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That ye may tell posterity. 14 For this God doth abide Our God for evermore; he will

Ev'n unto death us guide.


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The speaker in this Psalm (for it is all spoken in one person) is the Lord Jesus Christ; as he also is in Psal. lxxviii. ; for the 2d verse of that, and the 4th of this, are so interpreted, Matt. xii. 35, where it is written, “ All these things spake Jesus unto the ' multitude in parables ; and without a parable spake - he not unto them ; that it might be fulfilled which

was spoken by the prophet, saying, I will open my Ć mouth in parables ; I will utter things which have

been kept secret from the frundation of the world. Among other parallels, see Psal. xxxix. lii. and Ixii.

The eternal wisdom sends her call,

And makes her voice to flow,
Like sounding winds, around the ball,

To all the high and low :
Be wise, repent, and live to-day :

· To-morrow you shall die
As th' axe-struck tree shall yield and sway-

- So shall it ever lie.' 1HE

EAR this, all people, and give ear,

All in the world that dwell; 2 Both low and high, both rich and poor, 3 My mouth shall wisdom tell :

My heart shall knowledge meditate. 4 I will incline mine ear To parables, and on the harp

My sayings dark declare. 5 Amidst those days that evil be,

Why should I fearing, doubt,

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When of my heels th’ iniquity

Shall compass me about.
6 Whoe'er they be that in their wealth

Their confidence do pitch,
And boast themselves, because they are

Become exceeding rich:
7 Yet none of these his brother can

Redeem by any way;
Nor can he unto God for him

Sufficient ransom pay,
8 (Their soul's redemption precious is,

And it can never be,) 9 That still he should for ever live,

And not corruption see.
10 For why ? he seeth that wise men die,

And brutish fools also
Do perish; and their wealth, when dead',

To others they let go. 11 Their inward thought is, that their house

And dwelling-places shall
Stand through all ages; they their lands

By their own names do call.
12 But yet in honour shall not man

Abide continually ;
But passing hence, may be compar'd

Unto the beasts that die. 13 Thus brutish folly plainly is

Their wisdom and their way ;,
Yet their posterity approve

What they do fondly say.
14 Like sheep they in the grave are laid,

And death shall them devour;
And in the morning upright men

Shall over them have powr:
Their beauty from their dwelling shall

Consume within the grave.

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15 But from hell's hand God will me free,

For he shall me receive.
16 Be thou not then afraid when one

Enriched thou dost see,
Nor when the glory of his house

Advanced is on high :
17 For he shall carry nothing hence

When death his days doth end ;
Nor shall his glory after him

Into the grave descend.
18 Although he his own soul did bless

Whilst he on earth did live;
(And when thou to thyself dost well,

Men will thee praises give;) 19 He to his fathers' race shall go,

They never shall see light. 20 Man honour'd wanting knowledge is

Like beasts that perish quite.

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PSALM L. To be a stranger to the spirit and truth of this, and of the following Psalm, is to be a stranger to the whole of the New Testament, and of the Old: for the Lord is that Spirit :' God manifest in the flesh is that Spirit ; and they that worship him must worship him in that spirit, and in that truth. See John iv. 23, &c. with the parallel passages.In a word, the meaning of this and the next Psalm is, in a short sum, the meaning of the whole connected testimony of God. See Psalm ij, with its parallels, and those on the margin. *

The Lord descends in flaming fire,

Amidst the angels of his pow'r,
His servants' talents to require,

And all the faithless to devour :

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Prose Psalms of the Bible.

But all the saints of God on earth.

Shall re-ascend with God along,
To serve him with eternal mirth,

Their persons perfect and their song! 1

THE mighty God, the Lord,

Hath spoken, and did call
The earth, from rising of the sun,

To where he hath his fall. 2 From out of Sion hill,

Which of excellency
And beauty the perfection is,,

God shined gloriously,
3 Our God shall surely come,

Keep silence shall not he:
Before him fire shall waste, great storms

Shall round about him be. 4 Unto the heavens clear

He from above shall calls,
And to the earth likewise that he

May judge his people all. 5 Together let


saints Unto me gather'd be, Those that by sacrifice have made

A covenant with me. 6 And then the heavens shall

His righteousness declare: Because the Lord himself is he

By whom men judged are. 7 My people Isr'el hear,

Speak will I from on high, Against thee I will testify?

God, ev'n thy God, am I. 8 I for thy sacrifice

No blame will on thee lay,,
Nor for burnt-off"rings, which to me

Thou offer’dst ev'ry day.

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9. I'll take no calf nor goats

From house or fold of thine : 10 For beasts of forests, cattle all

On thousand hills, are mine. 11 The fowls on mountains high

Are all to me well known;
Wild beasts which in the fields do lie,

Ev’n they are all mine own. 12 Then, if I hungry were,

I would not tell it thee :
Because the world, and fulness all

Thereof, belongs to me. 13 Will I eat flesh of bulls ?

Or goats' blood drink will I ? 14 Thanks offer thou to God, and

Thy vows to the most High.
15 And call upon me when

In trouble thou shalt be;
I will deliver thee, and thou

My name shalt glorify. 16 But to the wicked man

God saith, My laws and truth
Should'st thou declare? how dar'st thou take

My coy’nant in thy mouth? 17 Sith thou instruction hat’st,

Which should thy ways direct;
And sith my words behind thy back

Thou cast'st, and dost reject. 18 When thou a thief did'st see,

With him thou did'st consent;
And with the vile adulterers

Partaker on thou went.
19 Thou giv’st thy mouth to ill,

Thy tongue deceit doth frame; 20 Thou sitt'st, and gainst thy brother speak'st,

Thy mother's son dost shame.

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