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i Delighted, for delighting, or delightful. Shakspeare often uses the active and paflive participios indiscriminately. 21. c. fairelt opportunity. 3 A Guinca-ken was ancient y the cant trin for a prostitute. 4 A feet is what the more modern gardeners call a cutting. S Toret, is to undo, to change. The poet probably here uses fequeftration for sequel. Segue trasies, bu ever, may mean no more than separation. '7 The fruit of the locuft-ce is a long black pud. which contains the reeds, among which there is a very weet luscious juice of much the fea fittency as fresh honey.

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1 Alluding to the ftar Aretophylax. 2 By a Veronese a ship of Verona is denoted. 3 Expert and approv'd alloarance is put for allsw'd and approu'd expertnefs. 4 The meaning, Mr. Steevens thinks, is, Tuerstore, my hopes, not being deftroyed by their own excels, but being reasonable and moderate, are likely to be fulfilled.


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