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heart faint. The heat of the day and the night is not always the same, but the flowers are at times blasted, and the water gives us pain when we touch it with our hands. And the sons and daughters of men are no longer so just and good as they were in the years that are past. Those who were called the Sons of GOD have become the Sons of the Serpent. They take away in the night what is not their own, and they scoff at the rulers of the people when they are called upon to return their plunder. Our daughters do not love their parents and their brothers as of old, but they love the Sons of the Serpent, because they cover their bodies with the skins of the beautiful beasts that are caught in the great woods where men can never fix their habitations, and adorn their heads with the bright feathers of the birds that are brought from the great plains near the rising of the Sun. Oh, friend of my soul, may thy daughters never love the Sons of the Serpent! May thy wife be as the green plant that embraceth the tree of the wood, and may thy tent be the habitation of doves!






















From the village of Vehajethah, near the great rock of Hakkedosha, at the bottom of the mountain of Tzirin, the first day of the first new moon, in the year of the Creation of Adam and Eve, One Thousand and Fourteen.

JETHU, the son of Seth, the son of Adam, to Mishloach, the son of Jadam, the son of Cain, at the walled town of Ziphon, upon the bank of the king of rivers, Euphrates, Peace.

The summer of my life is passing away, like the flight of the roe from the hunter upon the plain of Kum. I love to call to remembrance the days of my youth. Six hundred years have passed away since I visited thy father's father, at Abim-Ed, in the land of Nod. He still mourned for the death of Abel. He said that his punishment was greater than he could bear. To be a fugitive and a vagabond upon the face of the earth was one of the least of his afflictions, because all the sons and daughters of Adam are fugitives from the garden of Eden. But the mark with which the LORD had marked him, that no man who met him in the way should kill him, made all his days the days of grief, and all his nights the nights of mourning. He said that the worm of sorrow continually gnawed his heart. He did not dare to put an end to his own life, for the

LORD God had forbidden it. He had hoped that the children of Abel would slay him, but they feared the LORD, and when they beheld the black mark upon his forehead, they would turn from the path in which he walked, and pass by him on the other side, In the morning he prayed that it might be evening, and in the evening he prayed that it might be morning. Am I doomed, he exclaimed, to live eight hundred years beneath the frowns of the Almighty? Eight hundred years will to me seem longer than eight hundred generations to the other children of Adam. His repentance appeared to be sincere, and his devotion warm, but his grief was not to be consoled. His hours were divided between labour and prayer. Cities and villages were rising up around him. His fields were tilled with care, and his crops of corn were rich. He complained that his corn and vines were often blasted by the breath of Heaven, but his children told me that it was but the imagination of his gloomy mind. He said that to the other children of Adam and Eve the hour of sorrow was but as the swift little cloud, of the colour of the rose, that made dark a little spot in the sky of the east, which fled away before the first beam of the morning sun; but that his life would be one long day of grief, without hope, as if the sun and moon and stars should be stricken out of the firmament for many ages!

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Dost thou remember Enoch, the best of human kind, and too pure to continue long in this fallen world? Twenty-seven years ago, while he was yet in the flower of youth, having passed but three hundred and sixty-five of the days of the years of our pilgrimage on earth, he was suddenly called to walk with God on high. At an age when other young men employ their time in hunting the lion and the bear, or in the pursuits of the dance, the song, or the harp, to please the gay daughters of the land, or in attending the great school of Mehujael, to learn the art of the scribe or the knowledge of the elder, all his hours were given to the worship of the Almighty. To him alone, of all the sons of the west, did the angel descend on the beam of morn, or amid the dew of night. His visions from above were frequent, for he was highly favoured of God. He builded an altar of stone at Saphitz, and he spake the words of peace and hope to those who were sick of heart. The wise man, Peladah, who taught the wisdom of this world at the temple of Izdak, was heard by thousands, but Enoch by tens of thousands. He told us that the way of the wicked man was as the way of a fox among thick thorns, and the way of the just man like the way of the horse among the thin groves of beautiful willows that border the pleasant pastures on the eastern bank of Zegulah.


From the wine-press of Kaldu, upon the bank of the brook Sipham, the nineteenth day of the seventh new moon in the year of Creation, 1159.

UZAR, the son of Zaphnah, the son of Adam, to Metheg-karkulah, the son of Zivan, the son of Notphar, the son of Seth, the son of Adam. Health to the young friend of my soul.

Many days have I seen, but few have as yet fallen to thy lot. But ah! thou stripling of the hills of Gobar, how great have been the changes in the world, since thou didst first tend thy father's flocks in the vales of the south country of Habii. In the short time of one hundred and fifty years, we seem to have passed from a world of beauty, and order, and peace, and love, to a world of darkness, and confusion, and wo, and war. When thou didst first begin to know thy right hand from thy left, the countries of the east and the south, of the west and the north, were all in a state of peace and happiness. The traveller found a brother or a sister in every one whom he met upon his way. Some of the beauties of Eden were still to be seen from the top of the mountain of Debar. The cherubim still

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