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That for my soul have sought ; and thee

Before them have not set.
15 But thou art full of pity, Lord,

A God most gracious,
Long-suffering, and in thy truth

And mercy plenteous.
16 0 turn to me thy countenance,

And mercy on me have;
Thy servant strengthen, and the son

Of thine own handmaid save.
17 Shew me a sign for good, that they

Which do me hate may see,
And be asham'd; because thou, Lord,

Didst help and comfort me.

PSALM LXXXVII. COMMEMORATIVE and descriptive of the glory of the Messiah's kingdom, (spoken in the person of the Messiah ; parallel in the beginning to Psalm xlviii. and in the latter part to the conclusion of Psal. xxii. as appears by the margin *), fully ascertains its own most evident meaning in general, as here narrated. As to that particular passage in ver. 2. · The Lord • loveth the gates of Zion more than all the dwell

ings of Jacob,' which hath, upon occasions, been most grievously abused, it is explained by its parallel, Psal. lxxviii. 67. . Moreover, he refused the

tabernacle of Joseph, and chose not the tribe of

Ephraim ; but chose the tribe of Judah, the mount • Zion which he loved.'

Come, lift aloud the voice of joy!
Let praise and love be our employ!
Let heav'n unto the earth rebound,
And echo round the joyful sound !


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* Prose Psalms of the Bible,

UPON the hills of holiness

The Lord of Glory's Lord of all :
The sons unborn shall hear his call,
And hearing, they shall all obey,

And round him dance, and sing, and play! 1

the hills of holiness

He his foundation sets, 2 God, more than Jacob's dwellings all,

Delights in Sion's gates. 3 Things glorious are said of thee,

Thou city of the Lord.
4 Rahab and Babel. I, to those

That know me, will record :
Behold ev'n Tyrus, and with it

The land of Palestine,
And likewise Ethiopia ;

This man was born therein. 5 And it of Sion shall be said,

This man and that man there
Was born ; and he that is most High

Himself shall stablish her.
6 When God the people writes, he'll count

That this man born was there. 7 There be that sing and play; and all

My well-springs in thee are.


How grievously have the authors of the Westminster Confession of Faith and Catechisms (which, by the way, all the ministers and probationers of the Kirk of Scotland have sworn to and subscribed, as the confession of their faith, as well as the Seceders and Relief-people, with the writer of this illustration among the rest, before he knew better, while he continued to call the Kirk his mother) mistaken the Author and Finisher of the one divine apostolic faith

of all God's elect, when they have ventured to ada vance this Psalm throughout, as they word it, together with Psal. xxii. Ixxvii. and others equally foreign to their purpose, as proofs, that one who

doubteth of his being in Christ, may have true in'terest in Christ, though he be not yet assured there'of!—They commonly say, that the Son of God himself died under a cloud; and that, in so dying, he was a pattern to his followers in all ages. They have said, that, if the Son of God expressed two acts of faith in crying, “ My God, my God,' he also expressed one act of doubting and unbelief in adding, · Why hast thou forsaken me?'-_And many more such things with them there be..My soul, come not thou into their counsel! mine honour, with theirs be not united !--Now, to forbear a little, and to allow them all they desire with regard to this famous Psalm ; suppose that, indeed, Heman the Ezrahite, giving instruction, was, as they allow, by the Holy Ghost inspired to describe his own personal experiences, (and not those of the Messiah); and moreover, that those said experiences of Heman were meant as patterns to all other saints in time coming, and good proofs, that persons might have true interest in Christ, though not yet assured thereof, fc. suppose, I say, all this, and whatever more you please in the same strain


that the Holy Ghost should inspire a man to cry out at a venture without assurance, without certainty, as in the first words of this Psalm, 'O Lord God of my

salvation,' &c.-or that these words were a proof, that he might possibly have an interest in God's salvation, and yet at the same time have no assurance thereof?-0 enemy ! enemy! how hast thou deceiv. ed the nations See the parallels.-Consider the New Testament, and give God, O believer, the praise of all his glory, as it shines in the face of Jesus. I say no more.

This song of mourning Jesus sang -
In day of his extreme distress,


When war and trumpet's dreadful clang

Alarm'd his soul with fearfulness :
Thy sufforing Lord, believer, see,
And praise the heart that bled for thee !
The horrors of his hell-touch'd soul,

From wounds of death have made thee whole ! I LORD God, my Saviour, day and night

Before thee cry'd have I. 2 Before thee let my prayer come;

Give ear unto my cry: 3 For troubles great do fill my soul ;

My life draws nigh the grave, 4 I'm counted with those that go down

To pit, and no strength have.
5 Ev'n free among the dead, like them

That slain in grave do lie ;
Cut off from thy hand, whom no more

Thou hast in memory.
6 Thou hast me laid in lowest pit,

In deeps and darksome caves. 7 Thy wrath lies hard on me, thou hast

Me press'd with all thy waves.
8 Thou hast put far from me my friends,

Thou mad'st them to abhor me ;
And I am so shut


that I
Find no evasion for me.
9 By reason of affliction

Mine eye mourns dolefully:
To thee, Lord, do I call, and stretch

My hands continually.
10 Wilt thou shew wonders to the dead ?

Shall they rise, and thee bless ? 11 Shall in the grave thy love be told ?

In death thy faithfulness ? 12 Shall thy great wonders in the dark,

Or shall thy righteousness,

Be known to any in the land

Of deep forgetfulness ? 13 But, Lord, to thee I cryd; my pray'r.

At morn prevent shall thee. 14 Why, Lord, dost thou cast off my soul,

And hid'st thy face from me?
15 Distress'd am I, and from my youth

I ready am to die;
Thy terrors I have borne, and am

Distracted fearfully.
16 The dreadful fierceness of thy wrath
Quite over me doth

Thy terrors great have cut me off,

They did pursue me só.
17 For round about me ev'ry day,

Like water, they did roll;
And, gathering together, they

Have compassed my soul.
18 My friends thou hast put far from me,

And him that did me love;
And those that mine acquaintance were

To darkness didst remove.



PRECISELY parallel to Psal. ii. See ver. 27. ' I ' will make him, my First-born, higher than the kings of the earth,' &c.

Descriptive of THE SON OF GOD,
Whose empire's all the world abroad,
And of the glory of his reign,
Which lasts for evermore : amer-
This song of high triumphant praise, I 3
Let faith and love for ever raise!, pur

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