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Paisley: J. AND R. PARLANE.

London : HOULSTON AND SONS, Paternoster Buildings. The DAYSPRING can be had, post free, from the Publishers, as follows:

7 copies for 4d., or 12 copios monthly, for one year, 6s.

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THE STORY OF THE RAINBOW. the lightning flashing, how very frightened

they were-they could not sleep for fear ? My heart leaps up when I behold While they were lying trembling, afraid A rainbow in the sky.'

even to speak, they heard the room-door

open gently, and then, O how glad they So says the poet Wordsworth, and who | were when they saw their own kind mother w does not join with him? What more come in, and sit down by their bedside. delightful sight can we look upon than the Then how tenderly she calmed their fears, brilliant arch spanning the evening sky, and telling them there was no danger, that the telling of storms passing away, and fine storm would soon be over, that the rain weather approaching? Then how wonderful would refresh the thirsty earth, the thunder to know that the sun shining on the little would cool the air, and everything would be raindrops, paints all these beautiful colours, more beautiful to-morrow. Cheered and violet, indigo blue, green, yellow, orange, comforted they soon fell asleep, and the and red-all the colours of the rainbow. storm disturbed them no more. An old proverb says, "Where the rainbow That kind mother's visit to her little ones, rests lies a pot of gold.' And may we not is a faint picture of how God comforts His find something better than gold hid in the children, of how He visited Noah after the story of the rainbow ?

flood. Thus saith the Lord, “As one whom The rainbow is a very old teacher. More his mother comforteth, so will I comfort you.' than four thousand years ago, it was ap Lest Noah should live in fear of another pointed to teach mankind the love and awful deluge, God promised that He would faithfulness of God. The first scholar who never again destroy the whole earth with a learned this lesson from the rainbow, was an flood, and to confirm this promise, He old man six hundred years old. There appointed the rainbow to be a token of that were only eight persons in the world at that covenant. How consoling to Noah must time. All the other inhabitants of the earth have been that precious promise, The bow had been swept away by that terrible flood shall be in the cloud; and I will look upon which God had sent to destroy men for it, that I may remember the everlasting their wickedness.

covenant between God and every living How strange Noah's feelings must have creature of all flesh that is upon the earth. been, when coming out of the ark he once Many a time would that aged father of more stood upon the green earth, and mankind point his little grand-children and thought of what had become of all those great grand-children to the brilliant bow in multitudes whom he had so often warned to the cloud, and tell them of that gracious flee from the wrath to come, but who had promise, and of the faithfulness of his so disregarded all his earnest entreaties ! heavenly Father. Over and over again, he We know that his heart was filled with would tell them the story of that awful flood, gratitude to God, for having so wonderfully and of how wonderfully God had kept him preserved him and his family, and that he safe in the ark for a whole year all the time immediately built an altar, and expressed the waters were upon the earth. his thankfulness by offering sacrifices to Then he would tell them of how tenderly God. But do you not think sad thoughts God had comforted him, when he came out must have mingled with his thankfulness? of the ark on the mountains of Ararat, and Would not every raincloud he saw floating encourage them to put their trust in that in the sky make him afraid lest another loving Father who had placed the bow in deluge would again destroy the earth?

the cloud, as the token of the promise, Do any of our young readers remember While the earth remaineth, seedtime and one stormy night, after they had gone to harvest, and cold and heat, and summer bed, when they heard the rain pouring in and winter, and day and night shall not torrents and the thunder roaring, and saw | cease.


• When o’er the green undeluged earth man to conceive. He saw a throne in

Heaven's covenant Thou didst shine, heaven and one seated on it, and there was How came the world's grey fathers forth

a rainbow round about the throne. To watch Thy sacred sign!

What did that rainbow signify to the And when its yellow lustre smiled

apostle John? It would remind him that O'er mountains yet untrod,

not one thing had failed of all the good Each mother held aloft her child,

things God had promised; all had come to To bless the bow of God.

pass, and thus it would encourage him to Methinks Thy jubilee to keep,

look forward with hope and confidence to The first-made anthem rang

the time when Jesus would come again and On earth delivered from the deep,

receive Him to Himself. And the first poet sang.'

Is not the rainbow well named the bow of Nearly two thousand years had passed, promise, and should it not encourage each and among the captives who sat and wept one of us to place our trust in the everlasting by the rivers of Babylon was one, a priest, covenant, of which the rainbow is still the to whom was shewn a vision of the glory of emblem ? the Lord. In the land of the Chaldeans, by

*For, faithful to its sacred page, the river Chebar, he saw a throne, and the Heaven still rebuilds thy span; brightness round about it was as the ap Nor lets the type grow pale with age, pearance of the rainbow. And how did

That first spoke peace to man.' that rainbow comfort the prophet Ezekiel, Sunshine and rain are both needed to and encourage him to preach to the weeping

form the glorious rainbow; so to make us captives in that foreign land ? It told him

| heirs of the promise we need to have Jesus, that God remembered his covenant, 'that He

the Sun of Righteousness, revealed to us, would turn again the captivity of His

by the Holy Spirit's soul-quickening rain. people, and that He would send the

May this blessed rain from heaven descend Redeemer to Zion,' 'As I have sworn that

on our souls, and incline each young heart the waters of Noah should no more go over

now to accept the gracious invitation, the earth; so have I sworn that I would

Come unto me; hear, and your soul shall not be wroth with thee, nor rebuke thee.

live; and I will make an everlasting For the mountains shall depart, and the

covenant with you, even the suro mercies hills be removed; but My kindness shall of David.' not depart from thee, neither shall the covenant of My peace be removed, saith the

TRUST. Lord that hath mercy on thee.' Thus was the rainbow appointed to be the sign of the

SADLY bend the flowers, everlasting covenant.

In the heavy rain : Six hundred years more passed away.

After beating showers,

Sunbeams come again. The great promise of which all the prophets

Little birds are silent spake was fulfilled. The long expected

All the dark night through ; Saviour had come—had suffered on the

But when morning dawneth cross for our sins-had risen again, and had

Their songs are sweet and new ascended to heaven. The disciple whom

When a sudden sorrow He loved had been banished to the island

Comes like cloud and night, of Patmos for preaching the gospel, for

Wait for God's to-morrow; testifying that Jesus was the long promised

All will then be bright. Saviour, and how was he comforted on that

Only wait and trust Him lonely island? One Lord's day while he

Just a little while ; was praying, the Lord Jesus appeared to

After evening teardrops him, and shewed him wonderful visions,

Shall come the morning smile. such as it had not entered into the heart of


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THE LION. THE great strength, power, and courage says, "Give me your heart.' God never

1 of the lion have long ago placed him as disappoints those who put their trust in Him, king of the forest. There are nobler qualities too in this animal, which are It is to the strength and courage of the spoken of in such stories as the fable of the lion that the patriarch Jacob refers when lion and the mouse, or the well-known in blessing his son Judah he compares him story of Androcles and the lion. It must to a lion and an old lion. And you all have been a terrible death from which the know who the Lion of the tribe of Judah is. affection of the lion saved Androcles. And Let me ask you to turn to the 5th chapter yet it was by no means uncommon of Revelation and read what John says; among Romans for captives and malefactors and you will find in the 65th Paraphrase to be condemned to fight with wild beasts. some verses which you would do well to The apostle Paul in all probability so fought. learn. Little children, can you say with all He says, “If after the manner of men I have your heart, Thou hast redeemed me?' fought with beasts at Ephesus.' And it Love Jesus with all your heart, and then may have been for the same purpose that you will sing that blessed song now on earth, the lions were kept in the den at Babylon. and bye and bye with tenfold sweetness in I need not tell you that grand old story for the Home which He has gone to make you know it well. But when Daniel sat all ready for those who love Him. night long as a king among those terrible In the countries where the lion is found lions, whose mouths God had shut, doubt there is perpetual war between him and less like Paul in after years in his dungeon, man. It is thus that the lion is so often singing hymns and praises to God; it was referred to in the Bible as a destroyer. the same faith that sustained him which When the traveller in Africa pitches his God asks of you little children, when he tent at night he builds a great fire not only

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