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i Meaning, as rich a wife. 2 Toat is, dcpiling. j Ibis aludes to the received notion of witches Laying their prayer backwards. 4 The annak was a buioon in the old kun far«cx, wtb a bordul jare, and a paia biverk fla'll. > An:;.: was the lag of coole powis, litlucia ! Sorbonh an falhuon. Thele tags were cither of gold, furci, or brais, according to the quals ui iC 1: and were courmonly in the Bape of litile images, or at lealt had a head cut at the (vrem'sThe French call them: 1unletes. And, as a la mun is before compacd to a lamelot.. ( by the fame figure, the man is very aptly liken'd to an verlede

here fcms to me the powers or gift of reasoning well. 7 That is, enian, Id. # Alluding tu sayong that people's cars burn when others are talking of theia.


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