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2 Me from their secret counsel hide

Who do live wickedly;
From insurrection of those men

That work iniquity : 3 Who do their tongues with malice whet,

And make them cut like swords;
In whose bent bows are arrows set,

Ev’n sharp and bitter words:
4 That they may at the perfect man

In secret aim their shot;
Yea, suddenly they dare at him

To shoot, and fear it not.
5 In ill encourage they themselves,

And their snares close do lay;
Together conference they have;

Who shall them see? they say. 6 They have search'd out iniquities,

A perfect search they keep:
Of each of them the inward thought,

And very heart, is deep.
7 God shall an arrow shoot at them,

And wound them suddenly: 8 So their own tongue shall them confound;

All who them see shall fly.
9 And on all men a fear shall fall,

God's works they shall declare;
For they shall wisely notice take

What these his doings are.
10 In God the righteous shall rejoice,

And trust upon his might;
Yea, they shall greatly glory all

In heart that are upright.

PSALM LXV. See the general preface and the marginal references ; * which, if wisely considered, will fully justify the subsequent paraphrase + of this Psalm, which is evidently of the same spirit, meaning, and expression, as the 55th chapter of Isaiah, from ver. 10. to the end, with all the other passages in the Scriptures, where the Holy Ghost, poured out from on high in the everlasting gospel, is represented by the figures of rain, dew, floods, rivers, and streams in the desert, and his effects as the renewing of the year, by all the kindly influences of the spring, summer, and harvest upon the earth. The speaker in the Psalm is the Lord, the Son of the Father, manifest in the flesh, God over all, and blessed for ever ;-whom the Father chose, and caused to approach unto himself, making his elect Servant, in whom his soul delighteth, the Shepherd, the Forerunner of the whole flock : see the 4th verse, * Blessed is the man whom thou chusest, and causest

to approach unto thee, that he may dwell in thy 'courts',-compared with its parallel and interpreter, Jer. xxx. 21. " Their GOVERNOR shall proceed from the midst of them, and I will cause AJM to draw near; and he shall APPROACH unto me: for ' who is this that engaged his heart to approach wto me? saith the Lord. And ye shall be my pecple, and I will be


Bearing our sins and all our plaints ---
To pave the way for all his saints,
Messiah comes to pay

his von,
And meekly to Jehovah bow :
Approaching in our room and stead,
Accepted, bless'd, (let us be glad !)
He pours whole floods of glory down,
TH' ACCEPTED YEAR with grace to crown !

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* Prose Psalms of the Bible.

+ See Note, page 94.

1 PRAISE RAISE waits for thee in Sion, Lord :

To thee vows paid shall be. 20 thou that hearer art of pray'r,

All flesh shall come to thee. 3 Iniquities, I must confess,

Prevail against me do:
But as for our transgressions,

Them purge away shalt thou. 4 Bless'd is the man whom thou dost chuse,

And mak’st approach to thee, That he within thy courts, O Lord,

May still a dweller be:
We surely shall be satisfy'd

With thy abundant grace,
And with the goodness of thy house,

Ev’n of thy holy place. 5 O God of our salvation,

Thou, in thy righteousness,
By fearful works unto our pray’rs

Thine answer dost express :
Therefore the ends of all the earth,

And those afar that be
Upon the sea, their confidence,

O Lord, will place in thee.
6 Who, being girt with pow'r, sets fast

By his great strength, the hills. 7 Who noise of seas, noise of their waves,

And people's tumult, stills.
8 Those in the utmost parts that dwell

Are at thy signs afraid :
Th' outgoings of the morn and ev'n

By thee are joyful made.
9 The earth thou visit'st, wat‘ring it ;

Thou mak’st it rich to grow With God's full flood; thou corn preparist

, When thou provid'st it so,

10 Her riggs thou water’st plenteously,

Her furrows settlest :
With show’rs thou dost her molify,

Her spring by thee is blest. 11 So thou the year most lib’rally

Dost with thy goodness crown ;
And all thy paths abundantly

On us drop fatness down.
12 They drop upon the pastures wide,

That do in deserts lie ;
The little hills on ev'ry side

Rejoice right pleasantly.
13 With flocks the pastures clothed be,

The vales with corn are clad;
And now they shout and sing to thee,

For thou hast made them glad.


As the last. See the margin.*
O glory, glory, glory sing

Unto the Lord our God alone!
Our God, our Glory is our King !

We'll join the praises of the Son
THE Son of God conducts our song!

He leads us on to heav'nly joy :
Through floods and flames we'll sing alongs

And praise shall be our sole employ.
LL lands to God, in joyful sounds

voices raise.
2 Sing forth the honour of his name,

And glorious make his praise.

• Prose Psalms of the Bible.

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3 Say unto God, How terrible

In all thy works art thou !
Through thy great pow'r thy foes to thee

Shall be constrain'd to bow.
4 All on the earth shall worship thee,

They shall thy praise proclaim
In songs : they shall sing cheerfully

Unto thy holy name,
5 Come, and the works that God hath wrought

With admiration see:
In's working to the sons of men

Most terrible is he.
6 Into dry land the sea he turn'd,

And they a passage had :
Ev’n marching through the flood on foot,

There we in him were glad.
7 He ruleth ever by his pow'r :

the nations see:
0 let not the rebellious ones

themselves on high
8 Ye people, bless our God; aloud

The voice speak of his praise : 9 Our soul in life who safe preserves,

Our foot from sliding stays. 10 For thou did'st prove and try us, Lord,

As men do silver try: 11 Brought'st us into the net, and mad'st

Bands on our loins to lie.
12 Thou hast caus'd men ride o'er our heads;

And though that we did pass
Through fire and water, yet thou brought'st

Us to a wealthy place.
13 I'll bring burnt-off'rings to thy house ;
To thee
my vows I'lí

pay, 14 Which my lips utter'd, my mouth spake,

When trouble on me lay.

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