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nigh slipt.' But what can be inferred from these words, but that the speaker, in the circumstances supposed and described, was in great anxiety and pressure of spirit, almost overwhelmed and overcome by the consideration of the matter in his view ? Which is really confirmed and demonstrated by the next words, properly understood; although the translators, filled with nothing in their minds bat the persons, situations, and frailties of the penmen, as appears from their contents of all the Psalms, as well as of this, have accommodated the turn of the words to the state of their fancied speaker, and have made him say, 'I was envious,' &c. which, upon any occasion but the present, where they most deserved, would have been rendered thus, · I was moved with • zealous indignation,' or, I was exceedingly griev• ed at the foolish,' &c.—It would look very like af. fectation, and an useless display of what the most part of my readers would call pedantry, to endeavour to justify, by quotations from the critics, this observation upon ver. 3. which I shall leave to every honest and wise heart to consider; and pass on to ver. 16. " When I thought to know this, it was too painful

for me'-or rather as the margin * tells us, according to the Hebrew reading, “It was labour in mine

eyes.' Now what can be understood by this plain, Hebrew reading, but that it was painful or grievous to behold ?And how remarkably was this fulfilled, when Jesus saw the buyers and sellers in the temple, and in him was fulfilled this saying, “The zeal of • thinė house hath eaten me up?' John ii. 17.-Ver. 21. explains the whole in plain terms, . Thus my • heart was grieved, and I was pricked in my

reins, -But what shall be made of the next verse, So • foolish was I, and ignorant;' (Heb. as the margin, • I knew not'); “I was as a beast before thee;' (Heb. marg

with thee') ?--Psal. xcii. 6. is by no means parallel to this, although quoted on the margin. If the paraphrase of this verse should fail of giving


* Proçe Psalms of the Bible.

satisfaction to our bold objectors, I would ask them what good consistent sense they will put upon these words of the prophet, which the Holy Ghost is witness, are spoken of the Lord Jesus Christ ? " Who is blind but my Servant? or deaf as my Messenger

that I sent? Who is blind as he that is perfect, and blind as the Lord's servant ? Seeing many things, .but thou observest not ; opening the ears, but he heareth not ! Isa. xlii. 19, 20. He was led as a

sheep to the slaughter; and like a lamb dumb be'fore his shearers, so opened he not his mouth ;' Isa. liii. 7.—and, 'I am worm, and no man!' Psal. xxii.- Meaning, in all these passages, the appearances he made in his estate of humiliation among men, and the estimation wherein he was held of them: as a man of sorrows, and acquainted with grief ; without form or beauty, in their eyes, why he should be desired, &c.

How zealously his spirit burn'd,

When he their bold deeds saw,
And was to indignation lurn'd

At breakers of the law !
Yet, patient as a lamb he lay,
Suff'ring his Father's will

Until for us he pav'd the way

Unto his holy hill.
ET God is good to Israel,

To each pure-hearted one.
2 But as for me, my steps near slipp'd,

My feet were almost gone.
3 For Í envious was, and grudg'd

The foolish folk to see,
When I perceiv'd the wicked sort

Enjoy prosperity.
4 For still their strength continueth firm ;

Their death of bands is free. 5 They are not toil'd like other men, Nor plagu’d, as others be.

1 YET.

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6 Therefore their pride, like to a chain,

Them compasseth about ;
And, as a garment, violence

Doth cover them throughout. 7 Their eyes stand out with fat; they have

More than their hearts could wish. 8 They are corrupt; their talk of wrong

Both lewd and lofty is. 9 They set their mouth against the heav'n's

In their blasphemous talk;
And their reproaching tongue throughout

The earth at large doth walk. 10 His people oftentimes for this

Look back, and turn about;
Sith waters of so full a cup

To these are poured out.
11 And thus they say, How can it be

That God these things doth know?
Or, Can there in the Highest be

Knowledge of things below?
12 Behold, these are the wicked ones,

Yet prosper at their will
In worldly things; they do increase

In wealth and riches still. 13 I verily have done in vain

My heart to purify;
To no effect in innocence

Washed my hands have I.
14 For daily, and all day throughout,

Great plagues I suffer'd have;
Yea, ev'ry morning I of new

Did chastisement receive. 15 If in this manner foolishly

To speak I would intend,
Thy children's generation,

Behold, I should offend.


16 When I this thought to know, it was

Too hard a thing for me; 17 Till to God's sanctuary I went,

Then I their end did see. 18 Assuredly thou didst them set

A slipp’ry place upon ;
Them suddenly thou castedst down

Into destruction.
19 How in a moment suddenly

To ruin brought are they !
With fearful terrors utterly

They are consum'd away. 20 Ev’n like unto a dream, when

From sleeping doth arise ;
So thou, O Lord, when thou awak'st,

Their image shalt despise.
21 Thus grieved was my heart in me,

And me my reins opprest : 22 So rude was 1, and ignorant,

And in thy sight a beast. 23 Nevertheless continually,

O Lord, I am with thee:
Thou dost me hold by my right hand,

And still upholdest me. 24 Thou, with thy counsel, while I live,

- Wilt me conduct and guide; And to thy glory afterward

Receive me to abide.
25 Whom have I in the heavens high

But thee, O Lord alone ?
And in the earth whom I desire

Besides thee there is none. 26 My flesh and heart doth faint and fail,

But God doth fail me never:
For of my heart God is the strength

And portion for ever:

27 For, lo, they that are far from thee

For ever perish shall;
Them that a whoring from thee go

Thou hast destroyed all. 28 But surely it is good for me

That I draw near to God :
In God I trust, that all thy works

I may declare abroad.


SIMILAR to Psalm xliv. which see.

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The temple fir'd, the glory gone,

The people scatter'd to and fro,
Behold what God the Lord hath done!

Let all the world his judgments know.
By tribulations he subdues,

And for himself his elect trains :
The God of all the ancient Jews,

The same o'er all the Gentiles reigns. 10 GOD, why hast thou cast us off?

Is it for evermore?
Against thy pasture-sheep why doth

Thine anger smoke so sore? 2 O call to thy rememberance

Thy congregation,
Which thou hast purchased of old ;

Still think the same upon :
The rod of thine inheritance,

Which thou redeemed hast,
This Sion hill, wherein thou hadst

Thy dwelling in times past. 2 To these long desolations

Thy feet lift, do not tarry ;

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