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21 Because I silence kept,

While thou these things hast wrought;
That I was altogether like

Thyself, hath been thy thought;
Yet I will thee reprove,
And set before thine

In order ranked, thy misdeeds,

And thine iniquities.
22 Now, ye that God forget,

This carefully consider;
Lest I in pieces tear you all,

And none can you deliver. 23 Whoso doth offer praise

Me glorifies ; and I
Will shew him God's salvation,
That orders right his way.

Another of the same. 1 THE mighty God, the Lord hath spoke,

And call'd the earth upon,
Ev’n from the rising of the sun

Unto his going down.
2 From out of Sion, his own hill,

Where the perfection high
Of beauty is, from thence the Lord

Hath shined gloriously.
3 Our God shall come, and shall no more

Be silent, but speak out:
Before him fire shall waste, great storms

Shall compass him about.
4 He to the heavens from above,

And to the earth below,
Shall call, that he his judgments may

Before his people show.
5 Let all my saints together be

Unto me gathered;

Those that by sacrifice with me

A covenant have made.
6 And then the heavens shall declare

His righteousness abroad:
Because the Lord himself doth come;

None else is judge but God.
7 Hear, O my people, and I'll speak;

O Israel by name,
Against thee I will testify;

God ev'n thy God, I am. 8 I for thy sacrifices few

Reprove thee never will,
Nor for burnt-off rings to have been

Before me offer'd still.
9 I'll take no bullock nor he-goats

From house nor folds of thine :) 10 For beasts of forests, cattle all

On thousand hills, are mine.
11 The fowls are all to me well known

Thàt mountains high do yield;
And I do challenge as mine own

The wild beasts of the field. 12 If I were hungry, I would not

To thee for need complain;
For earth, and all its fulness, doth

To me of right pertain.
13 That I to eat the flesh of bulls

Take pleasure dost thou think?
Or that I need, to quench my thirst,

The blood of goats to drink ? 14 Nay, rather unto me, thy God,

Thanksgiving offer thou:
To the most High perform thy word,

And fully pay thy vow:
15 And in the day of trouble great

See that thou call on me;


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I will deliver thee, and thou

My name shalt glorify.
16 But God unto the wicked saith,

Why should'st thou mention make

commands ? how dar'st thou in
Thy mouth my cov'nant take?
17 Sith it is so that thou dost hate

All good instruction ;
And sith thou cast'st behind thy back,

And slight'st my words each one.
18 When thou a thief didst see, then straight

Thou joind'st with them in sin; And with the vile adulterers

Thou hast partaker been. 19 Thy mouth to evil thou dost give,

Thy tongue deceit doth frame. 20 Thou sitt'st, and 'gainst thy brother speak’st,

Thy mother's son to shame.
21 These things thou wickedly hast done,

And I have silent been:
Thou thought'st that I was like thyself,

And did approve thy sin:
But I will sharply thee reprove,

And I will order right
Thy sins and thy transgressions

In presence of thy sight. 22 Consider this, and be afraid,

Ye that forget the Lord, Lest I in pieces tear you all,

When none can help afford, 23 Who offreth praise me glorifies :

I will shew God's salvation To him that ordereth aright

His life and conversation.

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AFTER all that has already been advanced at great length in the general preface concerning the penmen of the Psalms, the times and occasions whereon they were penned, &c. and concerning this Psalm in par ticular, the reader may sum up

the whole process of the argument for its interpretation, and application to the Lord Jesus Christ, the Mediator and Surety of the better Testament, as attempted in the following paraphrase, * in this manner : The Psalm is evidently, every word of it, spoken by one person: the words in ver. 16. - Thou desirest not sacrifice, &c. clearly importing the same meaning with ver. 8. of the last Psalm, I will not reprove thee for thy sac

crifices, fc. and with ver: 6. of Psalm xl. Sacrifice and offerings thou didst not desire,' &c. are expressly (as observed in the illustration of Psalm xl. which is the key to this one and all its parallels) applied by the Holy Ghost, the alone witness of those things, as spoken by Christ coming into the world, Heb. x, 6, 8c.-If any man, now, pretend to give another turn to those words, he says thereby, that he is wiser than God and he who provokes him to jealousy, should consider, if he be stronger too! The subsequent paraphrase is made particularly large and full upon every sentence in the Psalm, to shew, that there is no blasphemy (as many have most blasphemously alleged there is) in this manner of interpretation; which must either be admitted, or the New Testament made void! See particularly the whole Epistle to the Hebrews.

N. B. From ver. 5. to 18. of the Psalm, those sentences, which in our version stand in the form of petitions or prayers, are in the paraphrase turned into the form of predictions of things, which were to be. fulfilled in the Son of God. Thus, Create in me,'

• See Note, page 94.

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or rather, - Thou shalt create in me a clean heart; ()

God' fc. respect the human nature in its perfection, prepared or created for the eternal Son of God, who behoved to be made in all things, respecting that nature, like unto his brethren, except sin.-This liberty of changing the form of the above sentences, all the commentators allow, when they tell us the curses or imprecations in the Psalms should rather be rendered predictions. However, either way, the sense

is the same: so that there needs be thought no occasion of stumbling here upon that account. - God hath made Christ to be sin for us, who knew no sin, that we might be made the righteousness of God in him,' 2 Cor. v. 21. Isa. liii. Gal. iii. 13. 1 Pet. ii. 24.---See all the parallels of these passages, and of this Psalm ; and then judge,

Let God be true, and every man a liar.' Amen.


and say,

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When David sinn'd with Bathsheba,

And shed Uriah's blood;
As Nathan did the sim'le drar,

The king corrected stood :
- Thou art the man,' the prophet said ;

On thee the sword shall be :
Thy neighbour thou hast murdered ;

His wife debauch'd by thee :
But yet thy sin is put away ;

Thy guilt is covered:
* Thy Son Messiah, in his day,

« For thee his blood shall shed.'-
Then David, moved by the Lord,
Prophetic, breath'd

this Psalm ; Messiah's labours to record

His sin-struck soul to calm.

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| AFTER thy loving-kindness, Lord,

Have mercy upon me:
For thy compassion's great, blot out

All mine iniquity.

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