Hampton Court; Or, The Prophecy Fulfilled


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Página 292 - My son, fear thou the LORD and the king : and meddle not with them that are given to change...
Página 151 - The sun had long since, in the lap Of Thetis, taken out his nap, And, like a lobster boil'd, the morn From black to red began to turn...
Página 76 - A being breathing thoughtful breath, A traveller betwixt life and death; The reason firm, the temperate will, Endurance, foresight, strength, and skill; A perfect woman, nobly planned, To warn, to comfort, and command; And yet a spirit still, and bright With something of an angel light.
Página 309 - Not far from hence doth dwell A cunning man, hight Sidrophel, That deals in destiny's dark counsels, And sage opinions of the moon sells ; To whom all people, far and near, On deep importances repair ; When brass and pewter hap to stray, And linen slinks out of the way ; When geese and pullen are...
Página 5 - I drink to the king my sovereign lord and master, and to the king your master," and therewith drank a good draught. And when he had done, he desired the Grand Master to pledge him cup and all, the which cup he gave him ; and so caused all the other lords and gentlemen in other cups to pledge these two royal princes. Then went cups merrily about, that many of the Frenchmen were fain to be led to their beds.
Página 221 - Rigour now is gone to bed, And Advice with scrupulous head, Strict Age, and sour Severity, With their grave saws in slumber lie.
Página 87 - And thorns shall come up in her palaces, Nettles and brambles in the fortresses thereof. And it shall be an habitation of dragons, And a court for owls.
Página 122 - No age, no sex, no condition, was spared. The wife weeping for her butchered husband, and embracing her helpless children, was pierced with them, and perished by the same stroke.
Página 4 - Ye must understand that my lord was not there, ne yet come, but they being merry and pleasant with their fare devising and wondering upon the subtleties. "Before the second course, my Lord Cardinal came in among them, booted and spurred, all suddenly, and bade them preface ; at whose coming they would have risen and given place with much joy.
Página 222 - The sea's our own : and now, all nations greet, With bending sails, each vessel of our fleet : Your power extends as far as winds can blow, Or swelling sails upon the globe may go. Heaven (that...

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