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Edition, in the last Chapter of the third Section of Part First; and in the four first Chapters of Part Third. Part Sixth, as it stands in this New Edition, is altogether new. In Part Seventh, I have brought together the greater part of the different passages concerning the Stoical Philosophy, which , in the former Editions, had been scattered about in different parts of the work, I have likewise endeavoured to explain more fully, and examine more distinctly, fome of the doctrines of that famous fect. In the

fourth and last Section of the same Part, I have

thrown together a few additional observations concerning the duty and principle of veracity. There are, besides , in other parts of the work, a few other alterations and corrections of no

great moment,

In the last paragraph of the first Edition of the prefent work, I said, that I should in another discourse endeavour to give an account of the

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general principles of law and government, and of the different revolutions which they had undergone in the different ages and periods of fociety; not only in what concerns justice, but in what concerns police , revenue, and arms, and whatever else is the object of law. In the Inquiry concerning the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations, I have partly executed this promise ; at least so far as concerns police, revenue, and arms. What remains, the theory of jurisprudence, which I have long projected, I have hitherto been hindered from executing, by the fame occupations which had till now prevented me from revising the present work. Though my very advanced age leaves me , I acknowledge, very little expectation of ever being able to execute this great work to my own fatisfaction; yet, as I have not altogether abandoned the design, and as I wish still to continue under the obligation of doing what I can,


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have allowed the paragraph to remain as it was published more than thirty years ago, when I entertained no doubt of being able to execute every thing which it announced.

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