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Words by 7. B. Music arranged for 'Dayspring.'

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Father in


We bow before Thee ; Hear, we implore Thee, Us, when con-fess-ing

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dis - pel - ing, Light will a - rise.

Thus in

us dwelling,

Sin's tumult

quelling, Clouds all

2 Covenant angel, go thou before us :

Ever watch o'er us in our life wand'rings; Shield us and guide us when ills betide us ;

Hide us ! oh hide us under thy wings !

Safe in their shadow, scorn we the Tempter,

There he can't enter, cannot appal :
Trials may shake us, friends may forsake us,

Jesus will make us triumph o'er all

Paisley: J. AND R. PARLAVE.

London : HOULSTON 1XD Soxs, Paternoster Buildings The DAYSPRING can be hal, post frce, from the Publishers, as follows:

7 copies for 4d., or 12 copies monthly, for one year, 6s.

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THE IMAGE OF GOD. M Y little love, I like to look

Into your eyes, so dark and tender; / AFTER His own image. What does that O, wistfully to me they speak

mean, mamma? said Katie, when she Their dim sweet prophecies of splendour.

had read the words, God created man, male

and female, after His own image, in knowledge, I like to look into your eyes,

righteousness, and holiness, with dominion over

the creatures. To clasp your gentle little fingers ;

Do you know what we mean, when we To watch that loveliest of smiles

say of a child that he is the very image of That round your lips like sunlight lingers. his father?'

O yes, mamma, that means that he is My litttle love !--my darling boy,

very like his papa ; just as like him as he The tears will gather in my eyes

can be.' Upon this gentle baby life

"Adam and Eve were the children of To think that ever storm may rise. God, and when created, they were very

like their Father. God made them after Yet baby sweet!-a heaven waits,

His own image or likeness.' And Jesus keeps the little lambs;

But, mamma, it is a little boy's face I know that He will keep my love,

that is like his papa's, and God is a spirit. And guide him safe through winds and How could Adam and Eve be like God?'. calms.

• If you read the words which follow in

the answer, I think you will find that out.' You will not be a reed like me

Katie read, in knowledge, righteousness, Beneath the lightest breath to bend; and holiness, and after thinking for a little, But beautiful and strong and free,

said, It must have been Adam's soul that

was like God.' Will wear your gladness to the end.

You know that it is the soul, not the You will go forth, O, brave and bright,

body, that is the dwelling place of knowTo prove the nobleness of life!

ledge, righteousness, and holiness. The If you must wrestle by the way

human body is a very wonderful work of

God, but it is only the servant of the soul, You shall win triumph from the strife.

the nobler part, which God created after

His own image.' Why tears for Thee, my baby love?

How was Adam like God in knowledge, Sweet life, it is the gift of God;

when God knows every thing?' said Willie. The world perhaps will bless you yet,

We are quite sure that Adam's knowThe earth be greener where you trod. ledge was not infinite, like God's, for the

promise of greater knowledge was the 'Tis sweet, 'tis sweet, 'tis very sweet

temptation by which Satan deceived our To kiss your little baby face;

first parents. But Adam's knowledge was And wondering wistfully to say

very great, and it was perfect in kind. 0, Father, give my darling grace!'

All his knowledge was truth. You know,

Willie, what are the five gateways by And all our prayers for those we love

which knowledge enters the soul?'. They do not pass into the air;

Our five senses --Eyegate, Eargate, They reach the Father's heart above,

Nosegate, Mouthgate and Touchgate. The blessing follows on the prayer.

• Before nan sinned, truth alone entered

his soul by these gateways. Every sight H. W. H. W. / and every sound in creation spoke to him

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of the greatness and the goodness of his “It is the Holy Spirit who makes sinners Almighty Father. His was the “true like God, mamma; He gives them new knowledge which leads to love," not the hearts.' knowledge which puffeth up. In the The Holy Spirit shews sinners the passage from which the word knowledge is beauty of the Lord in the glass of His taken, it is placed in opposition to false Word, and by looking at Him, they are hood, which shews us that it means truth, changed into His image. (2 Cor. 3, 18). Read Col. 3, 9, 10.'

Can you tell me, Willie, how a photoLie not one to another, seeing that ye grapher takes likenesses ? ' have put off the old man with his deeds ; "The photographer first prepares the and have put on the new man, which is plate, and then places it so that the reflecrenewed in knowledge after the image of tion of the person will fall upon it, and the Him that created him.'

sun paints and fixes the likeness' These words shew us that to be like And if we wish to become like Jesus, God in knowledge, is to know the truth, to | our hearts must be prepared to receive His have the Spirit of truth dwelling in us, and image, and the Holy Spirit will shine upon guiding us into all truth by making us to His Word, and paint His likeness on our know the love of God which passeth know souls. When will the likeness be quite ledge. (1 John 2, 20, 27.) This is the perfect, Katie?' knowledge which is better than gold; all When we get to heaven, mamma; the the things that may be desired, are not to Bible says, “We shall be like Him; for be compared to it. And what is it to be we shall see Him as He is.". like God in righteousness and holiness? Can The souls of Christ's people will be made you tell me, Willie?'

perfectly like Jesus whenever they die, but Our teacher told us that it meant that when will their bodies too, bear His image? before he sinned, Adam always thought the • At the resurrection.' truth, and spoke the truth, and did the • Yes; at the resurrection, the Lord truth.'

Jesus will change the bodies of His people, Yes, when God made man, He made and make them like His own glorious body. him upright. God's commandments were

To be with Jesus, and to be like Him, is his delight, and God's glory his chief end. the joy of heaven. Maggie, dear, you will In the eighth psalm, Adam's glory before let us hear the verses you have learned he sinned is described in words which are about the new heart;' and little Maggio quoted in Hebrews, to describe the glory repeated the lines by Charles Wesley and honour with which Jesus is crowned. You know what Jesus is called, because A heart in every thought renowod Adam was a type of Him?'.

And filled with love Divino, · The second Adam means Jesus, mamma.'

Porfect, and right, and puro, and good;

A copy Lord of Thino. •Josus is the second Adam, and the best way to understand what it is to bear the Thy naturo, gracious Lord, impart; image of God, is to study the life of Jesus.

Como quickly from above, He was holy, harmless, undefiled, and

Write Thy now name upon my heart,

Thy new, best name of Love. separate from sinners. God made Adam like Him. Read Jer. 2, 21, Willie.'

Little Harry was wearying for a story, 80 • Yet. I had planted thee a noble vine, mamma told them of a very little girl who wholly a right seed &c.

got the new heart, and knew that she had Jesus is the true vine, and these words got it. She was the daughter of a friend show us that man was made to be like him. of the Rev. Mr Milne's of Perth. On one Do you know, Katie, how sinners may | occasion when that good man was visiting becomo again like God in knowledge, right- his friend, he was much interested in his cousness, and holiness?'

littlo girl, who was then between four and

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Young maiden, hast thou chosen

This blessed path to tread, To follow in His foot-prints

Who bore the thorn-crowned head? Think not to find a service

Where sorrow does not come ; Through struggles and temptations

We reach our Father's home.

In daily simple duties

The virgin's light may shine: The touch of consecration

Makes common things divine. It is thy best He seeketh,

Not something hard and high : The trivial work beside theo

Our Lord may glorify.

five years of age. Taking her upon his knee, he taught her a little prayer, and asked her to repeat it every morning and evening. It was this, O Lord, give me a new heart.'

Next time Mr Milne came to see her parents, he heard that his little friend had been taken to the home above, and he learned from her mother that she had not forgotten her promise to him. Till within a few weeks of her death, she had repeated the words, O Lord, give me a new heart," every morning and evening at the close of her own little prayer. The first time that she omitted the words, her mother said to her, “You have forgotten Mr Milne's prayer to-night, dear. O no,' the child replied, "but I've dot it now, mamma.'

That sweet child prayed expecting an answer, and she got it, and so will every one who prays in sincerity and truth, • Create in me a clean heart, O God; and renew a right spirit within me.' "Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness; for they shall be filled.'

Now we shall read a parable in which Jesus shews us the picture of one who has got the new heart; of a child of God, renewed after His own image, in knowledge, righteousness, and holiness. Which parable is it, Willie ?"

I think it is that of the good Samaritan, because he was so like Jesus, when he was so very kind to the poor man who had fallen among thieves.'

The good Samaritan is a photograph of Jesus. His character reflects Christ's glorious image; for Love is of God; and every one that loveth is born of God, and knoweth God. He that loveth not, knoweth not God; for God is love.'

Thy home may be thy cloister,

For there thy life may be In all to God devoted,

From earthly bondage free; And, if a will unsparing

Toward self thou would'st attain, Then mortify e'en feelings,

Where Jesus doos not reign.

For outward things are easy,

But inward things He sees; And, not our flesh or fancy,

But Christ we seek to please. And young disciple, daily,

Is blessed work to do To hide thyself in Jesus,

That He may fill the view.

Look lovingly on all men,

Nor shrink to speak the Namc, Like ointment, fragrant, flowing,

Exalted over fame.
Perchance thy servants, even,

Are weary and opprest;
Then, coming from His presence,

Show them the only Rest.
And if thou fain would'st follow

Some high vocation here, Then live beside the Saviour,

Draw nearer and more near; For, when thy soul is fitted,

Perchance, the Lord may say "Go forth into my harvest,

And watch, and work, and pray.'

A MAIDEN'S WORK. THE kingdom of the Saviour

1 Is great, and grand, and wide, And many are the natures

That come from every side; Yet, all who call Him Master

May serve Him, day by day; And children find their missions

Upon the heavenward way.

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