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THREE Prizes, in each of the two

I divisions, are offered for the largest number of correct answers. The Prizes to be awarded in December 1873.

The following are the conditions:

1. In the first, or Junior division, the questions for which will be printed first in order; competitors not to be above thirteen years of age.

2. In the second, or Senior division, competitors not to be above eighteen years of age, and in both divisions the answers must be honestly the work of the individuals competing.

3. All answers to be addressed, not later than the 18th of each month, to the Rev. JOHN KAY, Greenbank Cottage, Coatbridge.

As a matter of convenience and economy the answers may be written on post cards. Be careful in all cases to give the name and address of the competitor.

and expected. She was getting on so nicely, and beginning to be quite bright and merry. Some weeks ago she began to grow weak and thin, in a way which I have often seen famine children go off. I should at once have had but little hope of her, had it not been that I knew she was specially such a child of prayer, and that God had raised her up, seemingly, in answer to prayer from an equally weak state. I did all I could for her, but when I found she could not have all the particular attention she required, I sent her to the Hospital at Calcutta. About a week after I went over to see her, and heard she had died the previous day. It was a very great disappointment to me to find she was dead, and I am sure it will be also to her kind English sisters. But He who does all things well has so ordered it, and He knows far better than we do what is the best means for furthering His kingdom. We had hoped that little Pooree might be one who should live to become a teacher to her poor heathen countrywomen, and be the means of bringing many to the Saviour. But He has seen fit to take her, while still a little one, to her Saviour's bosom.

I will choose a new little one as her successor, and tell you all about the child, for I hope you will like one in her stead.

• Koreman is well, and getting on nicely. You shall have a specimen of her writing before long. I scarcely ever have any fault to find with her. I know her English friends will pray for her, that she may be early one of the lambs of the Saviour's flock. I have not yet given her Bible into her own keeping, and Pooree's is unused, so it will do for her successor.

"I am working in the midst of many trials and disappointinents, and much need the prayers of Christian friends; but I do indeed praise God for His many blessings also.'

H. J. NEELE. May we not write over our little Indian sister's grave:

'He sent from above,

He took me,

He drew me out of many waters.' (Psalm xviii. 6.)

JUNIOR DIVISION. 16. Which commandment is pre-eminently Christ's commandment, and obedience to it the mark by which His people are known?

17. Who prayed for union among believers in order that the world might be converted ?

18. What two emblems are used in one psalm to describe the blessedness of union among believers ?

SENIOR DIVISION. 16."Give an expression in three words which describes a characteristic of the early church ; it occurs seven times in the Acts of the Apostles ?

17. Give four consecutive verses of an epistle in which seven reasons are given why the church should be united ?

18. In which verse of an epistle are three questions asked to show the folly of division in the church of Christ?


JUNIOR DIVISION. (7) Zechariah viii. 5; (8) Matthew xi. 16, 17; (9) Proverbs xx. 11.

SENIOR DIVISION. (7) Psalm xc. 14; (8) Ecclesiastes xi. 9; (9) 1 Timothy v. 6.

BIBLE QUESTIONS For a Course of Lessons on the Old and New Testaments. Parts I. & II. Old Testament, and Parts I. & II. Gospels. 1d. each.



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Pusley: J. AND R. PARLAXE.

London: iLUULSTON AND Sons, Paternoster Buildings.
The DAYSPRING can be had, post free, from the Publishers, as follows:

7 copies for 4d., or 12 copies monthly, for one year, 6e.

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petitor, but he says it is excellent Sabbath SEARCH THE SCRIPTURES.

evening work, and leads him to know and IT has often been in my mind to put

love his Bible more than ever. He also I together a few sentences in reference to added that he looks at the answers as they the Bible Questions that appear month

come out, and feels sometimes a little by month in the Dayspring.'

humbled to discover, that although he had It is very cheering to find in connection

been a competitor he would not have got with the answers, abundant evidence of

the full number of marks! the conscientiousness of some of the competitors. One of the youngest last year

HOME LESSONS FOR THE LORD'S DAY. (who has enrolled herself for this year in the junior side) sent her answers with

THE THREEFOLD CORD. notes which were exceedingly pleasant, for

GWILLIE and I have learned two here and there in the answers came such

Y answers in the Catechism to-day, words as these : «Mamma helped me with mamma; the fifth one is so very short and this question ; ' or, “Mamma told me the easy that we learned the sixth one too.' book, and I found the chapter and verse.' ! That was right; you will understand Was not that highly honourable and God- these two best by taking them together.' pleasing? I confess that when I read the The first one is as plain as it can be, little one's notes it made me sometimes say,

mamma; it is, There is but One only, the living • thank God, here is the promise of one and true God.' other honest, truthful nature being added That is a truth which seems very plain to those who are striving to destroy the

to you, Katie, because you have been works of him who is the father of lies.

brought up in a Christian land, and taught There came to me one day, from a town

it from your infancy; and yet, it is a truth in England, a letter containing answers. which the most learned men in the world They were not all correct, but they had could not discover without the Bible. evidently been carefully thought over, and Even the wisest philosophers, historians, earnestly looked for. Along with the

and orators of ancient Greece and Rome answers came a tiny little note, stating that had no idea of the One Living and True the writer had been for a long time an God. The Greeks believed in so many invalid confined to her sofa, with a spinal

gods, that lest there might be some one of disease; that a lady had left her one day a the numerous deities which they had copy of the · Dayspring,' and that her eye

neglected to worship, they made a temple had alighted on the Bible Questions. The

to the unkown god. At the present time endeavour to find the answers helped to

the Hindoos, Chinese, and Burmese worship wile away for her many weary hours. As

thousands of gods. Excepting in some one of the contributors to the Dayspring'

small spots where the gospel is known, resided in the neighbourhood, she was these nations have no idea of One Spirit, requested to visit Kate, and try to cheer

infinite, eternal, and unchangeable. How her. It was a labour of love most willingly thankful should we be, that undertaken, and most promptly executed; and so the Bible Questions resulted in our “We were not born, as thousands are, making the acquaintance of a most interest

Where God was never known; ing child, whose answers come as regularly

And taught to pray a useless prayer

To blocks of wood and stone." as the month comes.

What do you think? A gentleman, who Do you remember, Willie, how Elijah has been a clergyman for twenty-seven | showed the worshippers of Baal that there years, told me the other day that he tries is only one living and true God?'. the “Dayspring Questions. Of course That was at mount Carmel, mamma. he is too old to enter the list as a com- | Elijah made them prepare a sacrifice, and THE THREEFOLD CORD.

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pray to their god to send fire to consume you have a soul, but you do not understand it; but, though they cried to Baal the whole how it is united to your body; you know day, no fire came. Then Elijah laid his that you were once a little baby, but you sacrifice on the Lord's altar, and whenever cannot understand how you grew to be so he prayed fire came down and consumed it. tall as you are now; you know that plants “And the people said, The Lord, He is grow from small seeds, but you do not the God; the Lord, He is the God.”' know how. The wisest men in the world

And what was the duty Elijah taught cannot explain to us what life is; and when the people from this truth? You will find we are so very ignorant of the things it, Katie, in 1 Kings xviii. 21.

around us, surely we should believe what • And Elijah came unto all the people, God has told us in His Word even when and said, How long halt ye between two | we cannot understand. Do you know, opinions? if the Lord be God, follow Him, Willie, where the Bible tells us that all the

three persons in the Godhead were emLet me hear you answer the next ployed in making the world?' question, Willie. How many persons are The first verse of the first chapter of there in the Godhead?'.

Genesis says, “God created;" the second There are three persons in the Godhead, verse says, “The Spirit of God," &c.; and the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost; and in the twenty-sixth verse we read, “God these three are one God, the same in substance, said, Let us make man.” equal in power and glory.

And many texts tell us that the Son of • How can there be three persons and God made the world (John i. 3). In only one God, mamma? I do not under Proverbs viii. 22-30 we read of the joy stand it at all.'

which the Son of God had with the Father That is a truth which no one in this before the earth was created. But it is the world can understand. It is one of the work of redemption which shows us most mysteries, or secret wonders, which God clearly the three persons of the Godhead. has made known to us in His Word. In Tell me, Harry, who so loved the world • The Pilgrim's Progress,' John Bunyan that He sent His own Son to be our tells us that when Christiana and her sons Redeemer?' were in the house Beautiful, Prudence Our Father in heaven.' asked one of the boys, What do you do And who became man for us, obeyed when you meet with places therein in the the law which we had disobeyed, and bore Bible) that you do not understand?" And the punishment of our sins in His own body his answer is a very beautiful one. You on the cross ?' might read it, Willie.'

• Jesus the Son of God, our Saviour.' I think God is wiser than I. I pray And who teaches sinners to understand also that He will please to let me know all and believe the Bible, leads them to Jesus, therein that He knows will be for my good.' and so makes them children of God, Maggie • A very good man—a friend of the poet

dear?' Cowper-wrote in a letter, that he often felt It is the Holy Spirit, mamma.' thankful that there were mysteries in the Can you tell me in whose name we are Bible. He said there were so many things baptized?' in the world around that he could not In the name of the Father, the Son, and understand, that had he been able to the Holy Spirit, the Three One God.' understand everything in the Bible he The truth that the three Divine persons could not have believed that it had come are One God, is what is called the doctrine from the same God who made the world.' of the Trinity; and it is this glorious

What things in the world did he mean, doctrine which secures the salvation of mamma?'

every one who believes in Jesus. A "A great many things. You know that | Christian lady, shortly before her death,

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