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6 For this shall ev'ry godly one

His prayer make to thee;
In such a time he shall thee seek,

As found thou mayest be.
Surely, when floods of waters great

Do swell up to the brim,
They shall not overwhelm his soul,

Nor once come near to him.
7 Thou art my hiding-place, thou shalt

From trouble keep me free;
Thou with songs of deliverance
About shalt

compass me.
8 I will instruct thee, and thee teach

The way that thou shalt go;
And, with mine eye upon thee set,

I will direction show.
9 Then be not like the horse or mule,

Which do not understand;
Whose mouth, lest they come near to thee,

A bridle must command. 10 Unto the man that wicked is

His sorrows shall abound;
But him that trusteth in the Lord

Mercy shall compass round.
11 Ye righteous, in the Lord be glad,

In him do ye rejoice :
All ye that upright are in heart,
For joy lift up your voice.


PSALM XXXIII. This Psalm is spoken by no particular person, being a song of praise, ordained and given of the Holy Ghost to be sung, as all Psalms were appointed, unto God and our Father, in the name of the

Lord Jesus Christ, equally and universally by every individual of the whole innumerable muista le cé all tongues, kindreds, nations, and languages, bu believe on his name: so also the following, pé. Il xxi. xxiv. and perhaps one full third more of the Psalms; which require only to be read, that thes may be discovered. How blessed are they who hait caught

, or rather have been caught, by this spirit of praise ! In due season they shall be caught up by their Lord to dwell with him in the third bearers and shall descend no more.

Ye righteous, in the Lord esult;
Your proud insulters nor insult ;
Your King has conquer'd them for you:
O give your King the glory due ;
In prostrate adoration, ali,
Before his footstool lowly fall :
Your body, soul, and spirit too,

Are wholly to your Saviour due.
IYE righteous, in the Lord rejoice ;

It comely is and right,
That upright men, with thankful voice,

Should praise the Lord of might. 2 Praise God with harp, and unto him

Sing with the psaltery ;
Upon a ten-stringed instrument

Make ye sweet melody.
3 A new song to him sing, and play

With loud noise skilfully; 4 For right is God's word, all his works

Are done in verity.
5 To judgment and to righteousness

A love he beareth still;
The loving-kindness of the Lord

The earth throughout doth fill. 6 The heavens by the word of God

Did their beginning take;

And by the breathing of his mouth

He all their hosts did make.
7 The waters of the seas he brings

Together as an heap;
And in storehouses, as it were,

He layeth up the deep.
8 Let earth, and all that live therein,

With rev'rence, fear the Lord;
Let all the world's inhabitants

Dread him with one accord.
9 For he did speak the word, and done

It was without delay;
Established it firmly stood,

Whatever he did say.
10 God doth the counsel bring toʻnought

Which heathen folk do take ;
And what the people do devise

Of none effect doth make. -11 () but the counsel of the Lord

Doth stand for ever sure;
And of his heart the purposes

From age to age endure.
12 That nation blessed is, whose God

JEHOVAH is, and those
A blessed people are, whom for

His heritage he chose.
13 The Lord from heav'n sees and beholds

All sons of men full well : 14 He views all from his dwelling-place

That in the earth do dwell. 15 He forms their hearts alike, and all

Their doings he olserves. 16 Great hosts save not a king, much strength

No mighty man preserves. 17 An horse for preservation

Is a deceitful thing;

And by the greatness of his strength

Can no deliv'rance bring. 18 Behold, on those that do him fear

The Lord doth set his eye; · Ev'n those who on his


do With confidence rely. 19 From death to free their soul, in dearth

Life unto them to yield. 20 Our soul doth wait upon the Lord ;

He is our help and shield. 21 Sith in his holy name we trust,

Our heart shall joyful be. 22 Lord, let thy mercy be on us,

As we do hope in thee.


In this remarkably instructive Psalm, various are the subjects, and the persons spoken of. That the Messiah is the principal, is evident from the 20th verse, 'He keepeth all his bones ; not one of them is

broken ;' as interpreted by the Holy Ghost, John xix. 36. · These things were done, that the Scripture should be fulfilled, A bone of him shall not be broken;' to shew that Jesus was our Passover, who (as it is written, 1 Cor. v. 7.) was sacrificed for us,' according as it had been written, and typified in the figure, Exod. xii. 46. and Numb. ix. 12. Neither shall ye 'break a bone of it, but according to all the ordinances of the Passorer shall ye keep it.' - That the Lord Jesus Christ, by his Spirit in the prophet, is also the speaker in this Psalm, is evident to the wise discerner, from the very reading of the first five verses thereof, but especially from the address in the

Come, ye children, hearken unto me : I will teach you the fear of the Lord.'

Ilth verse,

Receive instruction from the fount

Of everlasting truth:
That knowledge only bears account

That flows from Jesus' mouth.
'Tis all but loss and dung besides,

And must be lost away ;
But that to God and glory guides,

Which Christ the Lord doth suy.
OD will I bless all times; his praise

My mouth shall still express. 2 My soul shall, boast in God: the meek

Shall hear with joyfulness. 3 Extol the Lord with me, let us

Exalt his name together. 4 I sought the Lord, he heard, and did

Me from all fears deliver. 5 They look'd to him, and lightend were :

Not shamed were their faces, 6 This poor man cry'd, God heard, and say'd

Him from all his distresses.
7 The angel of the Lord encamps,

And round encompasseth
All those about that do him fear,

And them delivereth.
80 taste and see that God is good :

Who trusts in him is bless'd. 9 Fear God his saints: none that him fear

Shall be with want oppress'd. 10 The lions young may hungry be,

And they may lack their food :
But they that truly seek the Lord

Shall not lack any good.
11 O children, hither do ye come,

And unto me give ear;
I shall you teach to understand

How ye the Lord should fear.

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