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know that the hour has come for them to

AUGUST depart.” “These men," said the chief,

BIBLE READINGS AND LESSONS. turning to his attendants, “must have ten lives. When they are so fearless of death,

Aug. 4. GENESIS 24. 32-67Isaac and there must be something in immortality."

Rebekah. This was the last menace made, and, from

Memory text-Isaiah 65. 24. Psalm 65. 3. that time, the way to the hearts of the people seemed to be opened up. The experiences of Aug. 11. LUKE 5. 1.11 - Miraculous Mr Moffat. however, very much resemble

draught of fishes. those of the first Apostle to the Gentiles.

Memory text--Matt. 10. 37-39. Psalm 73. 25. His perils and his trials were both frequent and various. Sometimes he passed the night Aug. 18. GENESIS 20. 12-35 -- Isaac's in a bed of sand; at one time he was at the

prosperity. point of death from drinking poisoned water; Memory text-Deut 8. 18. Psalm 37. 35. and more than once he was confronted with lions, tigers, and serpents, or was face to face Aug. 25. Mark 1. 16-34-First Sabbath with men more savage, more bloodthirsty, and

at Capernaum. more treacherous than they. One example Memory text-1 John 3. 7, 8. Psalm 103. 3. will suffice to show the dangers to which, in this respect, he was continually exposed.

BIBLE QUESTIONS on these Lessons, with answers in

the words of Scripture, may be had of the Publishers. “In one of my early journeys,” he says, “I had a providential escape from an African tiger and a serpent. I had left the waggons

BIBLE QUESTIONS. and had wandered to a distance among the coppice and the grassy openings in quest of

THREE Prizes are offered for the largest

1 game. I had a small double-barrelled gun

number of correct answers, to be on my shoulder, which was loaded with a ball

awarded in December 1872. and small shot; an antelope passed, at which The following are the conditions. I fired, and slowly followed the course it took. 1. Competitors not to be above fifteen years of age. After advancing a short distance, I saw a 2. The answers honestly to be the work of the young tiger-cat staring at me between the forked persons competing from month to month. branches of a tree, behind which his long 3. All answers to be addressed, not later than the 18th

of the month, to the Rev. JOHN KAY, Greenbauk spotted body was concealed, twisting and

Cottage, Coatbridge. turning his tail like a cat just going to spring on its prey. This I knew was a critical

36. Name two verses from Paul's epistles, moment, not having a shot of ball in my gun.

each of which contains the Christian law of I moved about as if in search of something in

courtesy towards one another? the grass, taking care to retreat at the same time. After getting, as I thought, a suitable

37. On what occasion do the words of distance to turn my back, I moved somewhat

Jesus show that He is grieved when the more quickly, but in my anxiety to escape

common courtesies of life are neglected ? what was behind, I did not see what was

38. What reason is given in an epistle before, until startled by treading upon a large to enforce the duty of hospitality ? cobra de capello serpent, asleep on the grass. 39. Which verse of another epistle tells It instantly twirled its body round my leg, on! us what spirit we must avoid when we show which I had nothing but a thin pair of trousors, hospitality ? when I leaped from the spot, dragging the

40. What question, put by Jesus, shows venemous and enraged reptile after me; and

that Christians ought to excel others in whatwhile in the act of throwing itself into a position to bite, without turning round, I

soever things are lovely and of good report ? threw my piece over my shoulder and shot it. Taking it by the tail, I brought it to my

ANSWERS TO BIBLE QUESTIONS IN THE JULY people at the waggons, who, on examining the

NUMBER OF THE DAYSPRING.' bags of poison, asserted that had the creature (31) Acts xx. 25. (32) Prov. xix. 17. bitten me, I could never have reached the | (33) Matt. xxv. 40; x. 42. (34) Eph. iv. 28. waggons. The serpent was six feet long.' (35) Phil. iv. 10, 14-18.

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Paisley: J. AND R. PARLANE.

London : HOULSTON AND Sons, Paternoster Buildings. The DAYSPRING can be had, post free, from the Publishers, as follows:

7 monies for ad om 12 monien monthlo fom ona vaar het

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Knowest thou, wee Alice, another fair stream, H OW long little Alice has been

Fairer than I, where the golden sunbeam · absent!' said her mother, as she

Never sinks into night, but shines ever and ever

On the beautiful waters of God's own river? looked along the road that stretched in front of a neat little cottage, whose wall

The streets of the city are all of pure gold, was adorned with honeysuckle and with

The pavement of sapphire, its glories untold; climbing roses. Alice, a little girl of ten,

And myriad harpers stand on its banks,.

Hymning to Jesus, in sweet song their thanks. had, along with the other scholars, obtained from her teacher a half-holiday, and after

And thousands of children, all robed in white, assisting in putting matters to rights at

Walk by the stream in the fair sunlight;

Their song Alleluia, and Christ's smile their home, had asked permission to have a run

heavenin the woods; and taking with her a little basket, had assured her mother that she and then,' said little Alice, the singing would bring it home with her filled with came to an end, and I could only make out no end of blackberries. When three hours

such words as these, “purl---purl-purlhad elapsed, Alice made her appearance, home-Alice-home.”' her cheeks glowing with health, her eyes sparkling with delight, and her basket filled to the brim with luscious blackberries.

While the mug of milk and the sweet home-baked bread were being partaken of, Alice gave her mother an account of the day's excursion. After she had half filled her basket she had felt rather tired, and had sat down at the side of a little running brook, where she had fallen into a half dreamy state, in which she thought she heard the brook speak, and as she listened she could make out words, and then sen. tences, and at last the brook sung to her this song. Looking into the dreamy blue eyes of the child, you could have no hesitation in saying that Alice was such an one as would see and hear things that other children would have passed by. This, as Alice told it, was the song :• Onward and onward for ever I flow, On to the river where stately ships go,

SABBATH EVENINGS AT HOME. – THE On through the green wood, and meadows so fair,

LORD'S DAY. Where the bee-laden clover has scented the air.

W HAT are you thinking about, Black-eyed Robin Red-breast brings his 'Jenny' IV Georgie, dear?' said the kind

along, Makes my waters his mirror, and pays me in

mother, as she observed the thoughtful song ;

countenance of her usually bright, happy While, sportive and merry, the long summer day little boy.' The troutlets leap up like bairnies at play.

I was thinking, mamma, abort what a

boy in our school said to me on Friday. The sweet-scented violets, and modest spring He told me that he was going to get a sail

flowers Come hither for water to sprinkle their bowers;

in a steamboat to-day, and when I told him The blackberry peers with his bead-like eye

that it was very wicked to travel in trains Far down to the depths where white peebles lie. | or steamers on the Lord's day, he said THE LORD'S DAY.


there was no harm in it, because the Sabbath was only intended for the Jews. He said that his papa had told him so, and that it was done away with when Jesus came, just like the Jewish sacrifices.'

'I am very sorry to hear that any boy in school with you should talk so, (teorgie, dear; but what did you say to him ? '.

I said I was quite sure that my papa did not believe that, and that he would not go any excursion on Sabbath, because he says it is a great sin to make people work at their ordinary employments on that holy


But, mamma, though I know that what papa says is right, I do not know how we can prove from the Bil.le that the Sabbath was not done away with like the Jewish sacrifices. I would like to learn how we can know this.'

I will try to show you that, and I think Johnnie could help you to find it out. He knows how we can be sure that the Sabbath was made for all mankind as well as for the Jews.'

• Yes, mamma, I know that,' said Johnnie. T'he Sabbath could not be made only for the Jews, for there were no Jews in the world when “God blessed the Sabbath day and hallowed it." It was on the very first day after Adam and Eve were created, when they dwelt with God holy and happy.'

Quite right, Johnnie. The time when the Sabbath was instituted shows clearly that its holy rest was designed for the good of all mankind. The Lord Jesus Himself says, “ The Sabbath was made for man.")

'But, mamma, sacrifices were offered almost from the beginning, and yet they were done away.'

• That is quite true, Georgie. Sacrifices were appointed when sin entered into the world, to teach man that sin deserves death, and to point to the Lamb of God which taketh away the sin of the world; and you kuow why they were for ever done away.'

O, yes; it was because Christ Jesus had offered one sacrifice for sins for ever. The sacrifices offered before were only types of

His one great sacrifice. Is the Sabbath a type, mamma ?'.

The Sabbath is not a type of Christ, but it is often looked upon as a beautiful type or emblem of heaven. Its holy rest and blessed employments are a shadow of the perfect rest and joyful worship of the heavenly world

“Day of all the week the best,

Emblem of eternal rest. “If the Sabbath is a type of heaven, when do you think it will be done away, Georgie ?!

I think it will only be when we get to heaven, mamma, for then the everlasting Sabbath will have come.'

"And can you tell me, Johnnie, where we find the command to keep the Sabbath holy? Is it only among the precepts concerning Jewish rites and ceremonies given by Moses??

O no, mamma; it is the fourth commandment--one of the ten commandments which God spake amid thunder and lightning at Mount Sinai, and which He afterwards wrote with His own finger on two tables of stone.'

"Yes; the place which the Sabbath law occupies in the very midst of the ten commandments, which Christ came to establish as the rule of His kingdom, shows that it is for all time. Jesus died because we had broken these commandments, and He sends the Holy Spirit to write them anew, not on tables of stone, but on the hearts of His own people.'

But the Jews said that Jesus did not keep the Sabbath. Did He not, mamma?' said Georgie.

Jesus always kept the Sabbath holy. No one ever kept it as he did ; but He did not keep the foolish traditions which the Pharisees had added to the fourth commandment. Several times they found fault with Jesus for healing on the Sabbath, and He explained to them that to do so was a work of mercy, like pulling a sheep out of a pit into which it had fallen on the Sabbath day. We may be quite sure that Jesus never worked as a carpenter, or went a

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