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SON OF GOD, the brightness of his Father's glory, and the

express image of his person ; and, in him, of the Father, and of the Holy Ghost; for these THREE are ONE. Şee Psal. ii. Heb. i. &c.

The Father, Son, and Holy Ghost,
The God alone of Isra'l's host,
Whose, mercy lasts for evermore,
Let Isra'l evermore adore !

For mercy


VIVE thanks to God, for good is he :

hath he ever.
2 Thanks to the God of gods give ye:
For his


faileth 3 Thanks give the Lord of lords unto: For mercy

hath he ever. 4 Who only wonders great can do:

For his grace faileth never. 5 Who by his wisdom made heav'ns high:

For mercy hath he ever.
6 Who stretch'd the earth above the sea :
For his


7 To him that made the great lights shine :

hath he ever. 8 The sun to rule till day decline :

For his grace faileth never. 9 The moon and stars to rule by night: For mercy

hath he ever. 10 Who Egypt's first-born killd outright: For his grace

faileth never. 11 And Isr'el brought from Egypt land : For mercy,

hath he ever. 12 With stretchd-out arm, and with strong hand For his grace

faileth 13 By whom the Red sea parted was:

For mercy hath he ever. 14 And through its midst made Israel pass; For his


faileth never,


15 But Phar'oh and his host did drown:

For mercy hath he ever. 16 Who through the desert led his own : For his


faileth never. 17 To him great kings who overthrew : For he hath

mercy ever. 18 Yea, famous kings in battle slew : For his


faileth never. 19 Ev’n Sihon king of Amorites:

For he hath mercy ever. 20 And Og the king of Bashanites: For his


faileth never. 21 Their land in heritage to have:

(For mercy hath he ever.) 22 His servant İsr el right he gave: For his


faileth never. 23 In our low state who on us thought : For he hath

mercy ever. 24. And from our foes our freedom wrought:

For his grace faileth never.. 25 Who doth all flesh with food relieve: For he hath

mercy ever. 26 Thanks to the God of heaven give: For his


faileth never.

Another of the same.
PRAISE God, for he is kind :

His mercy lasts for aye.
2 Give thanks with heart and mind
To God of gods alway:
For certainly

His mercies dure

Most firm and sure

3 The Lord of lords praise ye,

Whose mercies still endure.

4 Great wonders only he
Doth work by his great pow'r :

For certainly, &c.
5 Which God omnipotent,

By might and wisdom high,
The heav'n and firmament
Did frame, as we may see:

For certainly, &c.
6 To him who did outstretch

This earth so great and wide,
Above the waters' reach
Making it to abide:

For certainly, &c.
7 Great lights he made to be ;

For his grace lasteth aye: 8 Such as the sun we see, To rule the lightsome day:

For certainly, &c.
9 Also the moon so clear,

Which shineth in our sight,
The stars that do appear,
To guide the darksome night:

For certainly, &c.
10 To him that Egypt smote,

Who did his message scorn ;
And in his anger hot
Did kill all their first-born:

For certainly, &c.
11 Thence Isr'el out he brought;
For his


lasteth 12 With a strong hand he wrought, And stretch'd out arm deliver:

For certainly, &c. 13 The sea he cut in two; For his grace lasteth still.

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14 And through its midst to go Made his own Israel :

For certainly, &c.
15 But overwhelm'd and lost

Was proud' king Pharaoh,
With all his mighty host,
And chariots there also :

For certainly, &c. 16 To him who pow'rfully

His chosen people led,
Ev'n through the desert dry,
And in that place them fed :

For certainly, &c.
17 To him great kings who 'smote;

For his grace hath no bound. 18 Who slew, and spared not Kings famous and renownd:

For certainly; &c. 19 Sihon the Am'rites king;

For his grace lasteth ever: 20 Og also, who did reign The land of Bashan over:

For certainly, &c. . 21 Their land by lot he

gave;i. For his grace faileth never, 22 That Isr'el might it have In heritage for ever :

For certainly, &c.
23 Who hath remembered ,

Us in our low estate; dia hii ili
24 And us delivered is juist liii!..
From foes which did us hate :) 31
For certainly, &c ia-ti


25 Who to all flesh gives food;

For his grace faileth never. 26 Give thanks to God most good, The God of heav'n, for ever:

For certainly, &c.

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1 B'

: All these things happened unto them for en samples (or types) to us: and they are written for our admonition, upon whom the ends of the world are come.' 1 Cor. x. 11. See Psal. xliv. &c.

By Babels streams they sat, and wept ;'
But still their heart Jerus'lem kept :
And so till time shall be no more,
On earth the sons of God complore !
Y Babel's streams we sat, and wept

When Sion we thought on.
2 In midst thereof we hang'd our harps

The willow-trees upon.
3 For there a song required they,

Who did us captive bring:
Our spoilers call'd for mirth, and said,

A song of Sion sing.
4 O how the Lord's song shall we sing
Within a foreign land ?

TY 5 If thee, Jerus'lem, I forget, Skill part from my right hand.

here 6 My tongue to my mouth's roof let cleave,

If I do thee forget, Jerusalem, and thee above

My chief joy do not set. 7 Remember Edom's children, Lord,

Who in Jerus'lem's day,

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