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unto my

spake it, not of himself, but of his Lord and Sou. See margin.*

Thus sang Kiny David in his day,

Who led the song of Zion's host,
Of Prince Messiah and his

Inspired by the Holy Ghost.
LORD did

Sit thou at my right hand,
Until I make thy foes a stool,

Whereon thy feet may stand. 2 The Lord shall out of Sion send

The rod of thy great pow'r:
In midst of all thine enemies

Be thou the governor.
3 A willing people in thy day

Of pow'r shall come to thee,
In holy beauties from morn's womb;

Thy youth like dew shall be.
4 The Lord himself hath made an oath,

And will repent him never.
Of the order of Melchisedec

Thou art a priest forever.
5 The glorious and mighty Lord,

That sits at thy right hand,
Shall, in his day of wrath, strike through

Kings that do him withstand.
6 He shall among the heathen judge,

· He shall with bodies dead The places fill: o'er many lands

He wound shall ev'ry head.
7 The brook that runneth in the way

With drink shall him supply;
And, for this cause, in triumph he

Shall lift his head on hi

* Prose Psalms of the Bible.


A Psalm of praise, similar to Psalm xxxiii. &c.

The honourable glorious things,
Atchiev'd by Christ, the King of kings,
Let his redeem'd for ever sound,

With holy rev'rence all around ! 1 PRAISE ye, the Lord : with my whole

I will God's praise declare, (heart Where the assemblies of the just

And congregations are. 2 The whole works of the Lord our God

Are great above all measure, Sought out they are of ev'ry one

That doth therein take pleasure. 3 His work most honourable is,

Most glorious and pure,
And his untainted righteousness

For ever doth endure.
* His works most wonderful he hath

Made to be thought upon : The Lord is gracious, and he is

Full of compassion. 5 He giveth meat unto all those

That truly do him fear; And evermore his covenant

He in his mind will bear.
6 He did the power of his works

Unto his people show,
When he the heathen's heritage

Upon them did bestow.
7 His handy-works are truth and right;

All his commands are sure: 8 And, done in truth and uprightness,

They evermore endure.

9 He sent redemption to his folk;

His covenant for aye
He did command: holy his name

And rev’rend is alway.
10 Wisdom's beginning is God's fear:

Good understanding they
Have all that his commands fulfil:

His praise endures for aye.

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PSALM CXII. The Lord Emmanuel is, without all controversy, the alone subject of this Psalm : for proof whereof, besides what has been said upon Psalm i. &c. the evidence is direct, and perfectly conclusive from 2 Cor. ix. 9, 10, where the apostle, from the example of Christ Jesus, enforceth the obligation upon Christians to cheerfulness and liberality in almsgiving, saying, ' As it is written,' (in this Psalm,) · he hath

dispersed abroad; he hath given to the poor: his righteousness remaineth for ever,' &c. Thanks be unto God for his unspeakable gift!

The Lord, the quick’ning Spirit, see,
Who comes the living souls to free ;
In Adam, now, we'll mourn no more ;

The Lord from heav'n shall all restore. 1 PRAISE ye the Lord. The man is bless'

That fears the Lord aright, He who in his commandements

Doth greatly take delight.
2 His seed and offspring powerful

Shall be the earth upon:
Of upright men blessed shall be
The generation.

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3 Riches and wealth shall ever be

Within his house in store; And his unspotted righteousness

Endures for evermore. 4 Unto the upright light doth rise,

Though he in darkness be: Compassionate, and merciful,

And righteous is he. 5 A good man doth his favour shew,

And doth to others lend: He with discretion his affairs

Will guide unto the end. 6 Surely there is not any thing

That ever shall him move: The righteous man's memorial

Shall everlasting prove.
7 When he shall evil tidings hear,

He shall not be afraid :
His heart is fix d, his confidence

Upon the Lord is stay'd.
8 His heart is firmly stablished,

Afraid he shall not be,
Until upon his enemies

He his desire shall see.
9 He hath dispers’d, giv'n to the poor;

His righteousness shall be
To ages all; with honour shall

His horn be raised high.
10 The wicked shall it see, and fret,
His teeth gnash,


away : What wicked men do most desire

Shall utterly decay.


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SING, O barren, thou that didst not bear ; break forth into singing, and cry aloud, thou that didst < not travail with child : for more are the children

of the desolate, than the children of the married wife, saith the Lord–For thy Maker is thine Hus• band-As the bridegroom rejoiceth over the bride,

so shall thy God rejoice over thee ;' Isa. liv. Explained by the apostle, Gal. iv. 28, 8c. Now, we brethren, as Isaac was, are children of the promise

So then, brethren, we are not children of the bondwoman, but of the free-Stand fast, therefore, in the liberty wherewith Christ hath made us free, and be not entangled again with the yoke

of bondage.'—For the Lord our Redeemer, as it is written in this Psalm, now fulfilling in his mercy to the church, gathered from all nations, maketh the

barren woman to keep house, and to be a joyful mother of children. Praise


the Lord.'
Chant, chant aloud, 0 church, thy joy ;
Let praise and love be thy employ;
Thy Lord, thy Husband, makes thee shine,
And reign with him in light divine !
PRAISE God: ye servants of the Lord,

O praise, the Lord's name praise. 2 Yea, blessed be the name of God

From this time forth always. 3 From rising sun to where it sets,

God's name is to be prais d. 4 Above all nations God is high,

'Bove heav'ns his glory rais'd. 5 Unto the Lord our God that dwells

On high, who can compare ? 6 Himself that humbleth things to see

In heav'n and earth that are.


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