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HE wicked man's transgression
within my

heart thus says,
Undoubtedly the fear of God

Is not before his eyes.
2 Because himself he flattereth

In his own blinded eye,
Until the hatefulness be found

Of his iniquity. 3 Words from his mouth proceeding are,

Fraud and iniquity :
He to be wise, and to do good,

Hath left off utterly.
4 He mischief, lying on his bed,

Most cunningly doth plot :
He sets himself in ways not good,

Ill he abhorreth not.
5 Thy mercy, Lord, is in the heav’ns ;

Thy truth doth reach the clouds: 6 Thy justice is like mountains great ;

Thy judgments deep as floods : Lord, thou preservest man and beast. 7 How precious is thy grace ! Therefore in shadow of thy wings

Men's sons their trust shall place. 8 They with the fatness of thy house

shall be well satisfy'd ;
From rivers of thy pleasures thou

Wilt drink to them provide.
9 Because of life the fountain pure

Remains alone with thee ;
And in that purest light of thine

We clearly light shall see.
10 Thy loving-kindness unto them

Continue that thee know;
And still on men upright in heart

Thy righteousness bestow.

11 Let not the foot of cruel pride

Come, and against me stand;
And let me not removed be,

Lord, by the wicked's hand.
12 There fall'n are they, and ruined,

That work iniquities:15.4
Cast down they are, and never shall nii:

Be able to arise.

PSALM XXXVII. With regard to this, a Psalm rather of instruction than of direct devotion and praise, as it is allowed on all hands, as well as all the rest, to have been inspired by the Holy Ghost, and as, for aught I know, there has been no wresting thereof, advanced under pretence of any fancied experience of the

penman; without saying any thing more positive or particular, I would beg leave to refer the reader to the paraphrase, * written, I trust, according to the analogy of the one faith of God's elect, in the light of the whole connected testimony of God. If the reader's views differ from mine, he certainly has as good a right to exereiße his own private judgment as I have; only, in all pur exercises, we have both equal reason to take heed, lest we interfere with the one public interpretation of this and of all the other prophetic writings, which the Holy Ghost who inspired them has given us plainly, and without any figure, in the New Testament. See the ile lustration of Psal. xxxiv. 1*

Behold the different ways and ends

Of all who live below the sun
Who rank with God as foes or friends,

And all to heav'n or hell-wards rün":
Of these or those, nihoe'er thou be, ím

Behold, thy judgment here is giv'n, / "'Iti!

See Note, page 94.

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- To dwell with Christ eternallyl: on til

Or, from his presence to be driv'n.?)
FOR evil-doers fret thou not to be

Thyself'unquietly? Yeste..
Nor do thou envy bear to those il: 19T!!

That work iniquity. pini kuwirt 2 For, even like unto the grassa't siwon, int ;

Soon be cut down shall they;ylen: And, like the green and tender herb,

They wither shall away. 3 Set thou thy trust upon the Lord,

And be thou doing good ; 0; 1,10! 11:* - And so thou in the land shalt dwell, 1344 911 And yerily have food. . l .1!!! 14 Delight thyself in God; he'll give it! - Thine heart's desire to thee. 2011 15 Thy way to God commit, him trust; Ipot It bring to pass shall he. 6 And, like unto the light, he shall pie; I.

Thy righteousness display; And he thy judgment shall bring forth -s: Like noon-tide of the day. 7 Rest in the Lord, and patiently fashion to Wait for him do not fret

1sgp For him who, prosp'ring in his way,

Ti biti'i'i * Sućeess in sin doth get.

8 Do thou from anger cease, and wrath

See thou forsake also:
Fret not thyself in any wise,

That evil thou should'st do.
9 For those that evil-doers are in ☺

Shall be cut off and fall: s . !!
But those that wait upon the Lordi

The earth inherit shalloa, tj *1) 447.347) 10 For yet a little while, and then

The wicked shall not be;

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His place thou shalt consider well,.,??

But it thou shalt not see. 11 But by inheritance the earth as i. ! The meek

shall possess :
They also shall delight themselves ist
In an abundant

peace. 12 The wicked plots against the just, lain

And at him whets his teeth: 13 The Lord shall laugh at him, because

His day he coming seeth.
14 The wicked have drawn out the sword,

And bent their bow, to slay,
The poor and needy, and to kill si

Men of an upright way. : 15 But their own sword, which they have drawn,

Shall enter their own heart :
Their bows which they have bent shall break,

And into pieces part. ".
16 A little that a just man hath... 17

Is more and better far i
Than is the wealth of


such As lewd and wicked are.

IL 17 For sinners' arms shall broken be;

But God the just sustains, 18 God knows the just man's days, and still

Their heritage remains.
19 They shall not be asham'd when they

The evil time do see ;
And when the days of famine are

They satisfy'd shall be.
20 But wicked men, and foes of God, I

As fat of lambs, decay;
They shall consume, yea, into smoke

They shall consume away.
21 The wicked borrows, but the same

Again he doth not pay ;

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Whereas the righteous mercy shews,

And gives his own away. 22 For such as blessed be of him

The earth inherit shall;
And they that cursed are of him

Shall be destroyed all.
23 A good man's footsteps by the Lord

Are ordered aright ;
And in the way wherein he walks

He greatly doth delight.
24 Although he fall, yet shall he not

Be cast down utterly;
Because the Lord with his own hand

Upholds him mightily. 25 I have been young,


now am old,
Yet have I never seen
The just man left, nor that his seed

For bread have beggars been. 26 He's ever merciful, and lends :

His seed is bless'd therefore, 27 Depart from evil, and do good,

And dwell for evermore.
28 For God loves judgment, and his saints

Leaves not in any case ;
They are kept ever : but cut off

Shall be the sinner's race.
29 The just inherit shall the land,

And ever in it dwell: 30 The just man's mouth doth wisdom speak;

His tongue doth judgment tell. 31 In's heart the law is of his God,

His steps slide not away. 32 The wicked man doth watch the just,

And seeketh him to slay. 33 Yet him the Lord will not forsake,

Nor leave him in his hands ; ;

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