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THE SCHOOL OF JESUS. CHILDREN, you all know the beautiful Is not this world a beautiful school-room

which He has built for us? It is hung with .There is a happy land,

pictures old and new, summer pictures and Far, far away.'

winter ones, and with many lovely pictures Have you not sometimes felt sorry that the of Himself. Here, too, we listen to pleasant happy land is so far away, and wished it music, and learn to sing songs of our were near that you might go to it? The

heavenly home, while by the sweet lessons happy land is far away from those who love of Jesus heaven is brought next door to us. their sins. But those whose sips are washed You have read of one, whose very first away are brought nigla by the blood of / lesson in Christ's school of love brought him Christ,' and can sing,

so near heaven that Jesus could say to him, “But my home in heaven

• To-day shalt thou be with Me in paradise. Cometh ever near.'

Paradise is the happy land. Where do we learn to love Jesus? In Stephen too was a good scholar in Christ's His school of love.

school of love, and grew so like his Master

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that he loved his enemies, and prayed for You have many friends, dear children, them oven while they were killing him. į and may learn something from every one of He was so near the happy land that he saw them. Jesus, the Friend who is kind the door of heaven open for him even before above all others,' says to you, 'Learn of Me.' he left this world.

You were sent into the world that you might If you are at school till the evening you | learn of Him, and if you do not learn of Him are not afraid when father carries you home all your other learning is nothing. Learn through the dark. So the children of Jesus of Him now in His school of love on earth, are not afraid when He carries them through and when school is over He will carry you death into heaven. Heaven seems like through the dark of death to His home of next door, it is so near.

| love in heaven.

R. M.

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GOING TO THE COUNTRY. U PON the city's dusty street, the sun beat | While children's merry voices rang upon the U fierce and high,

quiet air, For biting winds had sudden veered, and And boys and girls, with sunshade hats, summer flecked the sky;

tripped nimbly down the stair, And at a tall house door flung wide, a chariot And Teapt into the carriage straight; while, stood in wait,

on the steps apace, With box and bag, a-top, behind mixed With shawl and cloak, the parents came, and suggestive freight

smiling took their place.


SOMETHING ABOUT BURMAH. 0! but the town is hot and dry! Here we The prayer went up as incense from a holy no longer stay,

censer poured, Off to the country, cool and clear, on wings of Down came the willing angel straight, and light away!

loosed the silver cord; The door is banged-the reins caught up--the And when that eve the boys and girls ran whip is cracked amain;

shouting by the sea, Will rattling wheels, to young fresh hearts, ere SAB went to spend the long bright days where bring such joy again?

summers ceaseless be.

GERTRUDE. In that same street that very hour, on that bright morn of spring,

SOMETHING ABOUT BURMAH. A gentle form of maiden grace lay wan and withering;

TF you get a map, and find the bay of And as her quick ear caught the sound of 11 Bengal, and then look eastward, you will horses' trampling feet,

see Burmah marked. Look next for the gulf She knew that household band was borne to of Martaban, and you will see Rangoon, which life more green and sweet;

is a large city. The Burmeese call Martaban Yet if a pang came o'er her broast, it vanished the gulf of golden waters.' in a sigh,

Around its shores there are several missionWhile holier meanings lit the depths of her ary stations, twenty-two missionary families, resplendent eye,

and four hundred and fifty native preachers And as the sounds in distance died, a low and schoolmasters. More than twenty-six clear voice awoke

thousand converts have been baptized. You Of tone so flute-like, that it seemed she rather might read about these missions in a book sang than spoke :

written by Mrs Mason called "Civilizing • Yes, these to fields and woods are gone, with Mountain Men. She mentions that not far pulses bounding high,

from Rangoon is a mission station where Mrs *For May now hangs her blossoms 'neath a Ingolls, the widow of a good missionary, lives blue delicious sky;

and works. About five years ago Mrs Ingolls And they will climb the mountains, and came to England; she wanted rest, and she inbalė the balmy breeze,

wished to tell others about her work and • And gather flowers, and launch the boat schools. One day I went to a large drawingupon the sunny seas;

room and Mrs Ingolls was there, who gave an “Then pluck the Autumn fruits, and stand interesting account of her mission school, and beside the waving grain,

about one of her scholars who sorely tried her • And, when the winds blow chill, return to patience. I will try and tell you just what city's home again :

[go, she told us : "But I - O! fairer far the land to which I surely 'In the jungles the women often sell their • Where fadeless trees are mirrored in the children to get money or to pay their debts. crystal river's flow;

Hearing that one girl about twelve years old "Where high upon the hills of God, aye was going to be sold for about two pounds, I steeped in golden sheen,

resolved to rescue her. I prayed that the •The angels find their radiant rest 'mong Lord would incline the mother's heart to let pastures ever green :

me take the child. So I paid the debt on •Where peace unutterable fills, like light, the condition that the girl should serve mo for liquid air,

seven years. A writing was drawn up and And speech divinest music hath, for perfect signed by the chief priest, and the girl's love is there;

friends. I am fond of children, but there was "Say, what are all the loveliest scenes here something about this girl that made mo spread from shore to shove,

tremble ; she was 80 rough, and wild, and "To that far boundless spirit-land, whence uncouth. The first thing I did was to send travellers come no more?

her to the warm bath, and cut her tangled "O, but this earth is dim and drear! I would hair, and clothe her in clean garments. I I were away

tried to teach her to comb her hair, but she * Home to that country of the soul this early would persist in sticking her fingers through morn in May!'

it, and even pull her hair out.



'For the first three months nothing would | is called Gudamah, and they believe that once induce her to go into the school-room, she it was an ant, then a pigeon; a monkey, a tiger, would say, “0, teacher, I cannot; let me go and then an elephant. Sometimes I asked stride the buffaloes, let me go up the trees and | them, “Did your god create the world, the get the leaves to boil, let me dig up the snails stars, the sun ? for dinner.” (Snails are much eaten.)

""Oh no, they were there before him." 'At last I got her into the school, and set her 66Then why do you worship him?" to copy the letters A BC. She copied two, 6“He commanded us; he sat seven years and then ran off down to the river. She came in one posture counting beads, and by that back to me with a large jar of water saying, merit finished his term of transmigration. “0, teacher, it is so hot learning, let me pour He told his servants to burn his body, and this water over you.” Another day I set one then like dry leaves it would be consumed, of the elder girls to teach her the Lord's and his spirit would end in smoke. And he prayer, but in three minutes she was off. It told them they must make images like him, was in vain to teach her to work, she would and offer rice and fruit to them. So his not hold the needle, letting it fall, when I put followers place fruit and rice before the images it between her fingers. She saddened me very every day.” much, but I went on praying for her.

The way these poor people pray is this, ‘But she was kind hearted, and was pleased they get some one to write this prayer out to wait on the pilgrims, who often came to us on a palm leaf: “O, Gudamah, on account of for rice, when they passed by on their way to the merit I acquire by placing before thee worship their god at Rangoon. It was very fruit, flowers, and rice, I entreat thee to let sad to see these crowds; often there were me go when I die to the thirty-third heaven, mothers carrying their babies the long journey, and then become a man.” The reason why which took some of them three months to the poor women pray to become a man is beaccomplish. I used to go out and reason with cause their husbands treat them like slaves, them, and tell them of the true God, the and sadly kick and beat them. These poor Creator, ever near, ever able to hear us with. people never pray for the forgiveness of sin, out going long journeys. Perhaps out of two and they have no idea of the real happiness hundred, fifty would say, “We like what you and holiness of heaven.' tell us, we will stay with you and hear more Perhaps, dear little readers, you think how about your God.”

foolish their prayers are, and that you would 'I then said to Meepa, “What can I do never pray like them. But do you really with all these people ?'

pray ? How often during the closing prayer 660, teacher, let me do it all, I can get the in the Sabbath school do your eyes wander, leaves, I can bóil the rice and the snails.” and you never say one word in your heart.

One day I remember thinking Meepu was And worse than that, I have seen whispering a very long time boiling the rice, so I looked and laughing. Ah! this is sin indeed; and into the cooking kitchen. There were large your very prayers make God angry with you. dishes of nice hot rice, and there was Meepu For, the Lord will not hold him guiltless eating as hard as ever she could. I said, “O, that taketh His name in vain.' And how Meepu, you have always been kind, and let much you lose! Why, you never get anythe pilgrims eat the rice, why do you take it?' thing from the Lord Jesus. He has so much

She did not seem the least ashamed, saying, to give to them that ask Him in their hearts. “O, mother, the rice was hot and nice, I have He says in the Bible He will give a new heart, 80 often fed others, I thought I should like to | the Holy Spirit, pardon and peace, but you do eat myself now."

not care to ask. Co do cry, Lord, teach me 'I drew a thought from this: Here am I to pray,' or else the time will come when, often feeding others with the bread of life, and very little time to get any myself, and here I

"Twill then for ever Do in vain, see you in England with Bibles, and sermons,

To cry for pardon or for grace.' and soul feasts always spread, and so like Meepu I want bow to eat myself.

Then shall they call upon Me, but I will not "Now I will tell you something about their hearken. "Seek ye the Lord while He may gods : ,

be found, call ye upon Him while He is near.' "The Barmeese worship four gods, the last


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