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15 Burnt-sacrifices of fat rams

With incence I will bring ;
Of bullocks and of goats I will

Present an offering.
16 All that fear God, come, hear, I'll tell

What he did for my soul.
17 1 with my mouth unto him cry'd,

My tongue did him extol.
18 If in my heart I sin regard,

The Lord me will not hear:
19 But surely God me heard, and to

My prayer's voice gave ear.
20 O let the Lord, our gracious God,

For ever blessed be,
Who turned not my pray'r from him,

Nor yet his grace from me.

SIMILAR to the last two and the following one ;
spoken by the Messiah, and expressive of the glory
following, and overflowing all the world with ever-
lasting light, joy, and praise, in consequence of his
own meritorious, sin-atoning, and death-destroying
passion and death, accomplished at Jerusalem with
out the gates ; whither all his people must follow
him, bearing his reproach. and counting it all joy to
suffer for his name.
Spread, spread the joyful news abroad ;

Let all the world re-echoing ring ;
Let all the earth resound to God

The lofty praises of her King !
The Lord, the witness, is the Judge ;

He judges by the joyful news
His gospel which his pow'r shall lodge

In hearts of Gentiles, and of Jens.

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ORD, bless and pity us,

Shine on us with thy face: 2 That th' earth thy way, and nations all

May know thy saving grace, 3

Let people praise thee, Lord';

Let people all thee praise. 4 0 let the nations be glad,

In songs their voices raise :

Thou'lt justly people judge,

On earth rule nations all. 5 Let people praise thee Lord; let them

Praise thee, both great and small. 6 The earth her fruit shall yield,

Our God shall blessing send. 7 God shall us bless; men shall him fear

Unto earth's utmost end.

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Another of the same. | LORD, unto us be merciful, And graciously cause shine on us

The brightness of thy face : 2 That so thy way upon the earth

To all men may be known; Also among the nations all

Thy saving health be shown. 30 let the people praise thee, Lord';

Let people all thee praise. 4 O let the nations be glad,

And sing for joy always :
For rightly thou shalt people judge,

And nations rule on earth.
5 Let people praise thee, Lord; let all

The folk praise thee with mirth. 6 Then shall the earth yield her increase,

God, our God, bless us shall.

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7 God shall us bless; and of the earth

The ends shall fear him all.


A song of triumph, prophetic and descriptive of the resurrection, ascension, and following glory of the Lord Jesus Christ; as appears from ver. 18. - Thou hast ascended on high; thou hast led cap

tivity captive; thou hast received gifts for men,' sfc. interpreted, Ephes. iv. 8. · Wherefore he saith,

when he ascended up on high, he led captivity i captive, and gave gifts unto men,' &c.

Lo, light and glory from the grave

Of Jesus Christ arising spring,
That we might life eternal have,

And mount to heav’n upon his wing :
Ascended he most gloriously,

Triumphing over death and hell ;
Receiving gifts from God on high ;

That God the Lord with us might dwell ! * LET God arise, and scattered

Let all his en’mies be ;
And let all those that do him hate

Before his presence flee.
2 As smoke is driv'n, so drive thou them ;

As fire melts wax away,
Before God's face let wicked men

So perish and decay.
3 But let the righteous be glad :

Let them before God's sight
Be very joyful ; yea, let them

Rejoice with all their might.
4 To God sing, to his name sing praise ;

Extol him with your voice,

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That rides on heav'n, by his name JAH,

Before his face rejoice.
5 Because the Lord a father is

Unto the fatherless;
God is the widow's judge, within

His place of holiness.
6 God doth the solitary set

In fam’lies: and from bands
The chain'd doth free; but rebels do

Inhabit parched lands.
7 0 God, what time thou didst go forth

Before thy people's face ;
And when through the great wilderness

Thy glorious marching was ;
8 Then at God's presence shook the earth,

Then drops from heaven fell ;
This Sinai shook before the Lord,

The God of Israel.
9 O God, thou to thine heritage

Didst send a plenteous rain,
Whereby thou, when it weary was,

Didst it refresh again.
10 Thy congregation then did make

I'heir habitation there :
Of thine own goodness for the poor,

O God, thou didst prepare.
11 The Lord himself did give the word,

The word abroad did spread ;
Great was


of them
The same who published.
12 Kings of great armies foiled were,
And forc'd to flee

And women, who remain'd at home,

Did distribute the prey.
13 Though ye have lien among the pots,
Like doves




Whose wings with silver, and with gold

Whose feathers cover'd are. 14 When there th' Almighty scatter'd kings,

Like Salmon's snow 'twas white. 15 God's hill is like to Bashan hill,

Like Bashan hill for height. 16 Why do ye leap, ye mountains high?

This is the hill where God Desires to dwell; yea, God in it

For aye will make abode. 17 God's chariots twenty thousand are:

Thousands of angels strong; In's holy place God is, as in

Mount Sinai, them among.
18 Thou hast, O Lord most glorious,

Ascended up on high;
And in triumph victorious led

Captive captivity :
Thou hast received gifts for men

For such as did rebel;
Yea, ev'n for them, that God the Lord

In midst of them might dwell. 19 Bless'd be the Lord, who is to us

Of our salvation God; Who daily with his benefits

Us plenteously doth load. 20 He of salvation is the God,

Who is our God most strong; And unto God the Lord from death

The issues do belong.
21 But surely God shall wound the head

Of those that are his foes;
The hairy scalp of him that still

On in his trespass goes.
22 God said, My people I will bring

Again from Bashan hill;

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