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12 What man is he that life desires,

To see good would live long; 13 Thy lips refrain from speaking guile,

And from ill words thy tongue: 14 Depart from ill, do good, seek peace,

Pursue it earnestly. 15 God's eyes are on the just; his ears

Are open to their cry.
16 The face of God is set against

Those that do wickedly,
That he may quite out from the earth

Cut off their memory.
17 The righteous cry unto the Lord,

He unto them gives ear ;
And they out of their troubles all

By him deliver'd are.
The Lord is ever nigh to them

That be of broken spirit;
17 To them he safety doth afford

That are in heart contrite.
19 The troubles that afflict the just

In number many be;
But yet at length out of them all

The Lord doth set him free.
20 He carefully his bones doth keep,

Whatever can befal ;
That not so inuch as one of them

Can broken be at all.
21 III shall the wicked slay ; laid waste

Shall be who nate the just. 22 The Lord redeems his servants' souls ::

None perish that him trust.

PSALM XXXV. THIS Psalm is one of those which is all spoken in one person ; and that the person speaking therein is the SON OF GOD, is evident from his own express testimony, recorded, John xv. 25.

Now have they • both seen and hated both me and my Father. But

this cometh to pass, that the word might be ful· filled that is written in their law, They hated me

without a cause.' So it is written in the 19th verse of this Psalm, · Let not them that are mine enemies * wrongfully' (or falsely) rejoice over me; neither

let them wink with the eye, that hate me without a * cause. The history, therefore, of the Lord's sufferings, in their circumstances, connections, and consequences, it is undeniable, is the history of the literal fulfilment, and true interpretation of this Psalm, with a long list of parallels, too many and obvious to be here recited.

Whose wounded heart for sinners bleeds,
'Gainst sinners also intercedes ;
Those only live to him who turn ;
But they who pierc'd him only mourn :
False witnesses against him rose,
Who for his love became his foes ;
But men of truth for ever sing,

Who kiss THE Son, and hail their king.
PLEAD, Lord, with

those that plead; and With those that fight with me. [fight 2 Of shield and buckler take thou hold,

Stand up mine help to be 3 Draw also out the spear, and do

Against them stop the way
That me pursue ; unto my

I'm thy salvation, say.
4 Let them confounded be, and sham'd

That for my soul have sought :

Who plot my hurt turn'd back be they,

And to confusion brought.
5 Let them be like unto the chaff

That flies before the wind;
And let the angel of the Lord

Pursue them hard behind.
.6 With darkness cover thou their way,

And let it slipp’ry prove;
And let the angel of the Lord

Pursue them from above.
7 For without cause have they for me

Their net hid in a pit.
They also have without a cause

For my soul digged it.
8 Let ruin seize him unawares;

His net he hid withal
Himself let catch; and in the same

Destruction let him fall.
9 My soul in God shall joy; and glad

In his salvation be:
10 And all my bones shall say, O Lord,

Who is like unto thee,
Which dost the poor set free from him

That is for him too strong;

poor and needy from the man

That spoils and does him wrong? 11 False witnesses rose; to my charge

Things I not knew they laid. 12 They, to the spoiling of my soul,

Me ill for good repaid.
13 But as for me, when they were sick,

In sackcloth sad I mourn'd:
My humbled soul did fast, my prayr
Into my

bosom turn'd.
14 Myself I did behave as he .

Had been my friend or brother ;

I heavily bow'd down, as one

That mourneth for his mother. 15 But in my trouble they rejoic'd,

Gath'ring themselves together;
Yea, abjects vile together did

Themselves against me gather :
I knew it not; they did me tear,

And quiet would not be.
16 With mocking hypocrites, at feasts

They gnash'd their teeth at me. 17 How long, Lord, look'st thou on? from those

Destructions they intend
Rescue my soul, from lions

My darling do defend.
18 I will give thanks to thee, O Lord,

Within th' assembly great;
And where much people gather'd are

Thy praises forth will set. 19 Let not my wrongful enemies

Proudly rejoice o'er me;
Nor who me hate without a cause,
Let them wink with the

20 For peace they do not speak at all;

But crafty plots prepare
Against all those within the land

That meek and quiet are. 21 With mouths set wide, they 'gainst me said, Ha, ha!

eye 22 Lord, thou hast seen, hold not thy peace;

Lord, be not far from me.
23 Stir up thyself; wake, that thou may'st

Judgment to me afford,
Ev'n to my cause, O thou that art

My only God and Lord.
24 O Lord my God, do thou me judge

After thy righteousness;


doth see.

And let them not their joy 'gainst me

Triumphantly express :
25 Nor let them say within their hearts,

Ah, we would have it thus ;
Nor suffer them to say, that he

Is swallow'd up by us.
36 Sham'd and confounded be they all

That at my hurt are glad;
Let those against me that do boast

With shame and scorn be clad.
27 Let them that love my righteous cause

Be glad, shout, and not cease
To say, The Lord be magnify'd,

Who loves his servant's peace. 28 Thy righteousness shall also be

Declared by my tongue;
The praises that belong to thee

Speak shall it all day long.

PSALM XXXVI. This Psalm also is all spoken in one person; and that the Messiah is he, will need no laboured proof to satisfy those who shall consider who is the speaker in Psalms xvi. lvii. and cviii. whose illustrations the reader is referred to, as also to that of Psal. xxxiv. with its parallels there mentioned.

Behold the natral man describ'd,

And found to be a fool,
Whose conscience by his lust is brib'd,

Whose tongue is Satan's tool.
Here, too, behold the fountains pure

Of everlasting light,
(God's mercies are for ever sure),.

And drink with sweet delight !

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