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Till, past the cloudfy regions * here,

They rise to heav'n above.

XXIII. ISAIAH xlii. 1-13.
REHOLD my Servant ! see him rise

Exalted in my might!
Him have I chosen, and in him

I place supreme delight.
2 On him, in rich effusion pour'd,

My Spirit shall.descend;
My truths and judgments he shall show

To earth's-remotest end.
3 Gentle and still shall be his voice,

No threats from him proceed;
The smoking flax he shall not quench,

Nor break the bruised reed.
4 The feeble spark to flames he'll raise;

The weak will not despise;

• The expression, « Cloudy regions,' may be variously explained. On the one hand, they may be understood 26 shewing, that God hides himself from his saints,' in a spi. ritual point of view, whereby ke deprives them of all knon. ledge of their spiritual relation to him ; and thus plunging them into the utmost misery and distress, in regard to the everlasting state and condition of these souls. When used, and used in this sense they are so, at the price of contradict. ing the plainest statements of the Scripture; which every where bear witness, that God leaves not his saints in any • case.' For it is said, “Our Lord Jesus Christ himself, and • God, even our Father, hath given us everlasting consola' tion, and good hope through grace ;' and having done so, he will most assuredly“ never leave us, nor forsake us.' On the other hand, Cloudy regions' may be used to signify the difficulty of the Christian to discern the hand of God in the circumstances of bis temporal affairs. They may also denote the present imperfect state of his knowledge of the works and ways of God, and in this latter sense they are in agreemeut with the declared circumstances of the people of God.

Judgment he shall bring forth to truth,

And inake the fallen rise.
5 The progress of his zeal and pow'r

Shall never know decline,
Till foreign lands and distant isles

Receive the law divine.
6 He who erected heav'n's bright arch,

And bade the planets roll,
Who peopled all the climes of earth,

And form'd the human soul,
7 Thus saith the Lord, Thee have I rais'd,

My Prophet thee install.;
Iy right I've rais'd thee, and in strength

I'll succour whom I call.
8 I will establish with the lands

A covenant in thee,
To give the Gentile nations light,

And set the pris’ners free:
9 Asunder burst the gates of brass

The iron fetters fall;
And gladsome light and liberty

Are straight restord to all.
10 I am the Lord, and by the name

Of great JEHOVAH known;
No idol shall usurp my praise,

Nor mount into my throne,
11 Lo! former Kenes, predicted once,

Conspicuous rise to view
And future scenes, predicted now,

Shall be accomplish d too.
12 Sing to the Lord in joyful strains !

Let earth his praise resound,
Ye who

upon the ocean dwell,

And fill the isles around ! * 13 O city of the Lord ! begin

The universal song;

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And let the scatter'd villages

The cheerful notes prolong. 14 Let Kedar's wilderness afar

Lift up its lonely voice;
And let the tenants of the rock

With accents rude rejoice;
15 Till 'midst the streams of distant lands

The islands sound his praise;
And all combin'd, with one accord,

JEHOVAH's glories raise.

XXIV. ISAIAH xlix. 13–17. 1 VE heav'ns, send forth your song of praise!

Earth, raise your voice below!
Let hills and mountains join the hymn,

And joy through nature flow.
2 Behold how gracious is our God!

Hear the consoling strains,
In which he cheers our drooping hearts.

And mitigates our pains.
3 Cease ye, when days of darkness * come,

In sad dismay to mourn,
As if the Lord could leave his saints

Forsaken or forlorn,
4 Can the fond mother e'er forget

The infant whom she bore?
And can its plaintive cries be heard,

Nor move compassion more?
5 She may forget : nature may fail

A parent's heart to move;

• If, by days of darkness,' are meant temporal afflictions, they are quite admissible: but, if used to denote the removal of the knowledge of the love of God from his people, they are directly opposed to the Scriptural account of that matter. See note on Par. Xxii.

But Sion on my heart shall dwell

In everlasting love.
6 Full in my sight, upon my hands

I have engrav'd her name:
My hands shall build her ruin'd walls,

And raise her broken frame.

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XXV. ISAIAH liii. 1 Но

COW few receive with cordial faith

The tidings which we bring ? How few have seen the arm reveal'd

Of heav'n's eternal King ? 2 The Saviour comes ! no outward pomp

Bespeaks his presence nigh; No earthly beauty shines in him

To draw the carnal eye.
3 Fair as a beauteous tender flow'r

Amidst the desert grows,
So slighted by a rebel race

The heav'nly Saviour rose, 4 Rejected and despis'd of men,

Behold a man of woe !
Grief was his close companion still

Through all his life below.
5 Yet all the griefs he felt were ours,

Ours were the woes he bore: Pangs, not his own, his spotless soul,

With bitter anguish tore.
6 We held him as condemn’d by Heav'n,

An outcast from his God,
While for our sins he groan'd, he bled,

Beneath his Father's rod.
7 His sacred blood hath wash'd our souls

From sin's polluted stain ;

His stripes have heal'd us, and his death

Reviv'd our souls again.
8 We all, like sheep, had gone astray

In ruin's fatal road :
On him were our transgressions laid;

He bore the mighty load,
9 Wrong'd and oppress'd, how meekly he

In patient silence stood !
Mute, as the peaceful harmless lamb,

When brought to shed its blood. 10 Who can his generation tell ?

From prison see him led !
With impious shew of law condemn'd,

And number'd with the dead.
11 'Midst sinners low in dust he lay;

The rich a grave supply'd:
Unspotted was his blameless life;

Unstain'd by sin he dy'd.
12 Yet God shall raise his head on high,

Though thus he brought him low;
His sacred off'ring, when complete,

Shall terminate his woe.
13 For, saith the Lord, my pleasure then

prasper in his hand,
His shall'a num'rous offspring bę,

And still his honours stand. 14 His soul, rejoicing, shall behold

The purchase of his pain;
And all the guilty whom he saw'd

Shall bless Messiah's reign. ;
15 He with the great shaļl share the spoil,

And baffle all his foes;
Though rank'd with sinners, here he fel, ,

A conqueror
16 He dy'd to bear the guilt of men,

That sin might be forgivin:

he rose.

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