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PAGE Agrippa's Reply, by Francis Brown, Vicarious Sacrifice, grounded in Prin. Un. Theo. Sem., New York City. 273

ciples, interpreted by Human AnaloAmerican Congregational Association 460 gies, by Rev. Horace Bushnell, v. D. 582 American Congregational Union 96, 346, 472 BOOKS RECEIVED

73, 333, 448, 590 Annual Statistics of the Congregational Changes in the Posi.omice Address of Ministers and Churches in the United


345, 459, 603 States

97-218 Church Creed: What shall it Embrace? Autobiography and Memorials of Harriet by Rev. William W. Woodworth, Ber. Martineau, by Frank Foxcroft, Boston, 393 lin, Ct.


Churches and Påstors by states, alpha: BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCHES:

betically arranged

97 Ferry, Orrin Sanford (with portrait), Conference of the Elders of Massachusetts

by Rev. John A. Hamilton, Norwalk, with the Rev. Robert Lenthal, of Wey. Ct.

219 mouth, held at Dorchester, Feb. 10, Finney, Charles Grandison (with por: 1639, by J. Hammond Trumbull, LL.D., trait), by Prof. Hiram Mead, D, D., Hartford, Ct.

261 Oberlin, o..

1 Congregationalism in New Jersey and the Treat, Selah Birr (with portrait), bý Middle Provinces, History of

531 Rev. Increase N. Tarbox, D, D., Bos- Congregational Ministers who died in the ton

347 Year 1876, Vital Statistics of the, by Stearns, William Augusius (with por: Rev. Henry A. Hazen, Billerica, Mass. 407

trait), by Prof. William B. Tyler, Congregational Ministers in the United D. D., Amherst, Mass. 485 States, List of


Congregational Missionaries from the Books NOTICED :

United States .

178 Across Africa, by Verney Lovett Cam.

331 CONGREGATIONAL NECROLOGY: Char es Kingsley, bis Letters and Me:

Rev. Asa Smith Allen

568 moirs of his Life, edited by his wife, 445 Rev. Joseph Ayer

312 Christian Doctrine of Sin, by Rev. Rev. A bijah Richardson Baker, D. D. 569 John Tulloch, D. D.

323 Mrs. Nancy (Daggeti) Bridgman 572 Crosby Family, by Judge Nathan Rev. Moses McClellan Colburn

431 Crosby 588 Rev. Robert Everett, D. D.

314 Fifty Years with the fabbath schools, Rev. Samuel (rdway

573 by Rev. Asa Bullard

327 Mrs. Hannah Hatch" (Tiiden) Perkins, 431 Four Girls at Chatauqua, by Pansy 82 Rev. Orson Parker

574 Geographical Distribution of Animals, Rev. Almon Bradley Pratt by Alfred Kussell Wallace 81 Rev. David Sanford

67 Happy Summer, by 8. Annie Frost 82 Rey, Seth Willard Segur Elillside and seaside in Poetry, by Mrs. Catherine (Haynes) Smith

319 Mrs. Melancia Bowker Storrs

71 Introduction to Political Economy, by Mrs. Mary Jane (Melville) Tolman 320 Prof. Arthur L. Perry

328 Rey. Horace Toothakør Life of Rev. George Whitefield, by Mrs. Lucy Elizabeth Waldo

-56 Rev. L. Tyerman

585 Mrs. Emily Porter (Pitkir's.), Woitoa *132* May bee's stepping Stones, by Archie

Miss Lucy Angela Woodcock

433 82 Rev. John Kimball Young. D. D. 576 Meditations of Murcus Aurelius, traus. Congregational Statistics of a Nations, lated by George Long

81 by Rev. Henry A. Hazea, Billericay Memoir of Norman

Macleod, p. D., bý Mass. Rev. Donald Macleod, B. A. 442 Congregational Theological Semeraries-Mother West's Neighbors, by Mrs. in 1876–1877, by Rev. C. Cushig, p.'D: 309. Jane Dunbar Chaplin .

82 Creeds as a Prerequisite to Mearbeyskap, Poems of Places, edited by ilenry w.

ought Congregational Churches to dis. Longfellow

446 pense with Public Absent to, by Rev. C. Problem of Problems, by Clark Braden, 322 Cushing, D. D.

261 Ruling Ideas in Early Ages and their Doctrine of Justification, Ritschl's Criti:

Relation to Old Testament Faith, by cal History of, by Rev. George F. Ma-
Rev. J. B. Mozley, D. D.

goun, D. D., Grinnell, Io.

376 The Century: its Fruits and Festivals, Dr. South and his Sermons, by Rev. by Edward C. Bruce

82] Leverett W. Spring, Lawrence, Kan. . 48

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Early History of Congregationalism in Creeds as a Prerequisite to Member. New Jersey and the Middle Prov. ship, by Rev. C. Cushing, D. D.

261 inces, by Rev. William B. Brown, Newark, N. J.

531 QUARTERLY RECORD: Editor's Table 90, 337, 451, 593 Churches formed

92, 342, 457, 600 Ferry, Orris Sanford.

219 Ministers deceased . 95, 344, 458, 602 Finney, Charles Grandison

1 Ministers dismissed 94, 343, 458, 601 Harriet Martineau's Autobiography, by Ministers installed

93. 342, 457, 601 Frank Foxcroft, Boston.

393 Ministers married

95, 343, 458, 602 Home Missions and the Christian Col. Ministers ordained

92, 342, 457, 600 leges, Mutual Relation of

29 Ministers' wives deceased 95, 344, 458, 602 Index of Names

605 Licentiates Reported, List of

211 Ritschl's Critical History of the Doctrine Literary Review

73, 322, 435, 579 of Sanctification, by Rev. George F. Meetings of State Associations in Order Magoun, D. D. .

376, 546 of Date 216 Stearns, William Augustus

485 Mutual Relation of Home Missions and

Summaries of Statistics

180 Christian Colleges, by Rev. Joseph E. Treat, Selah Burr

347 Roy, D, D., Chicago, Ill.

29 Vital Statistics of the Congregational National and State Organizations of the Ministers who died in 1876, by Rev. Churches.

213 Henry A. Hazen, Billerica. Mass. National Co-operative Societies'

217 Water as a Mirror of the Wisdom and Ought Congregational Churches to dis- Goodness of God, by Rev. Myron A. pense with Public Assent to their

Munson, Neponset, Mass.



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