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OLIVER AND BOYD, Edinburgh ; Simpkin, Marshall, and Co., London,

A valuable series of works has been prepared by Dr M'CULLOCH, formerly Head Master of the Circus-Place School, Edinburgh, now Minister of the West Church, Greenock, for the use of schools where the general mental culture of the pupil, as well as his proficiency in the art of reading, is studiously and systematically aimed at.

They form, collectively, a progressional Series, so constructed and graduated as to conduct the pupil, by regular stages, from the elementary sounds of the language to its highest and most complex forms of speech; and each separate Book is also progressively arranged,—the lessons which are more easily read and understood always taking the lead, and preparing the way for those of greater difficulty.

The subject-matter of the Books is purposely miscellaneous. Yet it is always of a character to excite the interest and enlarge the knowledge of the reader. And with the design of more effectually promoting his mental growth and nurture, the various topics are introduced in an order conformable to that in which the chief faculties of the juvenile mind are usually developed.

That the moral feelings of the pupil may not be without their proper stimulus and nutriment, the lessons are pervaded throughout by the religious and Christian element.


FIRST READING-BOOK, 35th Edition, ...... 11d. SECOND READING-BOOK, 35th Edition, ..... 3d. THIRD READING-BOOK, 37th Edition, . ..... 10d. FOURTH READING-BOOK and SYNOPSIS of SPELLING,

10th Edition, ........... ........ ls. 60. SERIES OF LESSONS in Prose and Verse, 46th Edition, 2s. COURSE OF ELEMENTARY READING in SCIENCE and LITERATURE, with 39 Woodcuts, 43d Edition, ......

The Publishers confidently invite the atte of these Works, in the belief that, after the now been revised and improved by the Aut adapted to the present advanced state of ET

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