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MYSTERIOUS Night! when our first parent knew
Thee from report divine, and heard thy name,
Did he not tremble for this lovely frame-
This glorious canopy of light and blue?
Yet 'neath a curtain of translucent dew,
Bathed in the rays of the great setting flame,
Hesperus, with the host of heaven, came,
And, lo! creation widened in man's view.
Who could have thought such darkness lay concealed
Within thy beams, O Sun! or who could find,
Whilst fly, and leaf, and insect stood revealed,
That to such countless orbs thou mad'st us blind!
Why do we then shun death with anxious strife?
If light can thus deceive, wherefore not life?



OH, man! thou image of thy Maker's good, at most
What canst thou fear, when breathed into thy blood
His spirit is that built thee? What dull sense
Makes thee suspect, in need, that Providence
Who made the morning, and who placed the light
Guide to thy labours; who called up the night,
And bid her fall upon thee like sweet showers,
In hollow murmurs to lock up thy powers?



UPON thy mother's knee, a new-born child,
Weeping thou sat'st, whilst all around thee smiled;
So live, that, sinking into death's long sleep,
Calm thou mayst smile, while all around thee weep.
SIR W. JONES—From the Persian of HAFIZ.



Shortly will be published for Elementary Schools,

The First English Reading Book.

In Three Parts.

The Second English Reading Book.

The Third English Reading Book.

The Fourth English Reading Book.

The Fifth English Reading Book.

The Sixth English Reading Book.

A detailed Prospectus will be issued immediately.



Constable's Educational Series

School Geography. By JAMES CLYDE, LL.D.,

Author of “Greek Syntax, with a Rationale of the Construc

tions," &c. Second Edition. Price 48. We have been struck with the ability and value of this work, which is a great advance upon previous Geographic Manuals. . . Almost for the first time, we have here met with a School Geography that is quite a readable book,-one that, being intended for advanced pupils, is well adapted to make them study the subject with a degree of interest they have never yet felt in it. . . Students preparing for the recently-instituted University and Civil Service examinations, will find this their best guide.- Athenæum.

** ELEMENTARY GEOGRAPHY, by DR. CLYDE, in preparation. A Concise History of England in Epochs.

By J. F. CORKRAN, Author of "A History of the French Constituent Assembly.” With Maps and Chronological Tables.

Price 38. Book-keeping for the Class-Room and Counting

House, by Double and Single Entry. With an Appendix on Commercial Forms. By John MACLEAN, Teacher of Writing' and Book-keeping in the Edinburgh Academy, and in the Church

of Scotland Training College. Second Edition. Price 2s. 6d. Key to the above. Price 48.

This work has been prepared with a view to supply a clear and practical manual for the learner, whether at school or at business. It has been care fully adapted to modes of Book-keeping actually in use, and has been submitted in MS. to gentlemen of extensive mercantile experience.

A superior work.-Athenceum.

A mercantile guide-book, as well as an educational work. We deem it admirably adapted to both the ends which the author has had in view in its production.- Manchester Weekly Advertiser.

Morell's Grammar of the English Language,

together with an Exposition of the Analysis of Sentences. Thirtieth Thousand. Price 28., or with EXERCISES, 2s. 6d.

A Series of Graduated Exercises. Adapted

to MORELL'S “GRAMMAR AND ANALYSIS.” Thirtieth Thousand. Price 8d.

Morell's Essentials of English Grammar and Analysis. Seventh Edition, Enlarged. Price 8d.

From the Very Rev. THE DEAN OF HEREFORD. I cannot help writing to tell you with what pleasure I have perused your Grammar of the English Language and Series of Graduated Exercises, and how well I think them fitted for the purposes for which you intended them ; you do not overburthen us with words : they are truly useful, and exactly the kind of books on this subject wanted for our pupil-teachers and schoolteachers, in all schools connected with the Committee of Council, and in all others of a similar kind.

Tables for Wall Use (From Morell's Grammar and Analysis).

Mounted on Cloth. Size, 4 feet 3 inches by 3 feet 9 inches.
Price 5s. each.


The Principles and Practice of Early and In

fant School-Education. With an Appendix of Hymns and Songs, with Appropriate Melodies. By JAMES CURRIE, M.A., Principal of the Church of Scotland Training College, Edinburgh. Second Edition. Price 4s.

IN PREPARATION, The Principles and Practice of Common School

Education. By the same Author. The Elements of Musical Analysis. A Manual for Normal Students and Elementary Teachers.

By JAMES CURRIE, M.A., Author of "The Principles and Practice of Early and Infant School-Education." Second Edition. Price 4s. 60.

Household Economy.

A Manual intended for

Female Training Colleges and the Senior Classes of Girls' Schools.
By MARGARET MARIA BREWSTER, Author of "Work; or, Plenty
to do and how to do it ;" "Sunbeams in the Cottage;" "Little
Millie and her Four Places," &c. &c. Third Edition.

Price 2s.

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Constable's School Registers.

Space for

1. REGISTER OF ADMISSION, PROGRESS, and WITHDRAWAL. 1020 Names, and Alphabetical Index. Oblong post 4to, Stiffened Cover. Price 38.

2. CLASS REGISTER OF ATTENDANCE, FEES, SCHOOL-WORK, AND Merit. Space for 48 Weeks, 4 Quarterly Summaries, and 1 Yearly Summary. Oblong Post 4to, Paper Cover. Price 6d.

3. SUMMARY OF ATTENDANCE AND FEES-Weekly, Quarterly, and Yearly Summaries FOR WHOLE SCHOOL, for Five Years. Oblong Post 4to, Stiffened Cover. Price 18. 6d.

4. DAILY REGISTER AND SUMMARY OF ATTENDANCE AND FEES FOR INFANT-SCHOOL. Quarterly and Yearly Summaries for two Years. Large Post 4to, Stiffened Cover. Price 28.

*** These Registers are arranged on a simple and concise plan, and are so constructed as to furnish all the information required by Government and Presbyteries.

Latin Grammar for Elementary Classes.

By D'ARCY W. THOMPSON, M.A. CANTAB., Classical Master in the Edinburgh Academy. Second Edition. Price 2s.

Grammar of the French Language.

By AUGUSTE BELJAME, Bachelier-ès-Lettres de l'Université de
Paris. Second Edition. Price 2s., or with EXERCISES, 3s. 6d.

Graduated Exercises adapted to the above.

Price 2s.

Theoretical and Practical Italian Grammar. With Numerous Exercises and Examples, illustrative of every Rule, and a Selection of Phrases and Dialogues. By E. LEMMI, LL.D. of the University of Pisa, Advocate of Florence; ITALIAN TUTOR TO H. R. H. THE PRINCE OF WALES, &c. Fourth Edition. Price 5s.


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