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Paisley : J. AND R. PARLANE.

London : HOULSTON AND Sons, Paternoster Büdings The DAYSPRING can be had, post free, from the Publishers, as follows :

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Young Selma
MUSIC-A hymn to the Shepherd

Father in heaven
Glory be to God
He leadeth me!
Jesus is knocking
Little ministers of song
Lovely is our Jesus ...
New-year hymn ...
The bright forever ...
The little pilgrim band
What would Jesus do?
Who will take care of me? ...


Choosing an Indian sister
Eromanga ...
Eromanga-the missionary martyr
Nguna, New Hebrides ...
Poree and Koreman ...
The Burmese scholars ... ...
The 'love of Christ'
Wreck of mission ship Dayspring'

A letter for a dead girl

A new kind of society

A night among the heather...
A picture sermon ...
* Behold I stand at the door and knock'
Bergamo, or ancient Pergamos
Bible images—the pearl of great price
Bible questions--award of prizes
Bible Questions-11, 23, 35, 47, 59, 71, 83, 95

107, 119, 131, 139.
Blue and purple and scarlet ... ... 79
Brotherly kindness ...
Carl and Gretchen; or, God accepts our efforts 20
Considering the poor
First time at church ; or, able to save ..
Harvest fields
Home lessons for the Lord's day-

Man's chief end ...
Our Father's care ...
Sin reigning ...
The broken covenant
The image of God
The only rule ...
The story of the Shorter Catechism
The threefold cord
The word of power
Truth and duty ...

What is God? ...
Little ministers of song
Mysie-a true story ...
'No more sea'

No night there' .
Our darling Bobbie .
Pioneer Questions—78, 90, 102, 116, 125,
Reading the pictures

Roberts walk to church, and what came of it 56
Roses on the mountains

Sandy's helper ...

Search the Scriptures
Summer showers ...
The Dayspring' for 1874
The forgiveness of sin
The old ash tree ...
The skylark

The snow ...
The storm on the lake
The story of St. Mungo
The swallow
The thousand years of peace
The two-fold light ...
The wishing gate, Grasmere ...

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POETRY-A child's message

A contented heart ...
A maiden's work ...
Alway ready
Birth-day lessons
. Can she pray?'
Evening prayer
Grandmamma's present
'I am the Lord, I change not'
Is it the right way?'
Little Gerty
My little love
My wish
The child's hymn ...
The dayspring
The old tree
The way to heaven ...
The wishing gate ...
Thy kingdom come
Two portraits
Voiceless teachers ...
Wee Allie .... ...
What is time?
Who is your best friend ?

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The skylas tree

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