"Their Majesties' Servants.": Annals of the English Stage, from Betterton to Edmund Kean. Actors-Authors--Audiences, Volumen1

W. J. Widdleton, 1865 - 846 páginas

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Página 55 - it has since been disputable among the judicious, whether any woman that succeeded him, so sensibly touched the audience as he.
Página 94 - Hotspur) when the Betterton Brutus was provoked, in his dispute with Cassius, his spirit flew only to his eye; his steady look alone supplied that terror, which he disdained an intemperance in his voice should rise to.
Página 317 - Dear Bob, — I have not anything to leave thee, to perpetuate my memory, but two helpless girls ; look upon them, sometimes ; and think of him that was, to the last moment of his life, thine, — GEORGE FARQUHAR.
Página 94 - I never heard a line in tragedy come from Betterton, wherein my judgment, my ear, and my imagination, were not fully satisfied; which, since his time, I cannot equally say of any one actor whatsoever...
Página 115 - ... flood of fine language and compliment, still playing her chest forward in fifty falls and risings, like a swan upon waving water; and, to complete her impertinence, she is so rapidly fond of her own wit that she will not give her lover leave to praise it: silent assenting bows and vain endeavours to speak are all the share of the conversation he is admitted to, which at last he is relieved from by her engagement to half a score visits, which she swims from him to make, with a promise to return...
Página 21 - ... on; such eyes to their laps, that no chips light in them ; such pillows to their backs, that they take no hurt; such masking in their ears, I know not what; such giving them pippins, to pass the time; such playing at foot-saunt without cards ; such ticking, such toying, such smiling, such winking, and such manning them home when the sports are ended...
Página 170 - At night hearing that there was a play at the Cockpit (and my Lord Sandwich, who came to town last night, at it), I do go thither, and by very great fortune did follow four or five gentlemen who were carried to a little private door in a wall, and so crept through a narrow place and came into one of the boxes next the King's...
Página 106 - Barry, in characters of greatness, had a presence of elevated dignity, her mien and motion superb, and gracefully majestic; her voice, full, clear, and strong, so that no violence of passion could be too much for her; and when distress, or tenderness possessed her, she subsided into the most affecting melody and softness.
Página 185 - ... drive in before him; or to see a duel fought and one slain with two or three thrusts of the...
Página 115 - I cannot help saying something, though fantastically, about it. The first ridiculous airs that break from her are upon a gallant never seen before, who delivers her a letter from her father, recommending him to her good graces as an honourable lover. Here now one would think she might naturally show a little of the sex's decent reserve, though never so slightly covered.

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