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69 And he his sanctuary built

Like to a palace high,
Like to the earth which he did found

To perpetuity.
70 Of David, that his servant was,

He also choice did make,
And even from the folds of sheep

Was pleased him to take:
71 From waiting on the ewes with young

He brought him forth to feed
Israel, his inheritance,

Hi people Jacob's seed. 72 So after the internity

He of his heart them fed ;
And by the good skill of his hands

Them wisely gorerned.

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PSALM LXXIX. A second part, as it were, of Psalm lxxiv. similar to, and explained by Psalm xliv.

Although we are brought very love,

very loro must lie ;
Oar is not here, we know,

Bæt high beyond the sky.
Oer kick Redeemer pleads our cause,

And saves us by his pop r :
Bu those who tranne on his laws,

His praik skail quick devour.
GON, the heathen enter d have

Thine hortage: by them
Defiled is tày house: on heaps

They laid Jerusalemn. 3 The bodies of thy servants they

Have cast forth to be meat

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To rav'nous fowls; thy dear saints' Alesh

They gave to beasts to eat. 3 Their blood about Jerusalem

Like water they have shed; And there was none to bury them

When they were slain and dead. 4 Unto our neighbours a reproach

Most base become are we;
A scorn and laughing-stock to them

That round about us be.
5 How long, Lord, shall thine anger last ?

Wilt thou still keep the same ?
And shall thy fervent jealousy

Burn like unto a flame?
6 On heathen pour thy fury forth,

That have thee never known,
And on these kingdoms which thy name

Have never cald upon.
7 For these are they who Jacob have

Devoured cruelly ;
And they his habitation

Have caused waste to lie.
8 Against us mind not former sins ;

Thy tender mercies show;
Let them prevent us speedily,

For we're brought very low. .
9 For thy name's glory help us, Lord,

Who hast our Saviour been:
Deliver us; for thy name's sake,

O purge away our sin. 10 Why say the heathen, Where's their God?

Let him to them be known;
When those who shed thy servants' blood

Are in our sight o'erthrown. 11 O let the pris'ner's sighs ascend

Before thy sight on high ;

Preserve those in thy mighty pow'r

That are design'd to die.
12 And to our neighbours' bosom cause

It sev'n-fold render'd be,
Ev'n the reproach wherewith they have,

O Lord, reproached thee.
13 So we thy folk, and pasture-sheep,

Shall give thee thanks always;
And unto generations all

We will shew forth thy praise.

PSALM LXXX. This most beautiful, allegorical Psalm, the spirit and meaning whereof are more obvious than any thing that could be advanced for their illustration, is evidently, by the Holy Ghost, its author, put into the heart and mouth of the one, true,' and faithful church of Christ, to the praise of her God, her Shepherd, Husbandman, and King.

Almighty Father, Shepherd, King,

Who reignest in thy love divine,
To make our hearts for ever sing,

Behold and visit still thy vine !
Thine hand upon THE SON OF MAN,
THE BRANCH, which thou hast made our

In person perfect, ev'ry one,

O make us, Lord, like him at length. 1 HEAR, Isr'el's Shepherd ! like a flock

Thou that dost Joseph guide :
Shine forth, O thou that dost between

The cherubims abide.
2 In Ephraim's, and Benjamin's,

And in Manasseh's sight,

O come for our salvation;

Stir up thy strength and might. 3 Turn us again, O Lord our God,

And upon us vouchsafe
To make thy countenance to shine,

And so we shall be safe.
4 0 Lord of Hosts, Almighty God,

How long shall kindled be
Thy wrath against the prayer made

By thine own folk to thee?
5 Thou tears of sorrow giv'st to them

Instead of bread to eat;
Yea, tears instead of drink thou giv'st

To them in measure great. 6 Thou makest us a strife unto

Our neighbours round about;
Our enemies among themselves

At us do laugh and flout.
7 Turn us again, O God of Hosts,

And upon us vouchsafe
To make thy countenance to shine,

And so we shall be safe.
8 A vine from Egypt brought thou hast,

By thine outstretched hand;
And thou the heathen out didst cast,

To plant it in their land.
9 Before it thou a room didst make,

Where it might grow and stand ;
Thou causedst it deep root to take,

And it did fill the land. 10 The mountains vail'd were with its shade,

As with a covering ;
Like goodly cedars were the boughs

Which out from it did spring. 11 Upon the one hand to the sea

Her boughs she did out send;

On th' other side unto the flood

Her branches did extend. 12 Why hast thou then thus broken down And ta’en her hedge away

y? So that all passengers do pluck,

And make of her a prey.
13 The boar who from the forest comes

Doth waste it at his pleasure;
The wild beast of the field also

Devours it out of measure.
14 O God of Hosts, we thee beseech,

Return now unto thine ;
Look down from heav'n in love, behold,

And visit this thy vine: 15 This vineyard, which thine own right hand

Hath planted us among;
And that same branch, which for thyself

Thou hast made to be strong. 16 Burnt up it is with flaming fire,

It also is cut down:
They utterly are perished

When as thy face doth frown. 17 O let thy hand be still upon

The Man of thy right hand
The Son of man, whom for thyself

Thou madest strong to stand.
18 So henceforth we will not go back,

Nor turn from thee at all :
O do thou quicken us, and we

Upon thy name will call.
19 Turn us again, Lord God of hosts,

To make thy countenance to shine,

And so we shall be safe,

upon us vouchsafe

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