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But, while the difficulty is allowed, the mistakes and omissions in the authoritative edition of 1841 are so numerous and apparent as to suggest that Lockhart, when he came to deal with that part of his subject, must have abandoned his editorial duties to an underling. For not only are there misprints, and false references to the chapters of the Novels, but lines are included which belong rightfully to Webster, Beaumont and Fletcher, Bunyan, Collins and other well-known writers, and lines are omitted which are undeniably the composition of Scott.

Without claiming for this edition absolute accuracy and completeness, I can only say that it corrects several faults in previous editions, and is as complete and accurate as I have been able to make it.

In elucidation of the text I have added, but only where it seemed necessary, a few brief notes supplementary to those of Scott and Lockhart


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