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Duke of Venice.

Montaro, :be Moor's Predecesor in :be Geo BRABANT10, a Senator.

vernment of Cyprus. Tavo orber Senators.

Clown, Sovant to the Moor. GRATIASO, Brober to Brabantio.

Herald. Lodovico, Kinsman to Brabantio and Gratiano.

DESDEMONA, Daughter to Brabantio, apet OTHELLO, Ibe Moor.

Hife to Orbello. CASSIO, bis Licutonunt.

Æmilia, Wife to lago. LAGO, bis Ancient.

BIANCA, Vijirefs to Cassio.
RODERICO, a Venetian

Oficers, Gentlemen, Mefjengers, Musicians, Sailors, and Attendants.
SCENE, for the first dii, in Venice ; during abe rest of the Play, in Cyprus.

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* Compofition, for conhecy, concordancy. ? To atm is to conjeâure. 3 ;. e. more cahy (re deavour. 4 i. 6. State of defence. To art was called to brace or the armour 5 To wage here, as in many other places in Shakspeare, significs to fight, to combat. 6. c. were the man exposed to your charge or accufation. That is, dear for which much is paid, whether money or labours Dear adion, is action perlormed at great expence, either of eals us fafery.



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