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I put my trust in him :-then shall I be at « rest.'

They proceed next to David's experiences, as what frequently happen, say they, or may happen, to all saints. How they trumpet forth that famous saying of his which he said in his heart, • One day I shall perish by the hand of Saul,'. &c. If that of David had any relation to a believer's fears of falling into perdition, it is plain, that the reading of the sentence to the end, would have given the conclusion a quite contrary turn; being a proof, that, like David, they thought they should escape, and not fall. Why do you

trifle with us in the name of the Lord ! Have we need of this ? or, if such a doctrine is to be maintained, has it need to be maintained with such weapons ?

They are now come to the Psalms; and there, see how they seize upon every strong figure of speech which the Holy Ghost hath used, expressive of the sufferings of Christ, and of the following glory! Lo, how heartily, blindly, and boldly they apply them all as expressive of the frames of the spirits of David, Heman, and Asaph, in the times of their soul-trouble and spiritual desertion; till at length, through their prayers, supplications, fastings, and tears, they find a glorious outgate (as they speak) by a new and sensible manifestation! And these same risings and fallings in their spirits or frames, through the vain supposition that they were the experiences of mere mortals, are considered, upheld,

and ascertained, as so many incontrovertible models, or patterns of God's sovereign way of dealing with his children, whom the New Testament says, he fills with peace and joy in believing; so that they even glory in God (which is not an accidental coming and going thing, but an essential permanent part of their character) through their Lord Jesus Christ, by whom they have now received the atonement.

But those leaders, in diametrical opposition to the apostles, apply upon occasions to the saints and faithful in Christ Jesus, all such passages in the Psalms as the following : “My soul is sore - vexed-The sorrows of death compassed me

The pains of hell got hold upon me-Thine

arrows stick fast in me-Deep calleth unto 6

deep at the noise of thy water-spouts: all thy waves and thy billows are gone over me-Hor

ror hath overwhelmed me: I sink in deep mire, • where there is no standing I am come into

deep waters, where the floods overflow me · I am like a pelican of the wilderness, I have • eaten ashes like bread, because thou hast lift

ed me up, and cast me down-The deep waters are come into my soul-My soul refused to be

comforted—I remembered the wormwood and • the gallI remembered God, and was trou“ bled--While I suffer thy terrors, I am dis• tracted,' or torn asunder- Will the Lord (cast off for ever? and will he be favourable no more? Is his mercy elean gone for ever? And doth his promise fail for evermore ? Hath God

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forgotten to be gracious ? hath he in anger • shut up his tender mercies? Selah. And I

said, this is mine infirmity : but I will re• member the years of the right hand of the

Most High,' 8C. What ideas have those men of the power and operation of the Comforter upon the spirits of the saints, when they think that their state, even at any juncture, may be deseribed in the very same language which describes the power and operation of God's wrath upon the spirit and body of their Redeemer, when standing in their room, and drinking up for them that cup of bitterness which the Father had put into his hand, that they, in place there, of, might have a cup of salvation, thanksgiving, and eternal consolation, put into theirs ?

O vain men, how came ye to make sad the hearts of those whom the Lord by the sadness of his heart hath made glad ? how many distressed ones go

with a back bowed down always through the influence and burden of your strange doetrines? How came ye to rob them of their peculiar privileges and titles, calling them desponding believers, whom their God and Father had filled with the Holy Ghost, and all his divine consolations and fruits, love, peace, hope, joy,-joy unspeakable and full of glory?

How came ye to overlook, that the infirmity, or weakness, which ye attributed to them, was their strength, their glory, their crown? What else mean such passages as these ? • He was cru

cified through weakness; but raised again by

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6 the power

of God-Put to death in the flesh; • but quickened by the Spirit.' And the years of the right hand of the Most High, which he said he would remember, are they not explained by such passages as these ? · For the joy that

was set before him, he endured the cross, and

despised the shame, and is now set down again • on the right hand of the Majesty on high.—I

have glorified thee upon earth: I have finished the work which thou gavest me to do. And now, O Father, glorify thou me with the glory 6 which I had with thee before the world was ;' which glory is spoken of in the book of Proverbs, · The Lord possessed me in the beginning of his way,

before his works of old. I was set up - from everlasting. Then I was by him as one

brought up with him : and I was daily his de

light, rejoicing always before him: rejoicing • in the habitable parts of his earth, and my de

lights were with the sons of men.' Was it not for the joy of bringing many sons and daughters to glory, that he came into the world, made

of a woman, made under the law, made the « curse ?' Yea verily ; for their sakes, “ in the

days of his flesh, he offered up prayers and supplications, with strong crying and tears,

to him that was able to save him from death ;' which he was then undergoing, and was heard according to all his desire, and exalted for his submission and obedience to his Father. It was he who sunk in the miry clay; and was raised, and set upon a rock, The waves of

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wrath went over him, the deep waters broke in upon his soul, and his soul was troubled; so that he cried, My soul is sorrowful, exceeding • sorrowful,' sorrowful round about, “sorrowful even to death.'

His spirit was distracted, torn asunder by the terrors of Jehovah. The arrows of God stuck fast in him : the mercy of God went clean from him ; and the judgments of God rested upon him, for a light to the nations of them who are saved; that they might have the boldness, and not the amazement, through the blood of their Lord, the atonement; who ob. tained for them the remission and kingdom, not in the way of favour or mercy to himself, but in the way of strict absolute justice, as the due wages of his own most absolute perfect obedience in their stead.

But alas! though all this true doctrine concerning the sufferings of the Lord and following glory be strenuously maintained by those men we speak of, yet they have not thought of it in such as the above-mentioned passages of the Psalms; and therefore, according to the softest thing that can be said, they have inadvertently made all they maintain of the truth in so far of none effect, by pouring into the hearts of God's children the vinegar, wormwood, and gall of God's wrath, which their Surety drank wholly up to their immortal consolation. Wherefore, to ascribe to them any part of the expiatory sufferings of their Lord, as described in the words of the Holy Ghost; what is it, let candour say,

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