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SABBATH MORNING BIBLE READINGS THREE Prizes are offered for the largest 1 number of correct answers, to be

FOR FORENOON SERVICES. awarded in December 1872.

Mar. 3. GENESIS 6. 5-22-The Ark built. The following are the conditions.

Memory text-Heb. 11. 7. Psalm 46. 1. 1. Competitors not to be above fifteen years of age.

2. The answers honestly to be the work of the young Mar. 10. LURE 2. 22-52–Jesus in the persons competing from month to month.

temple. 3. All answers to be addressed, not later than the 18th Memory text-Prov. 6. 20-22. Psalm 26. 8. of the month, to the Rev. John Kay, Greenbank Cottage, Coatbridge.

Mar. 17. GENESIS 17.--The Flood.

Memory text-2 Peter 2. 5. Psalm 91. 8. 11. Name four instances in which a soft answer reconciled offended brethren? Mar. 24. MATT. 2.-The Wise Men and 12. Name four instances in which griev

Herod. ous words stirred up anger ?

Memory text-Prov. 2. 3-5. Psalm 72. 10. 13. Give one verse which tells us what such grievous words are like, what evil they

Mar. 31. GENESIS 8-Noah leaves the Ari.

Memory text-Isa. 49. 15, 16. Psalm 37. 34. do, and from whence they come? 14. On what occasion did a word titly

BIBLE QUESTIONS on these Lessons, with answers in

the words of Scripture, may be had of the Publishers. spoken pacify an angry man, and lead to his conversion ?

GOLDEN BELLS. 15. In one verse give a beautiful picture

| 'A bell and a pomegranate, a bell and a pomegranate,' Exod. 39.26 of the common conversation af a good

Jesus, Thou art our High Priest, woman?

Calling to Thy gospel feast;

Wafting o'er our prison cells We had thought in the end of last month, that it

Music of Thy golden bells. would be a simple matter to have given the initials and

Sweet and solemn was their voice, addresses of all our young correspondents; but as these amount to a hundred, it would occupy too much of our

Sinners, come !' they said, “Rejoice, space. We take another plan: giving the correct 'Lo! we break your prison spellsanswers for January and February. Each competitor 'We are Jesus' golden bells. will thus be enabled to compare his or her answers with ours, and to keep their own marks. Answers

'Lift your heavy-lidded eyes, have been forwarded from Tunbridge Wells in the

Come, behold your Sacrifice.' south, and from Little Dunkeld, Perthshire, in the Then were Death's dissolving knells north; and some of the letters accompanying the Silent for Thy golden bells : answers have gone far to encourage us in our work.

Ringing notes of glad releaseJANUARY. 1. Enoch (Jude 14); 2. (Genesis God's own melody of peace; 5. 24: Heb. 11. 5); 3. (Heb. 11. 5: Gen. 5. 24); Joy through all our spirit wells4. Noah (Gen. 6. 9); 5. Ezekiel 14. 14).

Wonder at Thy golden bells. FEBRUARY. 6. (1 Chron, 4. 9, 10); 7. (Prov.

Music of the inner shrine ! 30. 7, 8); 8. (Phil. 4. 11); 9.* (Phil. 4. 6); Music sweet in ears Divine; . 10. (2 Kings 4. 13).

Clear amid the glory swells,

Living voice of golden bells. * Heb. 13. 5, and Matt. 6. 33, together with one or two other passages, form also correct answers to No. 9.

Hand of faith, and breath of prayer,

Ye may touch them, even there ! All communications for the Editor of “The Dayspring,' Lord, we come, Thy love impels-to be addressed to REV. JOHN Kay, Greenbank Lead us on, sweet golden bells !' Cottage, Coatbridge.

Coda, to be sung after the first and last verses. All business communications to be addressed to Messrs

Lord, we listen while we sing : J. & R. PARLANE, Publishers, Paisley.

Let Thy golden bells ring!

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PRAYER: A WORD TO MOTHERS. CAN the eye rest anywhere upon a more

U touching, solemn sight than a child at prayer ? Life, with its joys and sorrows, with its trials and blessings is just beginning to open up its many-coloured pages to the eye of the suppliant, and the Being to whom the child comes is the Great I AM to whom all lives are known in their past, in their present, and future. Look at it from another side. This little one, so helpless, so touchingly helpless, casts itself upon the power and love of the Heavenly Father who is at the same time the Almighty God. Now, what I wish mothers to do is, to impress by all means on their children the need for reality in prayer. I have sometimes wondered if this be not overlooked. Are there not mothers who feel quite satisfied if the child can be got simply to say 'our Father which art in heaven?' The question becomes with me every day a more pressing one, how far it is right to offer the language of prayer in any case unless the heart is first brought to feel some need in connection with it. I know I am touching on a difficult point; that is how far the mere habit of uttering the language of prayer may, in the case of children, conduce in after years to the reality. I confess to having my fears lest the one thing, apart from the other, should have evil consequences. Would it not be well that we encouraged our children more to express in their own words, their own wants : to approach the Great Father even as they would approach their father on earth with the unstudied appeal in reference to felt needs ? No doubt the child will sometimes ask for things that suppliants more advanced would never dream of asking, but, all the same, that thing which they do ask is simply what they feel they must have or be unhappy. Encourage them, therefore, to approach God with their own words. The mistakes into which they fall will afford you many opportunities of setting them right, and of pointing out the true nature of prayer in its manner and subjects. You have gained everything, if you succeed in teaching the child to be natural and truthful in its dealings with God.

DRIP, drip, drip came the shower

patter, patter; through the heart of all the forest fell the great summer raindrops; fell on the broad shiney leaves, fell on the heavy flowers. But the castle in the woods was a home, and the clouds could not make it dark—not dark to the little child whose mother's arms were round it.

She was speaking very low; she was saying, "God is love-God cares for my little Albrecht, He will always care.'

And sleepy little Albrecht clasped his fat arms closer round her, and lifted his great wondering eyes to the darkness that gathered beyond.

Say “Our Father,”' said the mother, and little Albrecht whispered the prayer, reverently, dreamily, and then he fell asleep—his red cheek pressed close to hers, and her lips warm upon his hand.

And when little Albrecht woke, all the rain had passed; the sunshine lay bright across his pillow, but his mother was far away. There had come a message from his father, who was wounded in the war. And the mother kissed the boy while he slept, and left him to his nurse's care.

Albrecht played in the woods, heard the thrush and the blackbird sing, saw the violets blowing, and coyed with the sunbeanis that slid down among the great oaks. He was but three years old, but he had learned to pray. And when he clasped his hands, so dimpled and tiny, and in half-formed, infantine speech, scarce knowing what the words could mean, said, 'For Jesus' sake' -over his baby face a gentle reverence would steal, for the good God was near him -He speaks to the little children.

And his mother had taught him often, The good God in heaven is our Fatherand He loves little Albrecht, and He hears him when he speaks.' And thus he dimly learned of God, and heaven, and prayer. For, holding his hand in the woods, she said, "God cares for the lilies.' And when the birds built among the elms, she had said, 'He hears the ravens when they cry. She taught him, "He has made summer.' She


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taught him, “The day is His.' And when or his nurse. And sometimes he would the quiet, clear stars twinkled far up in the wake in the night and find only the gypsy skies, and little Albrecht wondered, she beside him, and his little baby heart would would say to him again— The night also is almost break for sorrow. His.' And thus he was taught in his The gypsy tried to be kind to him. She babyhood of the God to whom he prayed. sang him her gypsy songs, and taught him Happy careless little Albrecht, dreaming her gypsy speech, and would get him the never of fear!

sweetest bits out of the big boiling pot, and she would get him new milk, and carress

him as gently as she could. So that One day it happened that Albrecht's | Albrecht at length began to think less of nurse sat sleepily under a tree. And the his home, and to cling to the gypsy Miriam child, unnoticed by her, went chasing the who was trying to be his friend. butterflies and bees.

And always when the stars came out, Now, it happened often in these woods he would clasp his little hands and say, that bands of gypsies would stray. Little Our Father-for Jesus' sake.' The poor Albrecht himself bad seen his mother once little wandering child knew scarcely more talking to a gypsy here. And the woman words to say. But the angels take care of had looked very kind, and showed her the children, and teach them silently perwhite teeth in smiles, those teeth that haps, in the wind and the night, and the looked like rows of pearls under the brown flowers, and keep in their heart the good gypsy skin. Albrecht had not been afraid words of those who are no longer near to of her, and the little gypsy children looked teach them. happy; he had seen them playing with And in the little Albrecht's Our Father their laps full of nuts and leaves. And so ! -for Jesus' sake, there was doubtless truer when he strayed from his nurse after the prayer than in many longer sentences heavy laden bees, and a gypsy woman came framed with more knowledge and art. to him, Albrecht did not cry nor run away. Because prayer is always but the lifting of

Albrecht let her hold his hand. She said the heart to God—the little child-spirit she would show him bees that were yellower asking the Father's help—asking by ihat and bigger than these, and butterflies of a sweet pledge which His own word has given brighter blue-butterflies that would come | as unfailing—asking for Jesus' sake. And to his call. And so he went with no fear, so the Father hears. And surely he heard and when he grew a little tired, the gypsy the little wanderer who knew no more to took him in her arms, and walked very fast say. and far till they came to a covered waggon where many other gypsies were. The

III. woman went into the waggon, and Albrecht Years passed away. Albrecht was a still in her arms.

| baby no more. He had grown a gypsy boy Then he began to be afraid because of -matted-haired, brown-skinned, but his the dark, strange faces; and he cried to go eyes would not change, they gleamed still, back to his nurse-he did not care for the the Saxon blue, milder, quieter eyes than butterflies. But it was no use now to cry, those of his wild-wood friends. for the gypsies had stolen Albrecht.

They had taken him far away from the They took off his fine clothes, and dressed castle and the woods—to a foreign land they him in gypsy tatters. And they stained his had taken him, and taught him the strange face with wild juices, till even his mother's gypsy tongue. He had forgotten his own eyes could not have known her little son. name. He had never heard it once since Albrecht for many a night and day would the day he was stolen from his home. cry himself to sleep, and put out his little Covey,' they called him in the camp; hand in his dreams to cling to his mother 'twas the only name he knew. And he

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