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To save transcribing, read the parallels in the margin, * with others which your own good sense will suggest, particularly these two, viz. Psal. Ixiii. and lxxxiv. whose illustrations see.

As hunted hart for water brays,
Messiah mourns, and pants, and prays ;
Yet, trusting in the Lord his God,
He perseveres beneath the rod,
Till, chasten'd for his people's sins,
The foll' wing glory all begins
To overflow his troubled soul,
And floods of glory o'er him roll,
Instead of ev'ry present wave,
And water-spout, which o'er him heave.

I to the conqu’ring King will sing,

And in my song instruction bring
To all the understanding ones ;

Music divine to all his sons.
LIKE as the hart for water-brooks

In thirst doth pant and bray;
So pants my longing soul, O God,

That come to thee I may.
2 My soul for God, the living God,

Doth thirst: when shall I near
Unto thy countenance approach,

And in God's sight appear?
3 My tears have unto me been meat,

Both in the night and day,
While unto me continually,

Where is thy God? they say.

* Prose Psalms of the Bible.

4 My soul is poured out in me,

When this I think upon ;
Because that with the multitude

I heretofore had gone.
With them into God's house I went

With voice of joy and praise ;
Yea, with the multitude that kept

The solemn holy days.
50 why art thou cast down, my soul;

Why in me so dismay'd ?
Trust God, for I shall praise him yet,

His count'nance is mine aid.
6 My God, my soul's cast down in me;

Thee therefore mind I will
From Jordan's land, the Hermonites,

And ev'n from Mizar hill.
7 At the noise of thy water-spouts

Deep unto deep doth call ;.
Thy breaking waves pass over me,

Yea, and thy billows all.
8 His loving-kindness yet the Lord

Command will in the day,
His song's with me by night; to God,
By whom I live, I'll

9 And I will say to God my rock,

Why me forgett’st thou so ?
Why, for my foes' oppression,

Thus mourning do I go?
10 'Tis as a sword within my bones,

When my foes me upbraid;
Ev’n when by them, Where is thy God?

'Tis daily to me said.
11 O why art thou cast down, my soul ?

Why, thus with grief opprest,
Art thou disquieted in me?

In God still hope and rest :

For yet I know I shall him praise,

Who graciously to me
The health is of my countenance,

Yea, mine own God is he.


The illustration the same as the last.

See how the Lord of glory pleads,

And calls upon his Father here,
To vindicate his holy deeds,
And judge him by his law

severe !
The Lord of glory is your Head,

And Advocate, ye saints of God :
His Father heard the cause he pled,

And sav'd him by his royal nod. JUDGE me, O God, and plead my cause

Against th' ungodly nation ; From the unjust and crafty man, O be thou


salvation. 2 For thou the God art of my strength ;

Why thrusts thou me thee fro'? For th' enemy's oppression

Why do I mourning go ? 30 send thy light forth and thy truth;

Let them be guides to me, And bring me to thine holy hill,

Ev’n where thy dwellings be. 4 Then will I to God's altar

gos To God my chiefest joy : Yea, God, my God, thy name to praise

My harp I will employ. 5 Why art thou then cast down, my

soul? What should discourage thee?

And why with vexing thoughts art thou

Disquieted in me?
Still trust in God; for him to praise

Good cause I yet shall have:
He of my count'nance is the health,

My God that doth me save.


PSALM XLIV. ALL the truths of God are joy and praise to those who believe them. This Psalm (and consequently its parallels, which see in the margin, *) is applied and explained, Rom. viii. 36. as descriptive of the condition of the saints of God in all ages of the world, exposed, as lambs among wolves, to all manner of sufferings, calamities, and deaths, till in all these things they become more than conquerors through him that loved them, and washed them from their sins in his own blood, and made them kings and priests unto God : to whom be glory for ever and

Behold the Scripture here fulfillid,

As all the secrs unfold ;
The Woman's Seed by serpent killd!

( As 'twas in days of old).
But our Redeemer ever lives,

O blessed be his name,
Who death, and hell, and serpent, gives.

Unto the fiery flame. 10

GOD, we with our ears have heard,

Our fathers have us told,
What works thou in their days hadst done,

Evin in the days of old.
2 Thy hand did drive the heathen out,

And plant them in their place ;

• Prose Psalms of the Bible.

Thou didst afflict the nation's

But them thou didst increase.
3 For neither got their sword the land,

Nor did their arm them save ;
But thy right hand, arm, countenance ;

For thou them favour gave.
4 Thou art my King: for Jacob, Lord,

Deliv'rances command. 5 Through thee we shall push down our foes,

That do against us stand:
We through thy name, shall tread down those

That ris'n against us have.
6 For in my bow I shall not trust,

Nor shall my sword me save. 7 But from our foes thou hast us savid,

Our haters put to shame. 8 In God we all the day do boast,

And ever praise thy name,
9 But now we are cast off by thee,

And us thou putt'st to shame;
And when our armies do


forth, Thou go'st not with the same. 10 Thou mak'st us from the enemy,

Faint-hearted, to turn back;
And they who hate us for themselves

Our spoils away đo take.
11 Like sheep for meat thou gavest us;

'Mong heathen cast we be. 12 Thou didst for nought thy people sell;

Their price enrich'd not thee. 13 Thou mak’st us a reproach to be,

Unto our neighbours near;
Derision and a scorn to them

That round about us are. 14 A by-word also thou dost us

Among the heathen make;

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