard,
That did never chuse amids:

Thou wilt lay anon, he is some kin to thee,
Some there be, that jiradors kiss:

Thou spend'nt such higli-day wit in praising him.--
Such have but a shadow's bliss:

Come, come, Neriíla; for I long to iee
There be fools alive, I wis",

Quick Cupid's poit, that comes to mannerly.
Silverd o'er; and so was this.

Ner. Balranio, lord Love, if thy will it he!

[blocks in formation]


Sal. Come the full stop.

Sala. Ha,“what say'ıt thou?--Why the end is,
A Street in Venice.

he hath lost a ship.

Sal. I would it might prove the end of his losses! Enter Salania and Salarino.

Sala. Let me lav amen betimes, let the devil cross Sala. OW, what news on the Rialto? thy prayer; for here he comes in the likeness of a

Sal. Why, yet it lives there uncheck’d, jew.that Anthonio hath a thip of rich lading wreck'd,

Enter Sbylock. on the narrow seas; the Goodwins, I think they How now, Shylock? what news among the mercall the place; a very dangerous flat, and fatal, chants ? where the carcases of many a tall ship lie buried, as Sby. You knew, none so well, none so well as they say, if my goflip Report be an honest woman you, of my daughter's flight. of her word.

Sat. That's certain ; 1, for my part, knew the Sala. I would me were as lying a gossip in that, taylor that made the wings the fiew withal. as ever knapt + ginger, or made her neighbours be Sala. And Shylock, for his own part, knew the lieve the wept for the death of a third hulb.nd: But bird was fledge; and then it is the complexion of it is true, --without any hips of prolixity, or crothing, them all to leave the dam. the plain high-way of talk,—that the good Antho Shy. She is damn'd for it. njo, the honest Anthonio,----- that I had a title Sal. That's certain, if the devil may be her judge. good enough to keep his name company ! Sby. My own fieth and blood to rebel! 1 That is, I know. 2 i. c. my misfortune. si. e. falutations. 4 To ảnab is to break flourt,


Sals. Out upon it, old carrion! rebels it at these but what lights o' my shoulders; no fighs, but o'! years.

my breathing; no tcars, but o' my shedding. Shy. I say, my daughter is my ficth and blood. Tub. Yes, other men have ill luck too; Anthonio,

Sal. There is more ditference between thy fluh as I heard in Gen03,– and bers, than between jet and ivory ; more be Sby. What, what, what? ill luck, ill luck? tween your bloods, than there is between red wine Tub. Hath an argoly cast away, coming from and Rhenith :- Rut tell us, do you hear, whether Tripolis. Anthonio have bad any loss at sea, or no?

Sby. I thank God, I thank God :-- Is it true? is Sby. There I have another bad match: a bank- it true? rupt, a prodigal, who dare scarce thew his head on Tib. I spoke with some of the sailors that escaped the Rialto ;-a beggar, that us'd to come fo ímus the wreck. upon the mart;- let him look to luis bond: he was Shy. I thank thee, good Tubal :-Good news, wont to call me uíurer ;-- let him look to his bond: good news: ha! ha! Where? in Genoa ? he was wont to lend money for a Chriítian cour Tub. Your daughter spent in Genoa, as I heard, tely ;- let him look to his bond.

one night, fourscore ducats. Sal. Why, I am sure, if he forfeit, thou wilt not Shy. Thou stick'it a dagger in me:-I shall never take his flesh; What's that good for?

fee my gold again: Fourscore ducats at a fitting ! Shy. To bait fish withal: if it will feed nothing fourscore ducats ! else, it will feed my revenge. He hath disgrac'ı me, Tub. There came divers of Anthonio's creditors and hinder'd me of half a million; laughid at my in my comprny to Venice, that swear he cannot lores, mock'd at my gains, ícoru'd my nation, chuse but break. thwarted my bargains, cooled my friends, heated Shy. I am glad of it ; I'll plague him ; Ill tormine enemies; And what's his reason? I am a cure him; I am glad of it. Jew: Hath not a Jew eyes ? hath not a Jew hands ; Tub. One of them shewed me a ring, that he lead organs, dimensions, sentes, aflections, paitions ? fed of your daughter for a monkey. with the same food, hurt with the same weapons, Sly. Out upon her! Thou torturest me, Tubal: subject to the fame diseases, hcald by the same it was my turquoise; I had it of Leah, when I was means, warm’d and coold by the fame winter and a batchelor: I would not have given it for a wil. fummer, as a Chriftian is! If you prick us, do we derness of monkics. na bleed? if you tickle us, do we not laugh? if Tub. But Anthonio is certainly undone. you poison ll, do we not die? and if you wrong Shy. Nay, that's true, that's very true: Go, us, fhall we not revenge! It we are like you in the Tubal, fee me an officer, bespeak him a fortnight rett, we will resemble you in that. If a Jew before: I will have the heart of hin, if he forfeit; wrong a Chriftian, what is his humility ? revenge: for were he out of Venice, I can make what mere If a Christian wrong a Jew, what should his fuf- chandize I will: Go, go, Tubal, and meet me at ferance be by Christian example? why, revenge. our synagogue; g), guod Tubal; at our fynagogue, The villain, you teach me, I will execute; and it Tubal.

[Exeunt. Thaill go hard, but I will better the instruction.

Enter a Se-vant.

Serv. Gentlemen, my matter Anthonio is at his
house, and desires to speak with you both.

Enter Bafanio, Porria, Gratiano, and Attendants Sul. We have been up and down to seek him.

The Caskets are set out.
Enier Tubai.

Per. I pray you, tarry; pause a day or two, Sala. Here comes another of the tribe; a third Before you hazard; for, in chuling wrong, cannot be match'd, unless the devil hiniself turn I lose your company; therefore, forbear a while: jew.

[Exeun: Sal. and Salan. There's something tells me (but it is not love) Sby. How now, Tubel, what news from Genoa: I would nct lose you; and you know yourfell, halt thou found my daughter?

Hate counfels not in such a quality : Tub. I often came where I did hear of her, but But left you thould not understand me well, cannot find her.

(And yet a maiden hath no tongue but thought) Sby. Why, there, there, there, there! a diamond I would detain you here some month or two, gore, cost me two thousand ducats in Frankfort! Before you venture for me. I could teach you the curse never fell upon our nation till now; I How to chule right, but I am then forsworn; never felt it 'till now :-(wo thousand ducats in So will I never be: so you may miss me : that; and other precious, precious jewels. I would, But if you do, you'll make me with a fin, my daughter were dead at my foot, and the jewels That I had been forsworn. Beshrew your eyes, in her ear! 'would she were hears’d at my foot, They have o'er-look'd me, and divided me; and the ducats in her coffin! No news of them ?-One half of me is yours, the other half yours, Why, so:- and I know not what's spent in the Mine own, I would say ; but if mine, then yours, search: Why, thou loss upon loss! the thief gone And so all yours: 0! these naughty times with so much, and so much to find the thief; and Put bars between the owners and their rights; no satisfaction, no revenge : nor no ill luck stirring, And so, though yours, not yours.- Prova iting



Let fortune go to hell for it,-00 11.

Bal.--So may the out ward shows be least thentI speak too long; but 'tis to peize 2 the time; The world is still deceiv'il with ornament. [telves; To ake it, and to draw it out in length,

In law, what piea lo tainted and corrupt, To 1tay you from election.

But, being featon'd with a gracious voice, Baj. Let me chuse ;

Ob cures the Thow of evil! In religion, Foʻ, as I am, I live upon the rack.

What capucl error, but fome fober brow Por. Upon the rack, Baffinio? then confess Will blets it, and approve it with a text, What treaton there is mingled with your love. Fliling the oneis with fair ortament?

Bal. None, but that ugly treason of miftruit, There is no vice lo simple, but allumes Which makes me fear the enjoying of my love: Sune mark of virtue on his outward paits. Tiere may as well be amity and life

How many cowards, whole-hearts are all as false 'Tween snow and tire, as treasfon and my love. A turs of famil, wear yet upon their chins

Por. Ay, but I fear, you speak upon the rack, The beards of Hercules, and frowning Mars; Where men enforced do speak anything. Who, inward learchii, hive liver's wi.t: as milk?

Bed. Promise me life, and I'll centers the truth. And these atsume but valour's excrement,
Por. Well then, confeis and lisc.

To ļender them redoubtol. Look on beauty, Bil. Confels, and love,

And you thall see 'tis purchasd by the weight; Had been the very tuin of my confection : Which therein works a miracle in nature, O happy torment, when my torturer

Miking them lightest that wear most of it: Doth teach me answers for deliverance!

So are those crisped + inaky golden locks, But let me to my fortune and the calkois.

Which make inch wanton gambols with the wind, Por. Away then: I am lock'd in one of them; Upon fuppofed fairness, often known If you do love me, you will find me out. To be the dou ry of a second head, Nerin, and the reii, Itaus sil aleot.---

The scuil that bied them in the fepulchre. Let mufick found, u bile he cuth make his choice; Thus ornament is but the guiled s Thore ? hen, if he lote, he i.!kes a quan-like end, To a mort dangerous les; the beauteous scarf Fiding in musick: that the comparison

Veiling an Indian beauty ; in a word, May itand more proper, my eye thuill be the fream, Tlie iceming truth which cuning times put on And wat'ry deathi-hed for him: He may win; To entrap the witeit. Therefore, thou gaudy gold, And what is mulick then? then mufick is Hard food for Mids, I will none of thee: Even as the flourish when true fubjcct bow Nur none of thee, thou pale and common drudge To a new-crowned monarch: such it is,

Tween mand man: but thou, thou meager leid, As are thof dulcet founds in break of day, Which rather threatneit, than dott promile aught, That creep into the dreaming bridegroom's car, Thy painnels moves me more than cloquence, And fummon him to marriage. Now he goes, And here chuie I; Joy be the consequence! With no leis presence 3, but with much more love, Poi. How all the other pollions feet to air, Than young Alcides, when he did redeem As doubt:ur thought., and rath-embriud defpur, The virgin-tribute paid by howling Troy And thudd'ring fear, and green-ey 'jealousy! To the fez-monster: I stand for sacrifice, O love, he moderate', ailay tiny ecitary, The rest aloot are the Dardanian uives,

In meuure rain tliv jo, icant this excess; With blera viages, come forth to view I feel too much thy blurling, make it leis, The itdue of the exploit. Ge, Hercules !

For fear I surfeit! [Opening the leadın cahit. Live then, I live:--With much much more difmay Bull. Whiat find I here? I view the tight, thin thou that mak'it the trov. Fair Portia's counterfeito? What demy-god

[ Musiek witbin. Hato come fontar creation? Move theie eyes? A Song, ab:!? Baffinio comments on the calkits in Or whether, riding on the balls of mine, himself

Seem they in motion ? Here are sever'd lips,
Tell me, wburcos fumuy bied,

Pated with sugar breathi ; so sweet a bar
O, in the beart, or in the biad?

Should sunder such sweet friends: Here in her hairs llcov bogot, boru nourished?

The painter plays the spider; and hath woven Reply. It is engenier'd in the eyes,

A golden nieth to entrap the hearts of men, 117:h gazing fed; and fancy dies Fater than giats in cobwchs : But her eyes, --In ebe cradle where it lins:

How could be iee to do them: Having made one, Lui us all ring funcy's kuali.

Meilink, it ihould have power to Steal both his, I'll beginning

-Ding, ding, tell. And love itielt unfurnith'd: Yet look, how far All. Ding, dong, bell.

The subítance of my praise doth wrong this in..dow

1 The author of the Revisal of Shakleare's text affigns the following meaning to this difficult pallage : :- If the worst I fear thould happen, and it iliould prove in the event, that I, who am

juliig soms be the free donation I have made you on msfuli, thould yet not be yours in conte

quence of an unlucky choice, let fortune go whell for mobbing you of your jult due, no! I lor * violating my oath." 2 To frize comes from pofer; Fr. which figuifies to retard. 3 Meaning, with no less dignity of mien. 4 i. e. curled. sic the treavierous thorc. Cowraierfeit here means a tidenej, a 1 jomblance.

In underprizing it, so far this shadow

Gra. My lord Bassanio, and my gentle lady,
Doth limp behind the substance. --Here's the scroll, I wish you all the joy that you can wish;
The continent and summary of my fortune. For, I am sure, you can with none from me:
You obat ch:cfc no! by sbe view,

And, when your honours mean to folemnize
Cbunce as fuli, and chule as irue!!

The bargain of your faith, I do beseech you,
Since this fortune falls to yoide

Even at that time I may be marry'd too.
Be content, and jeek no new.

Buff. With all my heart, fo thou canst get a wife.
If you be cuell pleas’d with this,

Gra. I thank your loruthip; you have got me one.
And bold your fortune for your blisi, My eyes, my lord, can look as fuift as yours:
Tu n you where your lady is,

You saw the mistress, I beheld the maid;
And claim her with a loving kiss.

You lov'd, I lov'd; for intermillion 2
A gentle scroll !---Fair lady, by your leave; No more pertains to me, my lord, than you.

[Kijing ber. Your fortune ftood upon the catket there;
I come by note, to give, and to receive.

And to did mine tov, as the matter falls:
Like one of two contending in a prize,

For wooing here, until I sweat again ;
That thinks he hath done well in people's eyes,

And swearing, till my very roof was dry
Hearing applause, and universal thout,

With oaths of love; at lalt,-if promile latt,
Giddy in spirit, still gazing, in a doubt

I got a promise of this fair one here,
Whether those peals of praise be his or no ; To have her love, provided that your fortune
So, thrice fair lady, stand I, even 10;

Atchiev'd her mistress.
As doubtíul whether what I fce be true,

Por. Is this true, Nerilla?
Until confirm d, sign’d, ratify'd by you.

Ner. Madam, it is, so you stand pleas'd withal.
Por. You fee me, lord Bautfanio, where I stand, Bal. And do you, Gratiano, mean good faith?
Such as I am: though, for myself alone,

Gys. Yes, 'faith, my lord.

(marriage. I would not be ambitious in my wish,

Ball. Our feaft shall be much honour'd in your
To wish myself much better : yet, for you, Gra. We'll play with them, the funt boy for a
I would be trebled twenty times myself ;

thousand ducats.
A thousand times more fur, ten thousand times Ner. What, and stake down?
More rich; thu to stand Inigh in your account, Gra. No; we shall ne'er win at that sport, and
I might in virtues, beauties, livings, friends, stake down.
Exceed account: but the full sum of me

But who comes here? Lorenzo, and his infidel?
Is {um of something; which, to term in gross, What, and my old Venetian friend, Salerio?
Is an unletfon'd girl, waschooi'd, unpractis'd :

Enter Lorenzo, Feljica, and Salerio.
Happy in this, she is not yet so old

Bal. Lorenzo, and Salerio, welcome hither;
But ine may learn; and happier than this, If that the youth of my new interett here
She is not bred so dull but she can learn ;

Have power to bid you welcome :--By your leave,
Happiest of all, is, that her gentle spirit

I bid my very friends, and countrymen,
Conmies itself to yours, to be directed,

Sweet Portia, welcome.
As from her lord, her go.ernor, her king.

Por. So do I, my lord ;
Mzielf, and what is mine, to you, and yours They are entirely welcome.

[bord, Is now converted: but now I was the lord

Lor. I thank your honour :-For my pari, my
Of this fair manfion, matter of my iervants, My purpose was not to buve seen you here;
Quimen o'er mvielf; and even now, but now, But meeting with Salerio by the way,
This houíe, these servants, and this same mylelf, He did intreat me, part all saying nay,
Are yours, my lord; I give them with this ring; Tu come with him along.
Which when you part from, lofe, or give away,

Sale. I did, my lord,
Let it prefage the ruin of your love,

And I have reason for it. Signior Anthonio
And be my vantage to exclaim on you.

Comiends him to you. [Gives Bafunio a lettera
B. Mdam, you have berest me of all words, Bal. Ere I ope his letter,
Only my blood (peaks to you in my veins : I pray you tell me how my good friend doth.
And there is such confusion in my powers,

Sale. Nui fick, my lord, unless it be in mind!
A, after some oration fairly spoke

Nor well, unless in mind: his letter there
By a beloved prince, there doth appear

Will show you bis eitate.

[come. Among the buzzing pleased multitude ;

Gia. Verilla, cheer yon' ftranger; bid her wel-
Where every fomething, being blent ? together, Your hand, Salerno; What's the news from Venice?
Turns to a wild of nuching, save of joy,

How doth that royal merchant, good Anthonio?
Exprest, and not expreft: But when this ring I know, he will be glad of our success;
Parts from this finger, then parts life from heace; We are the Jasons, we have won the fleece. [loft!
O, then be bold to say, Battanio's dead.

Sale. Would you had won the fleece that he hath
Ner. My lord and lady, it is now our tirne, Per. There are some threwd contents in yon fame
Tou have stood by, and feen our wishes prosper, That steals the colour from Ballanio's cheek : [paper,
To cry, good joy i Good joy, my lord, and lady! Some dear friend dead; elle nothing in the world
1 That is, blended. 2 Intermiffion here means pause, delay.


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