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though God in His mercy wrought a miracle and made the waters sweet, it must have been with thankful hearts that they approached the waving palm groves of Elim. For they knew that the rich verdure which now gladdened their sight was the sign of water. And we read that they came to Elim, where were twelve wells of water, and threescore and ten palm trees; and they encamped there. These wells of Elim were wells of life, not only to the beautiful palms, and to the birds of gay plumage which flitted among their leaves, and the wild beasts of the desert which nightly gathered there, but also to the tired and thirsty Israelites.

There are wells embalmed in our dearest memories. There is that well of Bethlehem, for one draught of whose cool waters David longed saying, 'Oh! that one would give me drink of the well of Bethlehem, which is by the gate.' There is the well of Sychar,—whereat Jesus sat,—and one poor sinful woman coming to draw water was supplied with living water springing up in her heart to life eternal. Who would not have sat by that well ? Travellers tell us that this well is built over now, and that never more shall thirsty ones get water from it. But the well of life which Jesus gives to drink from is ever open, and its sweet streams are ever flowing. Ask Him for that water and He will give it freely.

In early Jewish history wells are much spoken of. The patriarchs needed water for their large herds of cattle, and whereever they went they dug wells. It is written of a king of Judah that he digged many wells.' It was our father Jacob' who gave the people of Sychar their well. It was at Beer-lahairoi-the well of Him that liveth and seeth me—that Hagar was found when she fled from Sarai; and there too that in after years Isaac dwelt. Abraham made a covenant of peace with Abimelech at Beersheba—the well of the oath-a covenant which was renewed 100 years later at the same spot between their sons, when Beersheba became a city.

Solomon says, 'that the mouth of the righteous is a well of life.' What a good

man says is a very Elim of refreshment to the weary traveller. And just as these sweet wells of Elim brought refreshing water from the deep caverns of the earth, so the mouth of the righteous brings forth its water of life from the depths of a chastened spirit. "Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh.' 'Understanding is a wellspring of life.'

Dear children, lay to heart these latest words of Solomon, king of Israel — Remember now thy Creator in the days of thy youth.' Thus shall the well of your life be ever fresh and sweet. No weary traveller shall ever come to you and find that you are a well without water. But if you have God's truth in your heart as a well of water springing up to eternal life, yours shall be the happy privilege to help to cheer those who may be faint and weary. And when in God's good time the silver cord of your life is loosed, and the golden bowl is broken; when the pitcher is broken at the fountain, and the wheel broken at the cistern,

your heavenly Father will take you to be with Himself in that happy country where the wells are never dry, and the day is always bright.

• There everlasting spring abides,

And never withering flowers ;
Death, like a narrow sea, divides

That heavenly land from ours.
Sweet fields beyond the swelling flood

Stand dressed in living green:
So to the Jews old Canaan stood,

While Jordan rolled between.

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THERE do you think we have been, 'I am sure I would have enjoyed the

mamma, and what do you think sight very much, Georgie dear, but you we saw when we were out this afternoon ? know this is Saturday afternoon, and I Papa took us away to the very point of the could not have gone out without leaving harbour, and we saw a large ship in full work to be done to-morrow which ought to sail come in. We watched it sail round have been done to-day. I often remember the point and enter the harbour, and heard a rule by which we may easily know what the joyous shout of the sailors when the work it is right to do on Sabbath.

My vessel touched the pier. It was a most pastor taught me it when I was a little girl.' beautiful sight, I wish you had been with But what was the rule, mamma, you us, mamma.

might tell us it?'



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It was this—“It is right to do on them about it in the evening, for they could Sabbath whatever can't be done on Satur- not remember anything in the Bible about day, and can't be wanted till Monday." ships coming into the harbour. In church That is why I could not go with you this the minister read part of the 107th Psalm, afternoon. But you must tell me all about and when he came to the lines the ship.'

' Then are they glad, because at rest Summer holidays had come, and our little And quiet now they be; friends Johnnie and Georgie had gone with So to the haven He them brings, their parents to the sea coast, and were

Which they desired to see,' enjoying their residence there most heartily. the boys began to understand what was Saturday especially was a happy day for their mamma's meaning. And when the them, because then their kind papa was text was read from 2 Peter i. 11- For so with them, and he was sure to contrive an entrance shall be ministered unto you some new pleasure for his little boys. This abundantly into the everlasting kingdom of afternoon he had taken them to see a large our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ;' and the ship arriving from America, and they had preacher said that the allusion in that verse been wonderfully pleased with the beautiful was to a ship entering the harbour in full sight.

sail after a prosperous voyage, heavily laden Johnnie described to his mamma the with a precious cargo-they felt sure they happy countenances of the sailors when knew what mamma had been thinking they came ashore, and the hearty shaking about. of hands with the friends who were waiting In the evening mamma asked the boys if to welcome them home.

they had found anything in the Bible about * And, mamma, he said, the captain is ships entering the harbour, and they both such a pleasant gentleman. Papa spoke to replied, 'Yes, mamma; the psalm we sung him, and he invited us to come on board. in church and the sermon we heard, were and said he would show us all through the both about it, and we know now what you ship another day. Papa asked him if he meant. Heaven is the harbour, and good had had a pleasant voyage all the way people when they die are the ships enterhome; and he told us that shortly after he ing there.' sailed there had been a severe storm, and You are quite right; that is what I that another fine vessel which had sailed meant. And do you remember, Johnnie, about the same time that he did was what Mr said about some ships which wrecked, and all on board, he feared, har! never reach that blissful haven?' perished. But he said that his ship was · He read us a text about some who constrongly built; and all the crew were sol er, cerning faith had made shipwreck. (1 Tim. industrious men; and though they had a i. 19.) And he told us that Esau, and king very anxious time for a few days, they Saul, and Judas, were examples of such weathered the storm without much damage.' shipwrecks.

•I think, Johnnie dear, our lesson to- And can you tell me, Georgie dear, how morrow must be about ships coming into we can make sure that we shall not perish the harbour.'

amid the many dangerous rocks and shoals "O, mamma, you surely do not mean that of life's sea ?' our Sabbath evening lesson is to be about “Yes, mamma, I know that if we give our ships coming in.'

hearts to the Lord Jesus we shall never *I do mean it, and you must try to find perish.' out what the Bible says about ships entering And what more must we do if we would the harbour.'

have a prosperous voyage, and an abundant On Sabbath morning the boys were still entrance into the haven at last ?' thinking of the beautiful ship they had seen, Johnnie replied, we must add to our and wondering what mamma would tell faith courage, knowledge, temperance,

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patience, godliness, brotherly kindness, and

THE PRINCE RESPITED. charity. Mr said these virtues were the

mariners who obeyed the Captain, and IT is said that a bold and hot tempered so made the voyage prosperous and happy.' prince, brother of a king, when serving

* And can you remember any of the songs with his regiment, quarreled with a brother they sung by the way, Georgie ?'

officer, and stabbed him in the height of 'I remember some of them. Courage his passion. Death took place in a few sings, Though an host should encamp

minutes. against me, my heart shall not fear;" know- The king, hearing of the event, caused ledge saying, “I count all things but loss for his brother to be apprehended, and tried, the excellency of the knowledge of Christ as an ordinary person would have been, if Jesus my Lord;” and temperance saying, guilty of such a crime. This he did to show “I have learned in whatsoever state I am to his subjects that there was but one law therewith to be content.

for the highest and lowest in the kingdom. Very well, Georgie. I think I must The prince was found guilty, and had the help you with the rest. Patience sings, sentence of death passed on him. Then, “Rest in the Lord, and wait patiently for when feeling the disgrace and misery of his Him;" godliness sings, “ As the hart pant- position, the royal message came to him, in eth after the water-brooks, so panteth my

which he was told that he was pardoned, soul after Thee, O God; ” brotherly kind- and might return to his military duties. ness sings, “ Behold how good and how This caused him great joy, and he went pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together back to his regiment a wiser and a humbler in unity; and charity sings,

" God is love.

The king, however, required one thing Then mamma said, we must earnestly from the prince ere he left his cell. It was, seek to have these songs written on our

that he should wear, by day and by night, hearts by the Holy Spirit, and thus make around his neck, a black cord, (emblem of sure of an abundant entrance into the death), so as to keep up a constant rememeverlasting kingdom.' And she told them brance of the punishment he deserved, and a story of a good old woman who heard a of the pardon which was so mercifully sermon on that text one Sabbath afternoon. brought him; and should he ever be found On leaving the church she slipped a few

without that cord he was to be put in prison shillings into the pastor's hand saying, for twenty-four hours.

This is for the poor, for I'm thinking that Dear young friends, have you not all abundant entrance is not far distant.'

sinned, and broken the highest of God's After tea a neighbour came in and asked laws, and greatly offended the King of the old woman if she would

accompany her kings? Are you not therefore guilty, and to an evening sermon. • No,' she replied. as such condemned already, and liable to 'I was so delighted with what I heard this have the sentence executed upon you? afternoon that I would like just to sit here That sentence is, the soul that sinneth it and think about that abundant entrance, shall die.' but you might come in and tell me about It is through the love and favour of God the sermon on your way home.' Accord- you are spared to this hour--respited, we ingly, the neighbour called after the service, may say, at the pleasure of your royal and found the old woman still seated on her Master. He waits this day for your return chair, her Bible open at 2nd Peter, and her to Himself. Long has He waited to hear spectacles across the words, For so an your confession of guilt, for He delights to entrance,' &c.; hut her spirit was with pardon all who confess and forsake their sins. Jesus. To her had already been ministered Come then, give Him your heart, for His that abundant entrance on which her last heart is towards you this day full of the thoughts had been so joyfully fixed.

richest love. Believe Him. Trust Him.



M. B.

Cast yourself upon the love of God in days of danger and of trial.

Let our young Christ, and His anger will be put away. readers give their attention to the following Then will He receive you again, admit you vivid description of a missionary's perils: to His royal favour, and employ you in His service.

The country was suffering from a severe

drought; the heavens were as brass, the land PROFANE SWEARING.

was barren, cattle were dying rapidly, and COWP "OWPER wrote some lines about swear- many of the people, reduced almost to ing which it would be well for every

skeletons, were living on roots and reptiles. one to learn :

The rainmakers were consulted, and being

puzzled to find any more plausible reason for 'It chills my blood to hear my blest Supreme the absence of rain, attributed it to the prayers Rudely appealed to on every trifling theme: Maintain

of the missionaries, and the bell of the missionyour right, vulgarity despiseTo swear is neither brave, polite nor wise.'

chapel which they said frightened the clouds.

At last the missionaries were informed that Some who would not swear by the name they must leave the country, and that measures of God, think nothing of swearing, By of a violent nature would be resorted to if they George,' or 'by jingo,' or by something else. disobeyed. The chief who conveyed this Others often cry out, “Good Gracious !' or message stood at their cottage door, spear in • Mercy on me l' and the like. These are hand, in the presence of Mrs Moffat who was the beginnings of swearing. They are, to

watching the crisis. profane swearing, what acorns are to the

• Mild though he was, Moffat was in courage oak.

and nerve a match for the bravest of them.

Let Our Saviour said, when on earth :

Before the deputed chief and his twelve at

tendants he presented himself as fearlessly as your communication, be Yea, yea; Nay,

David before Goliath and the Philistines nay: for whatsoever is more than these

weak like him, yet, like him, strong in the cometh of evil.' This means that we should

Divine power on which he threw himself and use plain language. David had a short his cause. There, too, stood his intrepid wife, prayer which every youthful reader should with an infant in her arms. With a steadfast now commit to memory, and always gaze the tall missionary looked the spearremember:

bearing chief straight in the eyes, and thus, or to this effect, calmly and replied : “We

are unwilling to leave you. We are now Set a watch, O Lord, before my mouth; resolved to stay at our post. As for your

threats we pity you; for you know not what keep the door of my lips.

you do. We have suffered, it is true; and the Master whom we serve has said in His word, .

when they persecute you in one city, flee ye OUR MISSIONARY PAGE.

to another.' But though we have suffered, we do not consider that what has been done

to us amounts to persecution. It is no more 'LO! I AM WITH YOU ALWAYS.'

than we are prepared to expect from those VERY lover of missionary work has in who know no better. If resolved to get rid of

his heart a sincere love for the noble us, you must take strong measures to succeed, Robert Moffat, who has recently, after more for our hearts are with you. You may shed than half-a-century of labour in South my blood, or you may burn our dwelling; Africa, returned to his native land. Of the but I know that you will not touch my wife narrative of his self-denying work, that may

and children; and you will surely reverence be said, which was said by the Archbishop

the grey head of my venerable friend Mr

Hamilton. As for me, my decision is made. of Canterbury after reading the account of

I do not leave your country.” Then, throwthe labours of John Williams in the South

ing open his waistcoat, he stood erect and Seas— it seems as if a new chapter had fearless. "Now, then," he proceeded, “if been added to the Acts of the Apostles.' you will, drive your spear to my heart; and The early days of Mr Moffat's work were when you have slain me, my companions will

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