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OW lovely is thy dwelling-place,

O Lord of hosts, to me!
The tabernacles of thy grace

How pleasant, Lord, they be !
2 My thirsty soul longs veh’mently,

Yea faints, thy courts to see ;
My very heart and flesh cry out,

O living God, for thee.
3 Behold, the sparrow findeth out

An house wherein to rest;
The swallow also for herself

Hath purchased a nest;
Ev'n thine own altars, * where she safe

Her young ones forth may bring,
O thou almighty Lord of hosts,

Who art my God and King.
4 Bless'd are they in thy house that dwells,

They ever give thee praise. 5 Bless d'is the man whose strength thou art,

In whose heart are thy ways:
6 Who passing thorough Baca's vale,

Therein do dig up wells ;
Also the rain that falleth down

The pools with water fills. To me, it is inconceivable, how sparrows or swallows could fix their nests in the altars of God, which were of brass or rough stones, and had a fire perpetually burning upon them, and multitudes of priests and Levites crouding around them. God did not allow of any trees to be planted near to them. I cannot believe God's tabernacle or temple was polluted with the nests and ordure of birds, in the manner of our ruinous churches. Nor, can I see this idea answerable to the context, or scope of the Psalm: Might not the verse be rather translat. ed, As the sparrow findeth the house, and the swallow the nest for herself, where she hath put her young ones, my soul findeth thine altars, O Lord of hosts, my King and my God, i. e. with inexpressible ardour I long for, and desire them, and with ineffable pleasure I approach them, in order to intimate fel. lowship with my God. Compare ver. 1, 2. 10. of this Psalm. with Psalms xlii. 1, 2.xlii. 3. 4. Rev. Mr Brown, Haddington.)

* 7 So they from strength unwearied go

Still forward unto strength,
Until in Sion they appear

Before the Lord at length.
8 Lord God of hosts, my prayer hear;

O Jacob's God give ear.
9 See God our shield, look on the face

Of thine Anointed dear.
10 For in thy courts one day excels

A thousand; rather in,
My God's house will I keep a door,

Than dwell in tents of sin.
11 For God the Lord's a sun and shield:

He'll grace and glory give;
And will withhold no good from them

That uprightly do live.
12 0 thou that art the Lord of hosts,

That man is truly blest,
Who by assured confidence

On thee alone doth rest.

PSALM LXXXV. DESCRIPTIVE and commemorative, according to the season then being, of the past, present, and future ways of the Lord God towards his people, his elected church; who indeed, as to their persons, are innumerable, but as to their spirits, are one with their Lord their Head, in whose name and communion, by the Holy Ghost, who dwelleth in them all, they are authorised and led, conjunctly and severally, to breathe forth their joyful spirits into their Father's bosom, in this gloriously triumphant song of praise.

Behold the blessings, here describ'd,

Of everlasting Grace,

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Whose reign is only circumscribd

By the utmost bounds of space :
For truth and mercy both are one :
Justice hath kissed

peace ;
And God's come down to join with man

In a divine embrace. 10

LORD, thou hast been favourable

To thy beloved land:
Jacob's captivity thou hast

Recall'd with mighty hand.
2 Thou pardoned thy people hast

All their iniquities;
Thou all their trespasses and sins

Hast cover'd from thine eyes.
3 Thou took'st off all thine ire, and turn'dst

From thy wrath's furiousness. 4 Turn us, God of our health, and cause

Thy wrath 'gainst us to cease. 5 Shall thy displeasure thus endure

Against us without end?
Wilt thou to generations all

Thine anger forth extend ?
6 That in thee may thy people joy,

Wilt thou not us revive? 7 Shew us thy mercy, Lord' to us :

Do thy salvation give.
8 I'll hear what God the Lord will speak:

To his folk he'll speak peace,
And to his saints ; but let them not

Return to foolishness.
9 To them that fear him surely near

Is his salvation.
That glory in our land may have

Her habitation.
10 Truth met with mercy, righteousness

And peace kiss'd mutually :

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11 Truth springs from earth, and righteousness

Looks down from heaven high. 12 Yea, what is good the Lord shall give;

Our land shall yield increase : 13 Justice, to set us in his steps,

Shall go before his face.

PSALM LXXXVI. The speaker in this Psalm (for there is but one,) finds himself authorised to plead his own holiness, as the foundation of his claim to the divine favour; wherefore, he says, ver. 2, · Preserve my soul ; FOR · I am HOLY: 0 thou my God, save thy Servant

that trusteth in thee.'—See parallels, Psal. xxxv. xl. cxvi. &c. Who can this be but the Lord of David ?

The Father's Servant here become,

Who was in God's own form,
THE Son, shall bring his chosen home,

And all his will perform :
He boldly pleads his holiness,

When he to God draws near ;
Nor will the Lord reject the face

10 ,

LORD, do thou bow down thine ear,

And hear me graciously ;
Because I sore afflicted ani,

And am in poverty.
2 Because I'm holy, let my soul

By thee preserved be:
O thou my God, thy servant save,

That puts his trust in thee. 3 Sith unto thee I daily cry,

Be merciful to me.

4 Rejoice thy servant's soul; for, Lord,

I lift my soul to thee.
5 For thou art gracious, O Lord,

And ready to forgive;
And rich in mercy, all that call

Upon thee to relieve. 6 Hear, Lord, my pray’r; unto the voice

Of my request attend : 7 In troublous times I'll call on thee;

For thou wilt answer send. 8 Lord, there is none among the gods That may with thee

compare; And like the works which thou hast done,

Not any work is there. 9 All riations whom thou mad'st shall come

And worship rev’rently
Before thy face; and they, O Lord,

Thy name shall glorify.
10 Because thou art exceeding great,

And works by thee art done
Which are to be admir'd; and thou

Art God thyself alone,
11 Teach me thy way, and in thy truth,

O Lord, then walk will I;
Unite my heart, that I thy name

May fear continually.
12 0 Lord my God, with all my heart

To thee will I give praise;
And I the glory will ascribe

Unto thy name always :
13 Because thy mercy toward me

In greatness doth excel;
And thou deliver'd hast

Out from the lowest hell.
14 O God, the proud against me rise,

And vi'lent men have met,

my soul

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