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Página 318 - Then came Peter to him, and said, Lord, how oft shall my brother sin against me, and I forgive him ? Till seven times ? Jesus saith unto him, I say not unto thee, Until seven times : but, Until seventy times seven.
Página 281 - ... the inquiry of truth, which is the love-making or wooing of it, the knowledge of truth, which is the presence of it, and the belief of truth, which is the enjoying of it, is the sovereign good of human nature.
Página 40 - He was in person tall, and of a noble appearance ; his temperament was sanguine, with that slight mixture of phlegmatic which gives calmness and dignity ; his manners were eminently open and cordial ; he took the lead in conversations ; and with a social heart, had a grandiose manner like that arising from position, wealth, and habitual command. He went among his people like a monarch bestowing largess.
Página 41 - Scotch accent; his manners gentle, modest, unassuming. In a company where he was not known, unless spoken to, he might have tranquilly passed the whole time in pursuing his own meditations. But this could not well happen; for, in point of fact, everybody practically knew the infinite variety of his talents and stores of knowledge. When Mr.
Página 202 - War shall cease ; Did ye not hear that conquest is abjured ? Bring garlands, bring forth choicest flowers, to deck The tree of Liberty.
Página 318 - Though bribes were heap'd on bribes, in number more Than dust in fields, or sands along the shore; Should all these offers for my friendship call, "Tis he that offers, and I scorn them all. Atrides' daughter never shall be led (An ill-match'd consort) to Achilles...
Página 87 - ... the carriage ; his surprise was extreme in seeing carriage after carriage in an almost interminable procession. He was alone, and could not speak; he could only gaze in astonishment. The procession at last wound slowly off. After pursuing the road for many miles towards London, it at last appeared to stop at the door of a church.
Página 135 - I well remember," writes Mrs. Schimmel Penninck, " my astonishment at his full dress in the highest adornment of Parisian fashion ; but I noticed as a remarkable thing that the company (which consisted of some of the first men in Europe), all with one accord gathered around him and asked innumerable questions, the drift of which I did not fully understand.
Página 1 - The aged Christian stands upon the shore Of Time a storehouse of experience Filled with the treasures of rich heavenly lore ; I love to sit and hear him draw from thence Sweet recollections of his journey past — A journey crowned with blessings to the last.
Página 37 - Anne, go and catch that snake,' which, after some trouble, and thinking all the while of little Harry Sandford and Tommy Merton, I succeeded in accomplishing. We were wondering where it could have come from, when Dr. Stoke said that, as he was riding along, he had seen the poor animal frozen on a bank, and put it in his pocket to dissect, but the snake had thawed and escaped from his pocket. The doctor praised me very much for my prowess, and as a reward he made me a present of my prisoner, which...