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ADDRESS UPON A WATCH. VOU have all seen a watch, and you know

l its use-to tell the time of the day. It consists of inside work, and of an outside face and hands; and you are aware that its accuracy in time-keeping depends on the good quality and cleanness of the works. Now, you also have inside works and an outside face and hands. Your heart is the work, and your actions are the hands. This heart was once good, for God made man holy, and then his actions were right, and he did those things which were in keeping with God's law.

But just as when the work of a watch gets out of repair or dirty, it cannot keep time, so our hearts have become impure by sin, and all our principles and feelings out of order, and the consequence is, that our outer actions are all wrong. We cannot keep time; in short, we cannot act up to what God commands, and so we fail in the great end for which we were made. How useless is a bad watch! it is not worth carrying. And how worthless is a wicked man! he can give no glory to God, and when vice and bad habits get the mastery of him, he is of little worth to his fellow-men.

Now, when a watch gets out of order, to whom would you take it to get it repaired ? Not to a baker or grocer, would you? No: but to a watchmaker, because he made it, apd knows how to repair it. And to whom would you take your hearts to get cleaned and repaired? To your teacher or your minister ? No: but to God, because he made them, and he only can put them right. He has said, “I will give you a new heart.”'

Is it not because you have the unclean heart that you tell falsehoods, that you disobey your parents and your teacher, that you quarrel with each other, and in many other ways sin? And do you not often feel your conscience saying to you, you have done wrong?' I am sure you do, and I am sure also, that you often wish that you could behave better. Well there is but one way, and that is, to get the inside put right; in other words, to get a good heart.

But after a watch is cleaned and repaired, does it not require to be some time with the

watchmaker, in order to get it regulated ? Yes. Aud after that, it is taken home by its owner. Just so is it with our heartsGod keeps us here to sanctify us, and enables us day after day and year after year to keep His commandments better and better, and when at last He sees we are fit for heaven, He takes us home to serve and love Him perfectly.

Now my young friends, get your hearts right and then your actions will go right. It will save you much pain, and punishment, and annoyance now, and much trouble in after life. You will be all the better scholars, all the better sons and daughters, and all the better and nobler men and women. You will be all the better to live, and you will be all the better to die. THE WINTER IS OVER AND GONE. GONE is now the dreary winter,

Stormy wind and chilling snow;
Ice-bound fountains long imprisoned,

Now in sparkling streamlets flow.
Fragrant blossoms shed their perfume,

Verdure clothes the sunlit hills,
Whilst from wood and grove each warbler

Joyous music blithely trills.
Lovely is earth’s fleeting summer,

But the land we hope to gain
Knows no autumn's lengthening shadow,

Knows no winter's beating rain.
They who dwell there never weary,

There all tears are wiped away,
There no sin nor sorrow enter,

Never night succeeds to day.
There the golden pavement echoes

Happy tread of happy feet,
There with folded wings the seraphs

Join in strains most glad and sweet.
Dwelling in those many mansions,

Cleansed from every spot and stain,
Multitudes man cannot number,

Praise the Lamb which once was slain.
Jesus! Thou whose blood hath purchased

For us in that Heaven a place,
Make us pure, and meek, and holy,

There to see Thy glorious face.
Through the everlasting summer,

Through the ages yet to be,
May we join the mighty chorus,
Rising from the crystal sea.



CONTRASTS. OUR MISSIONARY PAGE. scholars. They have rooted Christianity in

4,000 places, whence light and love and I HAVE often wished that in some cheap, truth are emanating to pierce the thick I and easily accessible form, the various darkness around. statistics connected with missionary work could be presented to the young. Such a

WHAT SHOULD BE DONE. book has been published in the shape of a

1. A Missionary Sermon should be • Manual of Missionary Facts,' by Messrs preached once a quarter by every minister. Snow & Co., Paternoster Row, London. It 2. A Missionary Anniversary in every will interest the readers of the Dayspring,' place of worship. to know something not only of the work that 3. A Monthly Missionary Prayer Meeting has been done, but of the work that remains

| in every congregation.

in every congregatio to be done, and, besides interesting them, it 4. A Missionary Magazine taken by may quicken their zeal, and infuse into them

every family. a spirit of more earnest determination to do 5. A weekly, monthly, quarterly, or what they can in carrying or sending the annual subscription from every Christian. gospel to them that are sitting in darkness.

6. A Missionary-box in every house.

7. And more vigour and earnestness THE FIELD IS THE WORLD.

thrown into all that is done. THE population of the world is about

1 twelve hundred and fifty millions. THE TRUE MISSIONARY SPIRIT. Now, I do not suppose that when I have W HEN Dr. Backus, of America, was written this sum you are much wiser as to YY told that he could not live more than the number it embraces than you were an hour, he replied, Then lift me out of before I had commenced to write it. Let bed, and place me on my knees, that I may me endeavour to give you some idea of it spend the last moments of my life in prayer in this way. I shall suppose you are ten to God for the conversion of the world.' years of age, and you begin to count the

CONTRASTS. 1,250,000,000, and you count them as fast as the pendulum of the clock beats the seconds.

AS a nation we spend annually more Could you manage it in ten years ? No, nor

than one hundred millions sterling in in three times ten years; though day and

intoxicating drinks, and less than 160th part night without intermission you went on

of that annually in making known to the counting, by the time you had finished, you

heathen world that our religion alone is from would be fifty years of age, and during the

heaven. The amount of money spent in time you were counting them two wbole

beer alone, would support the Church generations would have passed into eternity;

Missionary Society for 250 years at its and (how solemn the thought) each unit of

present rate of income. Europe spends all the vast total had an immortal soul

eighty millions annually in times of peace that must live as long as God himself lives.

on its standing armies, and gives less than

three quarters of a million to all Protestant WHAT IS BEING DONE.

Missionary Societies. The income of To summarise all results, there are 2,000 | Englishmen on which the income-tax is

1 European and American missionaries levied amounts to £98,238,000, while the now labouring for the conversion of the amount given to all our English Missionary heathen. They are assisted by about 700 Societies hardly reaches the 200th part of ordained native preachers, and 15,000 who that sum. The contributions from regular are unordained. These have now under attendants at Episcopalian, Presbyterian, their charge 2,600 churches, in which are Baptist, Methodist, and Congregational 350,000 communicants, whilst around them places of Worship, to their respective have been gathered more than 1,200,000 Missionary Societies, does not exceed one baptized adherents, and at least 200,000 | farthing a week.



one which pleases us most is the first

Heavenly Love, revealed through the relationSABBATH MORNING BIBLE READINGS

ships of life.' We have very seldom seen the FOR FORENOON SERVICES.

hidden analogies of the divine life so powerfully

and clearly brought out as in this chapter. April 7. JOHN 1. 1-18-Introduction to John's Gospel.

BIBLE QUESTIONS. Memory text-Isa. 1. 16-18. Psalm 43. 3.

THREE Prizes are offered for the largest April 14. GEN. 11. 1-9-The Babel builders.

1 number of correct answers, to be Memory text-Prov. 21. 30. Psalm 33. 10.

| awarded in December 1872. April 21. Matt. 3—John preaches and The following are the conditions. baptizes.

1. Competitors not to be above fifteen years of age. Memory text-John 14. 9-11. Psalm 2. 7.

2. The answers honestly to be the work of the young

persons competing from month to month. April 28 GENISES 12. 1-10The call of

3. All answers to be addressed, not later than the 18th Abram.

of the month, to the REV. JOHN KAY, Greenbank Memory text-Heb. 11. 8-10. Psalm 45. 10. Cottage, Coatbridge.

BIBLE QUESTIONS on these Lessons, with answers in

16. Give two verses in each of which the words of Scripture, may be had of the Publishers.

kind and unkind words are contrasted by

striking similes ? OUR BOOK CORNER. 17. Name other six comparisons in the THE BRIDGE OF HISTORY OVER THE GULF OF

book of Proverbs which are employed to TIME. By Thomas Cooper. London:

describe the value of words wisely and Hodder & Stoughton, 1871. pp. 162. kindly spoken? Books on the Evidences' are generally 18. In what two instances did a few kind rather heavy reading, and are not so popular words of sympathy for sufferers, spoken by with the young as they might be. This little

persons who were themselves in affliction, volume forms an exception, and will be read with the deepest interest by our Bible classes,

lead to wonderful results ? and by our working men and women. It is 19. On what occasion did a few kind written by one who now preaches the faith words, spoken by a rich man, cheer and which once he persecuted, and who knows by comfort a poor stranger ? experience what an evil and bitter thing infidelity is. We would rejoice to see a copy of

20. When did a kind answer, to the re* The Bridge of History over the Gulf of Time,'

quest of a stranger, decide the happy lot for in every Sabbath school and congregational life of the person who gave it? library. HEAVENLY LOVE, AND EARTHLY ECHOES.

ANSWERS TO BIBLE QUESTIONS IN THE MARCH By a Glasgow Merchant. Edinburgh :

NUMBER OF THE 'DAYSPRING.' Edmonston & Douglas. pp. 206.

(11) Lev. x. 16-20; Josh. xxii. 11-30; Judg. It is refreshing to discover that amidst all the viii. 1-3; Acts xi. 2-18. (12) 1 Sam. xxv. 10-13; hurry, and fierce competition of business life, 1 2 Sam. xix. 41-43—xx. 1, 2; 1 Kings xii. 13-16; there are in our midst men who seek, and who Psa. cvi. 32, 33. (13) James iii. 6. (14) 2 Kings find time for meditation upon the realities of v. 13. (15) Prov. xxxi. 26. another world. This little volume produced by

The close searching of the Word of God on the part the pen of one whose name is familiar to us as of our young friends has led to their discovering certain the author of the excellent tract 'I must keep other illustrations of questions 11 and 12. In every case this Feast,' shows a remarkable ability for

where these can be held as equally good with the writing upon sacred subjects. It is just such a

passages noted above, they have been counted as correct. book as one might, before going out to a day's

All communications for the Editor of the Dayspring,' work in the office, or the exchange, take up, and to be addressed to REV. JOAN KAY, Greenbank reading a page or two of it, find something that Cottage, Coatbridge. would keep the heart fresh amidst the tear and All business communications to be addressed to Messrs wear of business life. Of all the chapters, that | J. & R. PARLANE, Publishers, Paisley.

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Translated from the German, as sung (words and music) by the children in the Jewish Schools at Pesth. Hungary.-[A dying girl suddenly opened her eyes, and said, Raise me higher! raise me higher!' Her loving parents sought to arrange her pillows better, when she smiled and said, “Not so; I mean something far different -Higher! higher!' and soon she was borne by angels into the joy of her Lord. Her tombstone bears the inscription :-J. B., aged 13 years. “Raised Higher."'-8. S. Journal.]

Paisley: J. AND R. PARLANE.

London : HOULSTON AND Sons, Paternoster Buildings. The DAYSPRING can be had, post free, from the Publishers, as follows:

7 copies for 4d., or 12 copies monthly, for one year, 6s.

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